Dog Friendly Vacations in the Midwest

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Dogs are like toddlers in the sense that they understand and love like a three-year-old child, according to my grandfather who was a professor of Zoology. If you like to take ALL of your family members with you on vacation, even your fur-babies, then you need to know where dog friendly vacations are.

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You can be your dog’s best friend by including them on the next road trip across town or taking them on your next vacation. They will love you for it as they get the chance to do what they love most explore. However, we understand that most times, there are limitations to materializing that plan as not all destinations are dog-friendly. Some resorts or vacation lodges have their reasons, while others cater to the fun needs of your dog. It can be a real challenge to find that spot catering to both you and your dog; thus, we decided to ease the stress.

Dog Friendly Vacations in the Midwest

We decided to do our little research to find some unique and exciting locations in the Midwest you can travel with your dogs. Our analysis also included places they could stay. For sure, we were surprised at the number of areas that allow this, and you too will be. When next you plan to travel, take the entire family with you to one of the following locations:

Bow Wow Beach

Located in the city of Stow, Ohio, the name speaks for itself. Bow Wow Beach sits on over 7.5 acres of fenced-land to create a haven for your dogs to play safely. Your dog size doesn’t matter as they get to explore, meet other dogs, and roam around. The location features sandy areas, grassy mountains, and also a dog lake to let your pups unwind after a playful day. Unfortunately, the fun is not for you by the lake dogs only! Lol.

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Broad Ripple

Your dogs can never get enough of Broad Ripple, a dog friendly vacations zone located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The fun zone provides pets and their parents the privilege to enjoy nature at its best. Take a stroll along the Monon Trail, which leads to fantastic parks, industrial zones, and also an under bridge tour experience. No need to worry about re-filling your energy as the area has lots of dog-friendly eateries such as Plump’s Last Shot and Petite Chou Bistro & Champagne Bar. Then, as evening draws near, relax on the deck of The Monkey’s Take and bask in the beauty of serenading live music.

Places To Stay Nearby

Camp Dogwood

Have you ever heard of an all-inclusive vacation spot for dogs? Well, Camp Dogwood in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, has made this dream become a reality. The site is made fresh with amazing features and amenities for your dogs to play, relax, and explore without limits. They also provide training sessions for dogs (and their parents) to include skills on tracking and herding. Learn how even to make your dog’s favorite treats with friendly chefs, after which you can go for a relaxing yoga moment.

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Custer State Park, South Dakota

Every dog loves a little adventure and has it in them to always have the energy when their parents are ready to go. There is a wide variety of trails to choose from, like short and easy to multi-day hiking trips. As you go along, be sure to check out the Sylvan Lake, which your dog(s) will find fascinating. However, there may be a few bison living in the region, so outfitting your dog(s) with a bell will be a good option. The fun never ends at Custer State Park.

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Let your dogs have the time of their lives as they play and explore on over 33,000 acres of land. This site, located in Ohio, caters to the overwhelming needs of animals to include bird-watching, cycling, picnicking, and hiking. The adventure walk your dog will praise you for will them through various ravines, floodplains, and lush forests. The only drawback is dogs aren’t allowed in the main building and should always be on a leash.

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East Harbor State Park

Ohio is known for its many vacation spots open to every member of the family, even the four-legged ones. They know and value the importance of family time, so their vast location of fun and excitement caters to all. The East Harbor State Park is located along Lake Erie and is over 1,800 acres of fun space your dogs can feel at home. There are numerous activities you and your dogs can engage in, such as hiking, swimming, picnicking, and more. There is also an area to park your RV if you came along with it. With over 500 campsites, your dogs have the freedom to be themselves! It’s a great spot for Dog Friendly Vacations!

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Places To Stay Nearby

Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns have made it possible to take your fur babies on vacation with you. This Springfield, Missouri location boasts lots of activities like hiking, cave tour in Jeep tram, picnic gatherings, and more. The fun never stops, and your dogs will forever be grateful for this experience.

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Fort Stevenson State Park, North Dakota  

If your dog likes sniffing (which dog doesn’t, by the way!), then this location is the perfect spot for them. Let them explore the adventurous features of this fantastic historical park to include ancient wagons, cannons, and Fort Stevenson. Aside from these fun track, you can take them on one or more of the hiking trails available on site. Remember to snap to some great photos as you go along to relive the fun memories when you get home.

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Grand Mere State Park, Michigan

Keep your dogs on a leash and take them everywhere on this site. The park boasts almost 1,000 acres of fun-filled adventure trails for you and your fur babies. After a long walk through nature’s beauty, relax by Lake Michigan and bask in the beauty of life and nature. It is one of the most-fun dog friendly vacations parks in the state.

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Places To Stay Nearby

Hocking Hills State Park, Logan, Ohio

Enjoy over 26 miles of trails and lush forest on the grounds of Hocking Hills State Park with your dog(s) by your side. You can check out the fantastic adventure trails and activities like cliffs, waterfalls, rushing rivers, hiking experiences, and so much more. While on your trails, be sure to look out for foxes, hummingbirds, turkeys, raccoons, and much other wildlife that live in the region.

Many resorts and park owners have heard the cries of desperate pet parents who desire to take their dogs with them. As such, they have altered the way they do business, and since the inception of dog-friendly features, they can say the experience of owning the sites is much more rewarding. 

Places To Stay Nearby

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