The Best Sunflower Fields in Ohio to Visit

The Best Sunflower Fields in Ohio

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Sunflower Fields in Ohio? This year, plan to visit a sunflower farm to enjoy the magical feeling of walking among tall and colorful sunflower plants. Ohio has multiple locations to make this dream come true.

The Best Sunflower Fields in Ohio

Wait until late summer or early fall to visit these farms when the flowers are blooming to have stunning photo opportunities.

The Best Sunflower Fields in Ohio

Here are some of the best sunflower fields in Ohio.

Sunflower Fields in Central Ohio

Legend Hills Orchard


Location: 11335 Reynolds Road, Utica OH 43080

The 340 acres of Legend Hills Orchard have been family-owned for over five generations. They grow all sorts of fruits and berries on this farm. They also grow pick-your-own sunflower fields. The flowers create beautiful scenery when they are in season. Red haven, Glo Haven peaches, and contenders are also available for picking when in season. Some of the products you will find all year round on this farm include beef jerky, maple syrup, jams, jellies, Amish cheese, and apple butter.

The Orchard and Company


Location: 7255 US HWY 42 | Plain City, OH 43064

Tractor rides, wagon rides, hay barns, petting zoos, zip lines, tire climbs, and jumping pillows are some of the fun activities your kids can engage in on this farm. Their sunflower farm opens to the public in August. Admission is $7 per person and that will include cutting of 1 flower.

You will pay $2 per additional stem you cut from the farm. Do not forget to visit the orchards to pick some apples when you visit the flower farm. The meticulously maintained farm grounds are used for events such as weddings, birthday parties, and other social gatherings.

Sunflower Fields in Central Ohio

Branstool Orchards


Location: 5895 Johnstown Utica Rd Utica, OH 43080

This seasonal farm opens in mid-July when the peaches ripen and close around late November when the apples are gone. Although the farm is well known for its peaches and apples, they also have a blooming seasonal sunflower field and an open-air farm market that sells their products throughout the year.

The sunflowers are available on a you-pick-your-own model. This year, the sunflower fields start blooming from August to mid-September. This will be their third annual sunflower festival.

Hendren Farm Market


Location: 14595 Johnstown-Utica Road Johnstown, OH 43031

The Hendren Farm Market will be holding their second sunflower festival this year. The admission fee is $5 per adult, and that includes one flower stem. If you cut more stems, each additional stem is charged $1. Children under the age of 3 get in free. You can take stunning photos of the farm fields.

Basketball, corn box, tractor rides, a sandpit, and a playground are some of the activities your kids can enjoy on the farm during this season. There is a concession stand where you can buy all the fresh farm produce from the farm.

Kellogg Farms Sunflower Patch


Location: Corner of Co Rd. 175 and Twp. Rd. 50 Forest, Ohio 45843

The Kellogg Farms sunflower patch is another beautiful sunflower farm in the town of Forest, Ohio. The sunset on the flower farm is stunning, with hues that have made visiting the farm during this season a family tradition to the people in the region. The stems are available on the pick-your-own model.

Sunflower Fields in Central Ohio

Van Buren Acres


Location: 5066 Keller Rd Hebron, OH 43025

This farm is owned by two brothers (The Burens) who run it as a family outfit. In the fall, they open the farm to the public and people can visit after booking a spot. Like most flower farms in Ohio, there is a lot more that goes on in this farm, besides the sunflowers and growing berries. Admission to the farm during the season is $25 and kids under the age of 2 get in free. Yellow sunflower stems sell at $1 and other colors cost $2 per stem on a pick-your-own model.

The admission fee gives you access to the large and small corn mazes, the sunflower paths, duck races, slides, barrel trains, jumping pillows, and the soybean maze. Their sunflower patch is a 9-acre patch that offers amazing photo opportunities. Take the opportunity to learn more about how other crops are grown during your visit.

CherryHawk Farm


Location: 16220 Springdale Road Marysville, OH 43040

The Cherry Hawk farm has some of the best apples in Ohio. During the summer, they have one of the most beautiful sunflower patches as well. This year their sunflower field blooms in August. All the apples and sunflowers are available on a pick-your-own model. Photoshoots, when the sunflowers are in full bloom, are charged and you have to book an appointment.

Miller’s Country Gardens


Location: 2488 State Route 37 W Delaware, OH 43015

For over seven decades, the Miller family has owned and ran this farm, growing thousands of perennial and annual flowers, vegetables, crops, and all sorts of herbs every year. Be sure to pass by their farm market to sample all the freshly baked pies, cookies, jams, and jellies.

There is a petting zoo and tractor rides to enjoy on this property as well. There is a garden center that also acts as a nursery where thousands of plants grow. You will learn more about how to grow all kinds of plants and flowers. You can also purchase seedlings to take home for your garden.


22 Acres Farm


Location: 5455 Davis Dr SE, Newark, OH 43056

With 5 acres of different sunflower varieties on this farm, you will have all the glorious blooms you need to enjoy with your family. In addition to the sunflowers, they also grow lavender and daisies and you are welcome to pick the stems whenever you visit. The facilities are well leveled and handicap accessible, with restroom facilities available on the premises.

This year, the sunflower festival on the farm starts in August and continues until the last flower is gone. Tickets are $5 per person. They also raise grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, turkeys, and local honey. The farm is also a fantastic venue for couples to get married, birthday parties, and other sorts of social events.

Dresbach Farms


Location: 255 Higby Rd Chillicothe, OH 45601

If you are looking to visit a farm that grows its apples, crops, and sunflowers organically, Dresbach Farms is the place to be. They have a wonderfully refreshing apple farm that produces the fruit all year round. Seasonal festivals like corn, pumpkin, and sunflower festivals are the highlight of this farm. You can buy their products and pastured meat at their gray barn store.

Circle S Farms


Location: 9015 London Groveport Rd Columbus, OH 43123

The sunflowers on Circle S Farms are in bloom between July 10th – Mid August. In October, your family can enjoy a myriad of other fun things on the farm. There are hayrides, tractor rides, mazes, and a petting zoo. General admission is $10. The hayride wagons have a wheelchair ramp for handicapped visitors.

Sunflower Fields in Central Ohio

Lohstroh Family Farms


Location: 15632 OH-56 SE Mount Sterling, OH 43143

This is also a family-owned farm running for three generations. When it was purchased, it was just a small dairy farm. The owners gradually expanded the farm to include all sorts of crops and animals. It is a fully-fledged farm today with a beautiful sunflower field and pumpkin patch.

When you visit the farm, enjoy some of the fun activities available here, including tractor trains, corn maze, petting zoo, and hayrides.  The pick-your-own sunflower fields and photograph opportunities presented on this farm are astonishing.

Lynd Fruit Farm


Locations: 9091 Morse Road SW, Pataskala, OH 43062 Urbana – 3523 East US Rt. 36

Lynd Fruit Farm grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables. They have beautiful pick-your-own apple, peaches, pumpkin, and berries fields. Pricing of the farm products depends on the variety of the fruit and the sunflowers when they are in season. They also sell most of their farm produce in the farm’s market.

Local vegetables such as zucchini, squash, cabbages, broccoli, and tomatoes are available throughout the year. If you are an avid camper, they have beautiful camping grounds.

Sunflower Fields in Cleveland Ohio

Rogish Farm


Location: 8637 Mulberry Road Chesterland, OH 44026

Since its establishment in 2014, Rogish Farms has specialized in the growth of sunflowers, blueberries, and Christmas trees. Most of their sunflowers are pollen-free and grown organically. They usually announce their flower cutting and collection through social media. Even if their annual sunflower festival is over, you can still get sunflowers if you need them because they plant them every week.

You have to make a reservation if you want to come to the farm and pick your sunflowers. They have a classic 1949 Ford pickup that has been transformed into a flower truck. You can take classic and beautiful photographs with this truck.

Sunflower Fields in Cleveland Ohio

Kuchta Farms


Location: 4480 State Route 82 Braceville, OH 44444

Over 2 acres of beautiful sunflowers await you at the Kuchta farms. It is a pick-your-own sunflower farm. Kuchta Farm is an agritourism farm that has been in operation since 1954. They produce all kinds of crops including corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. They have a 10-acre corn maze that attracts a lot of visitors when corn is in season. Their sunflower field is pick-your-own. If you want the all-access admission, you will pay $10 and this opens the wagon rides and the adventure zones.

Ramseyer Farms


Location: 4000 Ramseyer Lane, Wooster, OH 44691

The seasonal sunflower days at Ramseyer farm this year begins on September 18th and ends on 26th September. The U-pick days are within the week during this timeframe. When you purchase your tickets for the 4th annual sunflower festival on this farm, you will gain access to the sunflower field and a free flower. Additional stems will be charged extra.

Your admission will also give you access to more than 50 other farm activities, delicious foods at the craft store, and live entertainment at the farm. You are allowed to take photos on the sunflower farm but if you are looking for professional photography sessions, you will be charged per session.

Prayers from Maria


Location: 20226 Detroit Road Rocky River, OH 44116

The Prayers from Maria sunflower field is also known as the Sunflower field of hope. When you visit their farm during the sunflower festival, you will be assisting them to achieve their goal of helping children and families who suffer from fatal brain tumors.

They have two fields in different locations and the one in Ohio is a 23-acre farm where different varieties of crops, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are grown. They have a beautiful sunflower field that blooms in September. The farm is open daily from dawn to dusk. They do not charge any fees to visit the farm but they accept donations from well-wishers for the cancer awareness cause. Pets are welcome in the fields as well.

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Sunny Slope Orchard


Location: 14960 Millersburg Road SW Navarre, Ohio 44662

This is a pick-your-own sunflower field that also houses other many fruits and berries. They grow over 30 varieties of Apples. Peaches and strawberries are also grown on the farm. They have a farm store that is open year-round and where you can visit to purchase farm-fresh products.

They stock organic local eggs, local raw honey, maple syrup, and local milk. Everything they sell is manufactured on the farm, or from other local farms close by. Dates for the sunflower festival will be communicated via their website.

Maize Valley Farm and Winery Sunflower Field


Location: 6193 Edison St. NE Hartville, OH 44632

The maize valley farm and winery sunflower field is a great place to visit for people who love wine. There is a beautiful vineyard and a brewery that processes craft wines. They also have a farm store where they sell fresh farm products such as fresh-baked bread, meats, and cheese.

This is a family-owned 700-acre farm. Every year, they host an annual sunflower festival where they invite people to enjoy their sunflower fields and sample the wines and beer they produce here. There are numerous fun activities on the farm during this time.

Wagon rides, duck races, bouncing balls, hula hoops, straw bale mountains, pushcarts, and animal trains are some of the attractions you can enjoy with your family on the farm. They also offer their grounds for corporate activities including enjoying the surrounding landscape in a hot air balloon.

Green Berry Farm


Location: 2485 Major Road Peninsula, OH 44264

Aronia berries and sunflowers are in season this year. Picking and cutting of flowers will be carried out every Tuesday and Friday from 3 to 6 pm. You will be notified of the seasonal picking dates on their social media platform. Some of the proceeds from the farm (especially from the educational tours) go to the preservation of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Sunflower Fields in Cleveland Ohio

Hillcrest Orchards


Location: 50336 Telegraph Rd, Amherst, OH 44001

Hillcrest Farm is a fun farm to visit with your kids. When they are not enjoying walking among the thousands of beautiful yellow sunflowers, they will be busy exploring other fun activities on the farm. A barrel train, corn box, hayride, hay tunnels, corn mazes, pedal carts, sandbox, spider webs, swing sets, and many other activities are available here.

Parents can enjoy the fall concerts at the Sunset Patio. These live entertainment events happen on the farm grounds every year. Apple and pumpkin picking activities are also available when they are in season. Sunflowers are sold in vases ranging from small to large. The 90-acre orchard also provides excellent grounds for weddings and other social events.

Sunflower Fields in Columbus Ohio

Tecumseh Land Trust


Location: Yellow Springs, OH 45387

The Tecumseh land trust holds an annual sunflower festival every September. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take stunning photos and enroll in an annual photo contest. The winners are announced on the website.

The land here has been held as a reservation for many decades. When visiting, you will have access to a lot of other outdoor attractions as well. Your admission fee will be a welcome contribution to help in the continued preservation of the local environment.

Columbus Park of roses


Location: Columbus OH 43209

With more than 12,000 rose specimens, this is one of the most colorful public gardens in the US. They have hundreds of different rose flower varieties and several gardens, including an arboretum. They have a mixture of all different kinds of sunflowers, in different colors and varieties.

Admission is free in the main sections of the park. There is a herb garden as well, with other 100 varieties of different types of herbs.

Sunflower Fields in Columbus Ohio

Sunflower Fields in Dayton Ohio

Yellow Springs Sunflowers


Location: 4625 US-68, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Every year, the flower fields in Yellow Springs bloom, creating the perfect environment to take beautiful pictures and spend a lovely afternoon with your family. The sunflower fields are open daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

The walking trails inside the farm are well-kept and there is an open space you can rest and probably enjoy a picnic with your family. Be sure to adhere to the regulations set as the farm is privately owned and the family lives on the property.

JK Orchard and Farms


Location: 1345 Lutz Rd. Lima, OH 45801

This is a 10-acre farm that has been in operation since 1952. The farm operates primarily as an apple orchard although pears, grapes, strawberries, peaches, and cherries are also grown here. They also have a beautiful flower farm you can visit all year long.

During the fall, they have their cut and pick-your-own sunflower field in full bloom. You need to check their website to learn about the dates to visit the farm. They also sell potted sunflowers in different varieties and sizes.

Clark County Sunflower Field


Location: n/a

The sunflower project in Clark County was started in 2018 as a way of keeping the county beautiful. The sunflowers are planted at an abandoned 5-acre industrial site. No fee is charged to visit this field but the number of flowers you can pick is restricted. The sunflower field is located near the bike path at Grand Avenue in Springfield, along West Euclid Avenue.

lower Fields in Dayton Ohio

Sunflower Fields in Southern Ohio

Blooms and Berries Farm Market


Location: 9669 S. St. Rt. 48, Loveland, Ohio 45140

The Bloom and Berries farm is a one-stop farm for every kind of crop, vegetables, and fruit you may desire. The fall festival opens on September 18th and runs till October 31st. Visitors are charged a $10.95 admission fee and the farm will open daily, from dusk to dawn.

Apart from a vibrant sunflower field, other fun activities are available at the farm during this time of the year. Hayrides, pumpkin bouncing pad, duck races, a petting zoo, a 5-acre corn maze, and bee train rides are some of the fun activities the kids can enjoy on the farm.

If you love beer, there is a craft beer garden at the farm. You can sample a refreshing craft beer or enjoy a glass of locally produced wine. There is a farm market on location if you want to purchase fresh farm products to take home with you. All types of berries, peppers, tomatoes, local honey, sweet corn, beans, and local honey are some of the items you can find in the farm’s market.

Burwinkel Farms


Location: 4359 Hamilton Cleves Road, Ross, OH 45013

The Burwinkel farm has been in operation for over a century. It is one of the oldest farms in Southwest Ohio, having been started in 1918. Today, it is operated by the third generation of the Burwinkel family.

They specialize in growing fresh farm products and sell them through their wide network of markets in different regions in the county. All their vegetables conform to the non-GMO standards and are picked daily, ensuring they get to the client fresh.

During the fall season, the farm transforms into a fun farm that hosts a variety of fun activities and farm products. The sunflowers are available on a pick-your-own basis. Other fun activities available during this period include a crawl through tunnel, corn pool, hayrides, corn made, Halloween scavenger hunt, tractor rides, and a skid maze.

They also sell over 20 varieties of locally grown apples, pumpkins, corn stalks, and apple ciders during this time of the year.

Sunflower Fields in Southern Ohio

Gorman Heritage Farm


Location: 10052 Reading Rd., Evendale, OH

This year, the Gorman Heritage Farm will be celebrating its 23rd annual Sunflower Festival. The Gorman heritage farm is a non-profit farm. It has a mission of educating people about agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, and the environment. There are 122-acres of farming land in Gorman.

Admission to the sunflower field is charged a $10 fee and each stem (cut-your-own sunflowers) is an additional $1. Enjoy the walking trails that take you through beautiful and vibrant sunflowers on the farm. You are encouraged to bring your kids as there are a ton of fun activities they can engage in at the farm. These activities include hayrides, a sunflower maze, a petting zoo, train rides, and others. Pets are not allowed on the farm.

Niederman Family Farm


Location: 5110 Lesourdsville West Chester Rd, Liberty Twp, OH 45011

There are 6 acres of sunflowers on the Niederman Family Farm. This year they expect the flowers to bloom early and invite people to visit and create memories that will last a lifetime. They charge $12 for general admission and this fee gives you access to a lot of fun activities for the whole day.

There is a 4-acre corn maze for you to explore, jumping pillows, hayrides, climbing hills, and a petting zoo. Your kids have a tractor play area and tiny houses to play with. Human Foosball is always an exciting activity on the farm. Corporates are encouraged to visit for team-building exercises during this period.

They plant a variety of sunflowers on their farm. When the flowers are in full bloom, you have an excellent opportunity of taking amazing photos with the numerous props they have placed inside the farm.

Sunflower Fields in Southern Ohio

Schappacher Farms


Location: 3068 W. State Route 73 Wilmington, OH 45177

The 50 acres Schappacher Farm provides pick-your-own pumpkins and sunflowers. Parking, hayrides, and the corn maze are free for all visitors. If you visit the farm when the pumpkins are in season, you will have the opportunity to buy them at 40 cents a pound. Be sure to visit their farm stand to buy pumpkin pies, hot apple dumplings, hand-dipped caramels, and apple ciders. Other farm products you can expect to find on the farm include apples, local honey, jams, and jellies.

Sunflower Fields in Pemberville Ohio

Hirzel Farms


Location: 20790 Bradner Road, Luckey, OH 43443

Hirzel farm is an old farm, having been established in 1923. The farm was originally run as a family operation before being incorporated as a business. You can visit the sunflower farm at any time during the day here. There are no restrictions on your visit and you do not need to book in advance.

Hirzel Farm is not a pick-your-own flower farm.

Visitors are advised to be mindful of the neighboring houses because families live there and they would appreciate minimal disturbance. Crops are produced organically here, and the farm has received several certifications because of its efforts in promoting non-GMO foods.  The sunflower festival is always a vibrant one on the farm. If you would like to carry some flowers home, consult one of the staff on the farm to assist you in cutting and packing.

Sunflower Fields in Pemberville Ohio

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