Top Midwest Weekend Getaways for Couples

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Couples are always searching for ways to build and secure the bond between themselves. From spending more time communicating with each other to going out or even doing other fun activities together. Either way, it is healthy for the relationship and helps to create an unbreakable chain. Choosing the right location covers a lot from being private to secure and even with features and amenities to complement the stay when looking for Midwest Weekend Getaways.

We have done our best in searching some of the most exciting and intriguing romantic spots in the Midwest. Of course, you will be surprised to know some offer more than what you are looking for, all at an affordable price. For newlywed couples or those looking to rekindle the romance, when next you plan, you may choose to visit one or more of the following locations:

Top Midwest Travel Destinations for Couples

Wisconsin Dells

Located in the middle of Wisconsin, you are sure to receive an abundance of romance, nature, and adventure. It creates the ideal atmosphere for love and has all the amenities you need to include hot tubs, spas and massage areas, exquisite menus, and so much more. The location got its name from the dells of the Wisconsin River. Bask in the beauty of a 5-mile gorge with a perfect picturesque as a backdrop. Your stay will be made complete at the Sundara Inn and Spa.

French Lick Resort

For most people, when they hear French, Paris comes to mind, and this further leads to romance. The French Lick Resort is located in Indiana and is the one place you have been dreaming of. It boasts a myriad of deluxe and exquisite facilities and services to include spacious rooms, fine-dine restaurants and bars, spa and massage area, and much more. Wanna enjoy some scenes from nature? Sit “outdoors” with your significant other over a glass of champagne is their amazing 600-foot-wide glass dome. You are in for a real classy treat. This absolutely had to be on my list of Midwest Weekend Getaways for couples as I wished my other half was with me when I visited.

The Villas at Gervasi Vineyard, Canton, Ohio

Are you looking for a country-style setting getaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas? Then you need to visit The Villas at Gervasi Vineyard that features traditional decor with a modern touch. The 24-suite guesthouse features amenities to complement your stay in addition to their on-site restaurant with a diverse menu. Get your Italian-brewed java with fresh food to tantalize your taste buds. It spells everything nature, country, and romantic.

Lead, South Dakota

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy nature as the sun is out, and the breeze and fresh air breaks all the rules. Spend some quality time with your significant other among the waterfalls and canyons of the mountainous regions of Leads in South Dakota. It is a cozy atmosphere with an upscale resort, the Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon Lodge featuring amenities. These amenities and services include hearth fireplaces, spacious and elegant suites, massage rooms, and delectable rustic designs and a fantastic customer satisfaction team.

Midwest Weekend Getaways couple making a heart hand on the sunset

Door County & Landmark Resort

Located in the cooler regions of Wisconsin, Door County and the Landmark Resort is the perfect place for any couple to bond. It is a gem among the rest with exquisite miles of beautiful shoreline. The location creates the ideal moment for falling in love a second time as you bask in the aroma of freshness along the waterfront. You may also enjoy a nature-based walk through the woods and park on the grounds and then come back to relax in a haven or comfort and style. The Landmark Resort has some of the best features you will need from quality chefs and food to excellent customer service. It is an affordable location that will be worth every penny spent.  

Lutsen Resort, Minnesota

There is nothing more perfect than a romantic getaway by the lake. This resort creates an avenue to bask in the beauty of nature while reminiscing on the unconditional love both of you share. The location has a great vibe like no other, and you will find the features and amenities of the resort enchanting and daring. It is an all-season location with the best staff to make your stay worth the while.

Midwest Weekend Getaways couple setting on a rock by a lake

Hocking Hills

Staying at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls will leave you with incredible memories for the rest of your life. Hocking Hills creates a scenic view as it lies along the backend of Ohio. It is the perfect getaway to unwind, relax, and bond with the one you love in your private cottage. Excellent service to complement your stay and amenities and services of the highest class.

Chetek, Wisconsin

Take a moment to rekindle the love of years gone by as you enjoy a serene canoe ride along lake Wahdoon. Get adventurous with your vacation by going for a hike and learn more about nature. The fantastic location sits on over 280-acres of couples-only cottage-decked land. Also, the features and amenities of the site let you enjoy some afternoon rides on horse-drawn carriages or sleigh on a nearby farm. Also, you can have your meals and services delivered to your room if you desire to spend the day indoors.

Midwest Weekend Getaways sunset

Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa

Spend a romantic getaway with your partner in a remote and secluded region of the Michigan mountains. Located in Thompsonville, Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa has some fascinating features and amenities to help you create the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the abundance of spacious rooms, massage areas to get a well-needed pampering with your partner, or you can choose to go skiing along the mountainside.

Clear Lake, Iowa

Fall in love all over again as you stroll through the rustic, romantic, and enchanting lake town of Clear Lake, Iowa. Enjoy the best romantic music as you walk through an area with amazing fairs and fun activities you both can enjoy. After each full day’s events, come home to a relaxing “home away from home” experience at the Dickson’s Landing. Great rooms, services, and amenities to complement your stay.

You may be thinking a getaway has to be expensive, but you are wrong. These fantastic locations cater more to the need for providing you the opportunity to rebond and rekindle a burning love and passion. It will be worth the weekend or week away.

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