Apple-Mania at All Seasons Apple Orchard

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The Wilkins family moved to Woodstock then started growing soybeans and corn in 1957. This was a successful venture for 34 years, until 1989 when James and Sue Hong purchased the Wilkins land. The first apple trees were soon planted, James decided to attend Kellogg Apple school in Michigan State University to learn the knowledge needed. All Seasons Apple Orchard was born. In 1993 the Hongs decided to plant 3,000 new apple trees with 4,000 more following the next year. There are over 15,000 apple trees flourishing on the orchard.

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The orchard practices agricultural methods to produce high quality apple trees and apples while minimizing the impact on the environment. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) principles have been introduced to limit spraying by strengthening the ecosystem of the orchard, making the conditions favorable to the apples of the orchard and also beneficial to insects too. When walking around the orchard you’ll see apples that have fallen from the trees, John and Sue either use some of the apples for the apple cannon and others are left on the ground to serve as natural fertilizer. The orchard tries their best to replace chemicals where they can.

All Seasons Apple Orchard maze and bulletin board

Visiting the All Seasons Apple Orchard helps support the local farmer, instead of purchasing from a chain store where you’ll purchase apples that are trucked in, many from long journeys.

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All Seasons Apple Orchard is the largest you pick Orchard in Woodstock, northern Illinois with over 15,000 apple trees on two different apple orchards. You’ll hop on a hayride to make your way to one or both the apple orchards, depending on the variety available of the apples you’d like to pick. On the way you’ll see the beauty of nature happening within the orchard. All Seasons Apple Orchard is one of the largest Honeycrisp apple orchards in northern Illinois.

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The types of apples you’ll find at All Seasons Apple Orchard are Zestar, Macintosh, Gala, September Wonderful Fuji, Liberty, Cortland, Asian Pear, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Jonagold apples just to name a few. By visiting the All Seasons Apple Orchard website you’ll find a great chart telling you when each apple you maybe interested in picking is in season, which gives you the freshest produce possible. You can also see charts indicating which apples can be used for pies, desserts, or standing alone. The chart also describes the taste, texture, and smell of each apple.

Once you, the family, and/or friends have worked up an appetite picking the apples you plan to use in sweets, make apple butters, or to eat all by themselves you can come by the Country Kitchen for country concessions and the dessert bar, you’ll be able to find a seat outside or indoors. Take a seat, enjoy the country scenery, relax, and enjoy a yummy treat. After savoring your meal get yourself a sweet treat, you should definitely try the apple cider donuts. If you’re up to sharing each of you can order the apple slices and apple pie, then sample from each other.

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This is an apple orchard and SO much more! Learn all about their u-pick options, barnyard activities and most importantly, their apple cider donuts!

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    This is just ONE stop in my A Fall Bucket List for McHenry Illinois book! It’s worth a visit but come hungry!

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