The Best Sunflower Fields in Virginia 

Sunflower Fields in Virginia 

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Virginia has some of the best sunflower fields on the East Coast. If you are looking for a little adventure for your family and your friends, you can visit any of the pick-your-own sunflower farms when the flowers are in bloom in Virginia. Enjoy walking among beautiful yellow sunflowers that present the perfect opportunity to take stunning photographs. Read on to see some of the best sunflower fields in Virginia that you should consider visiting.

The Best Sunflower Fields in Virginia

The Sunflower Fields in Virginia are the best! It’s a beautiful place to see and photograph, so many people come from all over the world for the experience. There is something special about being surrounded by yellow flowers as far as you can see. Sunflowers have been grown commercially here since 1925 when they were first introduced into this area.

The Best Sunflower Fields in Virginia

Sunflowers grow very well in eastern Virginia because of their long growing season and warm climate; it takes about 120 days for them to mature before harvest.

Sunflower Fields in Central Virginia 

Fresh Branch Farm


Location: 13801 N. Ivey Mill Rd. Chesterfield, VA

Fresh Branch farm is located near the picturesque Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield. It is a small family-owned farm that specializes in raising free-range chicken. In the summer, it holds an interactive and exciting annual sunflower festival. They offer information online about opening dates for the festival, so be sure to check that out. There is a petting zoo on the farm where you get to pet lovely baby goats. Admission for the festival is $10 per vehicle. Sunflowers stems are sold at $.50.

Alvis Farm


Location: Goochland, VA

For over 50 years, Alvis this dairy farm has dedicated itself to rearing cows, and dairy goats. They also grow a variety of crops, herbs, and flowers. This year, the 6000+ acre property opens their third annual sunflower festival farm for 11 days – dates to be communicated on their website. If you love pets, they hold a ‘Cutest Dog Contest’ where the proceeds go to support Goochland Teachers (For the Goochland County Public Schools). There is also a community Flea Market Yard Sale around this time of the year. If you will be picking sunflowers, carry scissors as they are not provided on the farm. Try out their sunflower maze as well.

Loudoun Fields of Flowers


Location: 37879 Allder School Rd Purcellville, VA 20132

Loudoun field of flowers is a colorful pick-your-own flower farm in Purcellville. There are many patches of many different flower varieties here including marigolds, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, Lavender, sunflower, verbena, snapdragons, daisies, and hydrangea. Containers and baskets for picking the flowers will be provided on the farm. They do not charge admission fees.

The rates you will pay depend on the size of the container you choose for picking your flowers. You may carry your container for transportation of the flowers but you will be required to use theirs for pricing consistency while picking the sunflowers on the farm. Their farm is currently open, up to late October. Your dog is welcome, as long as it remains on a leash. 

Sunflower Fields in Central Virginia

New Roots Farm


Location: Charlottesville, VA

This is more than just a vegetable and flower farm. The New roots farm is an initiative of the international rescue committee (IRC). The IRC aims at helping refugees and other immigrants have a good start in life by providing gardening facilities and means of providing for their families.

Expect to see a variety of different crops and vegetables when you visit the farm. Their sunflower patch is not as large as the others on this list but it is worth mentioning that all proceeds from the sale of these flowers go into supporting this initiative.

Chiles Peach Orchard and Farm Market


Location: Batesville, VA 

Chiles Peach Orchard is a very old farm (over 100 years) running through generations of the Chile family. Today, this farm provides an excellent avenue for numerous farm-related events in Virginia. Their pick-your-own fruits and vegetables include strawberries in the spring and blueberries and sunflowers in the summer. When you are on this farm, visit their bakery to sample some of the freshly baked foods and delicious treats they have on display.

If you love wine, you can sample some of their locally-made wine here. The wine is made using grapes from their vineyard on the farm. A large picnic area allows you to have the space you need to enjoy a quick bite with your family before proceeding to the farm or take a quick recess after coming from the farm.

Sweet Greens Farm


Location: 291 Coles Rolling Rd, Scottsville, VA 24590

The sweet greens farm is located near James River in Scottsville. It is a 65-acre piece of land where the proprietors grow all kinds of flowers and herbs. They pride themselves in being wholly organic-without using any form of chemical or synthetic fertilizers to cultivate the flowers on their farm. The farm is not pick-your-own and although they allow visits to the farm, they restrict areas you can visit. They are primarily a boutique farm that sells selected floral designs (for weddings and special events) and unique heirlooms around Charlottesville and Richmond areas.

Liberty Mills Farm


Location: 9166 Liberty Mills Road Somerset, VA 22972

This 125-acre farm in Somerset has been a family operation since its establishment in 2010. The farm is situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers panoramic views of the same. A visit to this farm will not only be a visit to enjoy the stunning sunflower sceneries but to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountain and the surroundings as well. They also have a corn maze in the fall and a pumpkin patch.

The sunflower festival this year begins on August 28th through September 6th. Strawberries are also available for picking when the season opens up. If you have more time, indulge your kids with ice cream in their farm market or the store on the farm.

Blue Heron Farms


Location: 1272 Glenthorne Loop Nellysford, VA 22958

Blue Heron Farms is another beautiful farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a small farm, at only 2 acres but it contains one of the most wonderful collections of flowers in the region. They grow their flowers and other crops organically, devoid of any synthetic chemicals. They have well-groomed grounds for holding weddings and other special events.

They also offer a la carte flowers and floral designs including beautiful wedding boutiques. If you are looking to experiment, they offer DIY options where you pick a bucket and they fill it up with fresh flowers of different kinds depending on your preferences. Their sunflower patch is a beautiful field when the sunflowers are in season.

Whisper Hill Farm


Location: 7127 Maple Hill Farm Scottsville VA 24590

Whisper Hill Farm is more than just a sunflower farm. They sell fully USDA-certified organic seeds for various crops, herbs, and flowers in the region. The farm is owned by a couple who have a farming history and although the farm is young compared to others in Scottsville, the couple has managed to make this one-of-a-kind farm where people come to buy a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Some of the other crops they sell here include cucumbers, collards, lettuce, carrots, peppers (both hot and sweet), and other numerous vegetables. During the summer, the sunflowers bloom beautifully, creating the perfect avenue for taking stunning photographs.

Lavender Fields


Location: 11300 Winfrey Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059

Lavender farms sell the largest collection of herbs and flowers in Richmond. Although they are primarily a lavender farm, they also have a sunflower patch and when the season allows, they grow up to 200 varieties of different herbs, vegetables, and berries. Their farm store is stocked with gifts, souvenirs, and a lot of products revolving around lavender.

Sunflower Fields in Central Virginia

Hazel Witch Farm


Location: 4366 Sledd Lane Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Just a few miles East of Richmond lies this beautiful farm that specializes in the growth of medicinal herbs, specialty cut flowers, and heirlooms. The farm is an eco-friendly farm that aims at disturbing the soil as little as possible. Because of this approach, the owner (Ash Hobson Carr) uses the no-till method and a creative pest management approach.

You can pre-order flower bouquets or visit the farm to grab the herbs and pick sunflowers on specific days of the week. Some of the other herbs you can find on her farm include hibiscus, turmeric, and ginger in the Fall, catnip, spilanthes, yarrow and raspberry in the summer, chamomile, nettle, lemon balm, and calendula in the spring.

Golden Foot Flower Farm


Location: 206 S Locust St Floyd, VA 24091

The Golden foot flower farm is very recent (established in 2020) but it is already making headways as one of the farms to go to when you are looking for unique flowers for your special occasions. Part of their flower collection is a unique seasonal sunflower field and although they have not yet started allowing pick-your-own flowers, you can always visit when the flowers are blooming.

The array of other flowers they have on their farm will make the visit colorful and memorable. Besides taking their flowers to the Floyd Farmer’s market, they also offer weekly CSA where fresh, unique, lush flowers that are in season are delivered to you as a bouquet or single stems depending on your preferences. They have a well-preserved garden where you can hold weddings and parties – with their floral decorations, of course!

Sunflower Hill Farm


Location: 245 Terry Road, Augusta, MO 63332

Just like most farms on this list, the Sunflower hill farm has a lot more to offer than just blissful sunflowers when in season. You will always find pure honey for sale here, all year round. They also grow vegetables organically. They also have amazingly groomed grounds for holding all sorts of functions, predominantly weddings, and parties. They have a pick-your-own sunflower field and they announce on their website the dates they open the farm to the public.

Ikenberry Orchards


Location: 2557 Roanoke Rd. Daleville, VA 24083

Ikenberry Orchards combines great farming with a country store. The farm is recognized as the best place to get fresh farm produce in Roanoke. This farm has been passed down over several generations for almost a century, making it one of the oldest farms in Virginia. Because of this, their sunflower farm will be just a small piece of an immersive experience waiting for you at the farm. 

You get to take stunning photographs of beautiful and colorful flowers but also get to learn how a century-old farm has been able to stay in operation for that long. When you visit the store, you will sample locally produced dairy products such as Angus beef, bacon, sliced ham, dried beans, butter, and all kinds of vegetables. They also sell a variety of jams and jellies on the farm. Everything you find here is a product of the farm. Each product has been prepared organically and in an eco-friendly way.

3 Birds Berry Farm


Location: 1876 Brooksfield Rd, Blacksburg, Va 24060

The 3 birds berry farm is located just a few minutes from Radford University. The location is ideal for students and enthusiasts seeking to learn more about farming or simply enjoy the farm’s seasonal produce. The pre-dominant produce from the farm is organically grown (pest-free) berries but they also have a small sunflower patch where tall sunflowers bask in the sun waiting for pick-up. Some of the berries they grow here include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Most of these are available on a pick-your-own model unless otherwise advised. For over 30 years, the farm ran as the crow’s nest u-pick berries farm before rebranding after a change of ownership in 2011. Parking on the farm is free and handicap spots are available as well.

Glade Road Growing


Location: 2351 Glade Road, Blacksburg, Va 24060

The sunflower festival season on this farm is conducted differently from the other farms. There is a $5 minimum tip that you pay when you come for the u-pick sunflower activity. The amount goes to support the staff as bonuses. They do not ask for an admission fee, but you are required to pay the tip as a courtesy. Since this is purely a self-guided farm, you should carry your scissors or shears for cutting the sunflower stems. Although you are not charged for the u-pick, you are limited to cutting the flowers for personal use only.

You cannot cut the flowers to resell them or use them for your private social functions (such as weddings and parties). If you come here to take professional photos, you will pay some money as a donation per shoot. Cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, basil, squash, and other vegetables are also grown on this farm. Meats come in the form of pasture-raised pork and eggs come from free-ranging birds. Their turkeys and ducks are also free-ranging. No chemicals are used inside the farm.

Sunflower Fields in Northern Virginia

Irvington Farms


Location: 236 Irvington Springs Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24503

For over 25 years, Ben and Kaye (the owners of Irvington spring farm) have been growing all sorts of beautiful flowers on their farm. They grow a variety of flowers designed for weddings, where they create bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, and bridesmaid bouquets. If you love craft activities, you can be as creative as you want with their DIY bucket. 

You will choose the flowers as you wish and pay for your creation. You will be required to call in advance for this though, as not all flowers may be available. Sunflower festival is a delightful time on the farm, where visitors get to walk among thousands of sunflowers and other wildflowers as they pick whatever they wish along the way.

Sunflower Fields in Northern Virginia

Burnside Farms


Location: 11008 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville, VA 20181

There are over 30 varieties of sunflowers on 15 acres of land to enjoy in Burnside farms. The farm grows these flowers successively to extend the season and ensure that there are still flowers to enjoy by Labor Day. I love it when I walk into a sunflower or corn farm and find a maze! Unlike corn, sunflower mazes are hard to create and very few farms in Virginia create these mazes. 

Burnside farms amplify their visitor’s fun by offering one of the best sunflower mazes in the state during the sunflower festival. The maze usually covers about 5 acres and offers a very interactive (and beautiful) way to connect with nature. You also get to pick your sunflowers. Adult tickets are $14 and that figure includes pick-your-own sunflowers. Additional sunflower stems are charged extra.

Other fun activities you can do here include jumping on bouncing pads, playing spy games with kids, tractor rides, hayrides, a children’s play area, and a photo booth. Other flowers you may find here during this time include cosmos, zinnias, Liatris, and gladiolus.

Gypsy Flower Farm


Location: 15115 Mount Nebo Road Poolesville, MD 2083

Gypsy flower farm is a small, USDA-certified organic flower farm that mainly plants floral and boutique flowers for the wedding industry, CSAs, and other social events. Their sunflower field features over 3000 seedlings available on a u-pick model. Visitors are welcomed to the farm to sample the different types of flowers that are grown here throughout the year.

Hope Flower Farm


Location: 40905 Stumptown Rd, Waterford, VA 20197

The Hope farm’s flower growing journey started in 2015 when the farm changed ownership to Holly and Evan Chapple. Holly was a seasoned florist (running a shop for over 23 years). They converted the 25 acre Hope farm from a dairy farm into a flower farm. Holly brings more to the flower business than just planting and creating festivals. She has designed classes where she teaches other people how to grow these flowers and how to make a business out of the flower industry. She has a floral design class and the hope farm school of design running co-currently.

Bloom Flower Farm


Location: 11045 Manley Road Nokesville, VA

The flowers in Bloom flower farm in Prince William County are grown organically using sustainable, eco-friendly ways. The couple running this farm has a stand where they sell fresh bouquets, both seasonals, and perennials. They do not have a large sunflower field, but they are happy to show you around the farm. You will choose from the different flowers on the farm to make a hand-tied bouquet. Bloom flower farm offers floral designs for weddings, special occasions, and CSA as well.

Seven Oaks Lavender Farm


Location: 8769 Old Dumfries Rd, Catlett, VA 20119

This pick-your-own lavender farm is a sensational farm to visit. This is a very old 16-acre farm (about 160 years old) and has seen generations of farmers come and go. Today, there are rows and rows of lavender flowers, sunflowers (when in season), and other wildflowers growing here.

Every flower or crop grown here is on a u-pick basis and you can have a DIY hand-tied bouquet to suit whatever your floral needs are. If you want to start a lavender garden back home, this is the perfect place to get all the information you need to make that happen.

This is just a one-hour video with nature sounds – I find it kind of relaxing for those times of year I can’t actually get to a field!

Sunflower Fields in West Virginia 

West Farm


Location: 2824 Carroll Hill Rd, Lewisburg, WV 24901

This farm was established in 1992 as a dairy and vegetable farm. Today, they grow a variety of vegetables and flowers using a sustainable growing system that incorporates no-till planting, manure composting, pasture rotation, and cover cropping. The farm is also home to hundreds of pastured breeding sheep.

There is a wonderful u-pick sunflower farm here during the summer when the flowers are in season. Other flowers you can pick during this time on the farm include zinnias, dahlias, daisies, phlox, lisianthus, ageratums, and celosias. In the spring, they have a beautiful and vibrant tulip and daffodil field.

Stompin’ Crick Farm


Location: 2138 Stamping Creek Road Hillsboro, WV 24946

In Pocahontas County, you will come across this 350-acre, beautiful family-owned farm that has been passed down from one generation to another for 150 years. The farm primarily produces meat products. Everything you buy from the farm is produced in an organic, eco-friendly way. There is free-range meat, eggs from free-ranging chicken, and a variety of vegetables. The sunflower field in this farm is a beautiful, vibrant section that makes the farm radiant. You will get a tour of the farm and learn a thing or two about sheep-rearing or growing all sorts of berries.

Sunset Berry Farm


Location: 791 Sunset School Rd, Alderson, West Virginia 24910

You can capture perfect photo moments inside the stunning sunflower field on this farm when the flowers are in full bloom. Sunset Berry Farm offers a pick-your-own model for sunflowers and strawberries. You will be extra charged for the sunflower stems you pick.

During the sunflower festival, the farm charges $15 per adult and $40 per family. Your kids will enjoy the scavenger hunt, face painting, and other fun activities here. Hit their concession stand for delicious beef hot dogs and other delicacies during your visit.

Pegasus Farm Campground


Location: 624 Arnold Hill Rd, Elkins, WV 26241

How amazing would it be to enjoy camping and get to spend your days exploring beautiful sunflower fields? The Pegasus family offers campers (and day visitors) an extraordinary experience during the summer. When the sunflowers are in bloom, the whole farm gets transformed into a wonderful, almost-exotic haven. There are several large RV camping sites and beautiful trails to explore on the farm and beyond.

Sunflower fields in South Virginia

Sinkland Farms


Location: 3020 Riner Rd. Christiansburg, VA 24073

In SouthWest Virginia, Sinkland farms stand out as the main venue for executive wedding events and other important social occasions. The farm was initially a dairy farm, dating back to the 1980s. Today, there are animals on the farm but the owners have also diversified into other forms of farming. Crops, vegetables, and flowers have become part of the farm’s heritage in the region. Sinkland farm has a beautiful sunflower field that attracts many visitors when the flowers are in full bloom. 

Their annual pumpkin festival is also something you would love to see because it draws thousands of visitors from across the nation every year. 

There is a petting zoo on the grounds and a picnic area where you can have a meal and rest after visiting the farm. The exact days and periods for enjoying the u-pick sunflower season are usually communicated online via social media. General admission is $10 and kids under the age of 2 get in free. They are holding their first annual festival in 2021, with over 8 acres of sunflower fields that will feature over 175,000 blooms. Other fun activities on the farm include ziplining, sliding down giant slides, and taking tractor rides.

Sunflower Fields in West Virginia 

Full Quiver Farm


Location: 2801 Manning Road Suffolk, VA 23434

Full Quiver Farm is owned by a Christian family that specializes in organic ways of production only. They are a pasture farm, raising pastured chicken and animals while ensuring they are considerate of the environment. When you visit the farm to enjoy their small sunflower field, you will also get the chance to interact with the farm animals. T

ake a moment to visit their store and purchase pastured eggs and other non-GMO products as well. There are hundreds of pigs on the farm if you are interested in learning how pig farming works. You may even get a chance to grab a hamburger if they will be grilling on the farm.

Evergreen Lavender


Location: 7169 Old Evergreen Rd. Appomattox, VA. 24522

The evergreen Lavender farm is predominantly a lavender farm and you will quickly feel the influence of the flowers from the moment you drive through their gates. They have numerous lavender products in their store: culinary lavender, body butter, bouquets, Darjeeling tea, dragon tea, linen sprays, lavender soaps, and many more. The farm started in 1999 and the owners used to grow all sorts of flowers and crops before they settled on lavender a decade later. 

Today, the farm is open to the public as a lavender farm but every year, they leave aside a field to grow in-demand seasonal crops, such as sunflowers. They have beautiful grounds where one can hold weddings and other important social events as well.

If you are planning on visiting here for the sunflower season, check out their calendar. They announce the dates on their websites for seasonal activities such as pumpkin, corn, or sunflower festivals. For lavender, you can walk into the farm any day of the year and you will always find a good crop in the field.

Beaver Dam Farm Sunflowers


Location: Buchanan 24066

Beaver dam farm sunflowers is a family-owned farm that is over a century old and has been running as a dairy farm for almost 80 years. They introduced sunflower farming in 2016 and planted 20 acres of sunflowers before opening the farm to the public. Visitors to the sunflower farm will get more than they paid for, with hayrides, tractor rides, a photo booth, live music, and a petting zoo available as extra fun activities to engage in while here. 

They also have a vendor store where you can purchase a variety of other farm produce such as fresh vegetables and herbs. If you fall in love with their robust sunflowers, you can always pre-purchase the seeds and they will process them for you once the season ends and the flowers drop their heads. The 20 acres of sunflowers is an amazing garden to take breathtaking photos.

Doe Run Farm Virginia


Location: 214 Marigold Lane, Ararat, Virginia 24053

Corn mazes are great, but sunflower mazes are the ones that bag all the glory. Imagine getting lost in a series of thousands of colorful yellow heads? This is what the Doe Run farm offers and needless to say, it attracts people from all walks of life as they come to enjoy the flowers and enjoy getting lost in the maze. The sunflower maze is 6 acres, giving you more than enough space to take a hike as you explore the stunning landscape while hoping you will not get lost. 

During the annual sunflower festival, other fun activities you can engage in at the farm include hayrides, swings, playing corn hole, bounce pads, apple launchers, and tractor rides. You get to pick your sunflowers while you are here. If you want to buy other farm-fresh produce (berries and other fruits), visit the farm store for their apple pies (always in season) and vegetables. Souvenir seekers can always buy a sunflower maze t-shirt. There is a beautiful open space where you can have a picnic with your family on the property.

Sun Star Farms


Location: 2560 Coopers Mountain Rd, Martinsville, VA 24112

The stunning sunset over the hills on the farm when the sunflowers are in full bloom is one view to die for! This is a great farm to visit with your family during the sunflower season. It is a u-pick farm with lots of beautiful flowers and a great setting to take stunning background photos.

Sunflower Fields in East Virginia 

Wild for Wildflowers


Location: 40097 Thomas Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175

This is a family-run boutique floral farm where they grow flowers and seasonal blooms organically. They pride themselves on growing even the rarest blooms because they nurture their flowers from seeds. And since they do not use any chemicals while growing these flowers, their flowers are safe for people to sniff. They supply wedding florals and bouquets locally. They also have a CSA arrangement one can subscribe to.

Sunflower Fields in East Virginia 

History Greenbrier Farms


Location: 225 Sign Pine Road Chesapeake, Virginia 23322

The sunflower season at Greenbrier farms is open, with stems going for $3 a pop. This is purely a u-pick farm and you will be provided with a vase or basket for your flowers. There are other flowers here as well if you love mixing your bunch. Once you are on the farm, engage your kids in other fun activities going on here, such as a petting zoo, hayrides, tractor rides, and a playground that contains all sorts of games.

The live music and a festive atmosphere (that incorporates a lot of grilling and BBQ) is something cherished by the locals. This will be a great opportunity to interact with the locals and enjoy the local culture and cuisine. The farmers market is open throughout the season and you can grab a quick bite or sample delicious, farm-fresh ice cream and other snacks. 

The Greenbrier farm is an old farm, dating back to 1916. Over the years, the farm has expanded operations to encompass almost every avenue of farming, including dairy farming. You will always find fresh produce at the farm’s store irrespective of the time of the year. If you are looking to start a garden, head over to their nursery.

You will learn more about the farming practices that have made this farm successful for over a century-and probably buy a few seedlings while you are at it. There are thousands of seeds to choose from, for almost every vegetable, flower, or herb.

Hickory Ridge Farm


Location: 2928 S. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA 23322. 757-560-6763

Hickory Ridge farm deals with strawberries (April to early June) and pumpkins (September through October) but they host an annual sunflower and corn festival as well. Everything on the farm is on a u-pick model. Hickory Ridge Farm is an 18-acre farm that is family-owned and operated.

Do not fail to visit their farm store to sample or buy some of the fresh produce they have on display here. You can also enjoy other fun activities such as tractor rides, barrel train rides, joining the planters on the farm to plant seedlings, pony rides, bouncing castles, and a petting zoo. Birthday parties and other social events are held occasionally at this farm as well.

Shockley Farms


Location: 23184 Seaside Rd, Cape Charles, VA 23310

Shockley farm carries a variety of fresh local vegetables (zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, grape tomatoes, watermelons, pears, lettuce, cantaloupe, and others), salads, and jarred goods. They also farm all sorts of berries: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and asparagus. Some of the products they process on the farm and sell on their stand include cheese, fresh bread, and pastured eggs.

Sunflower season is always a wild season on Shockley farm. There are thousands of beautiful flowers across several acres that offer visitors an amazing opportunity to interact with the beauty of nature, take a few pictures and carry home a few stems. Look out for fresh peaches and figs when they are in season! Your kids will enjoy tractor rides and hayrides.

Mount Pleasant Farms


Location: 2201 Mount Pleasant Road Chesapeake, VA 23322

Just like the GreenBrier farm, the Mount Pleasant farm offers an experience that goes beyond just picking several sunflower stems for your family. There is a full-fledged farming industry going on inside this farm. You will have the opportunity to sample fresh local beef, fresh eggs, honey and milk, local honey, fresh baked goods, and locally made soy candles. Numerous fun activities get organized here every season.

This year, your kids get to enjoy the barrel train, pony rides, petting farm animals, and a variety of other activities. Since there is an orchard here, you can expect to get a variety of fruits as well. Pears, apples, and peach trees are in abundance.

The Sunflower Fields in Virginia are an excellent source of entertainment for the whole family. They offer a variety of activities, some educational and others just plain fun. The Sunflower fields are also used to promote healthy eating habits as they teach you how to choose fresh produce when it is available or what fruits can be grown on your own property.

Sunflower fields offer the family a wholesome escape from the city. Sunflowers not only make an excellent decoration for your homes but can also be used as ingredients in dishes that you will love to cook at home.


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