10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry County Illinois

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Fall is here and that means time to do all sorts of fun outdoor activities with the family. Kids and Adults alike, both enjoy corn mazes, freshly picked apples, and even fresh hot donuts! Miss Sarah and I had a chance to play in McHenry County of Illinois and had a total blast. Being just a short drive from Madison, Milwaukee, and even Chicago means you have tons of great treasures to discover. Just check out our 10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry County Illinois

10 fun fall activities in McHenry County Illinois

10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry Coounty Illinois

Are you looking for some fun things to do with the littles this fall – then a jaunt to McHenry County Illinois should be in your future! Make a weekend out of it and soak up all the great things that fall has to offer.

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Cherry Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast

You might want to book a room in this historic home where Bill Murray “stayed” in the movie Groundhog Day. This is the scene where Phil turns the alarm clock off in the morning that replays over and over the same day for Phil instead of continuing into another day. The owners are beyond friendly and so helpful with trivia and tours!

10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry Illinois

Richardson Adventure Farm

Are corn mazes your thing? Richardson Adventure Farm is an adventure like no other, leaving memories you won’t make anywhere else. Nowhere else offers a 700’ zip-line, live pig races or the world largest corn maze, well nowhere other than Richardson Adventure Farm!

10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry County Illinois

Royal Oak Farm Orchard

You might want to try an Apple Maze instead of a corn maze. Royal Oak Farm Orchard is a 120 acre setting located in Northern Illinois near the Wisconsin state line. Royal Oak is a you pick orchard from the months of mid August to mid November, bearing 17,000 Apple frees with over 30 varieties of apples to choose from. The family owned farm orchard’s mission is to glorify God by growing family traditions and to serve the community while producing quality fruits. The Amaze N Apple maze has over 2,500 Apple trees with 9 different varieties along trellis wiring like the ancient Roman espalier tradition. Amaze N Apple maze has over 1.5 miles of beautifully pruned apple trees along its trail. As you make your way across the 5 acres of the Apple trail maze you can learn about the history of Princess Snowsweet and other varied activities throughout the maze. You are able to pick 2 apples from any tree to enjoy later or on the way around. Honestly, there is nothing like a freshly picked apple – that you can nibble on right away and not have to worry about washing it! Make sure you grab a chicken pot pie in their cafe!

Stade’s Farm Market

For some people it is all about the pumpkin patch. Stade’s Farm Market is the place you want to hit. Stade’s has been hosting the Shares of Autumn Fall Festival since 1997, that is 20 years of great times with unforgettable memories. Vern Stade started his journey with humble beginnings in 1977 which started out as growing feed crops. Now Stade’s Farm and Market invites everyone from all around to stop by the market to pick fresh fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, and raspberries and vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, and broccoli then stick around for one of the many events being held every year. Miss Sarah loved riding on the vintage carousel!

10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry County Illinois

All Season’s Apple Orchard

Like Corn Mazes, Apples, AND Pumpkin Patches? All Season’s Apple Orchard should be a must-stop for y’all. The Wilkins family moved to Woodstock then started growing soybeans and corn in 1957. This was a successful venture for 34 years, until 1989 when James and Sue Hong purchased the Wilkins land. The first apple trees were soon planted, James decided to attend Kellogg Apple school in Michigan State University to learn the knowledge needed. In 1993 the Hongs decided to plant 3,000 new apple trees with 4,000 more following the next year. There are over 15,000 apple trees flourishing on the orchard.

Tom’s Farm Market

Looking for great donuts to wrap your lips around? Tom’s Farm Market is a family owned business that has been established since 1959 in Huntley Illinois. Tom’s specializes in growing high quality bedding plants in their 80,000sq foot greenhouses that are onsite at the farm. Non GMO sweet corn, strawberries, peppers, and tomatoes are just a few of the gorgeous vegetables grown here which are available in the Market. Add in the incredible gift shop, fun family activities, and you have a place you can’t miss when in McHenry County!

Epic Deli

Now let’s talk about local food. For a quick bite you might want to try Epic Deli. Yep, you heard us right! This place is EPIC! The menu is just about as huge as their sandwiches. Generous portions, fair prices. Pulled pork is the bomb! Anything that has it is sure to be a fast favorite. Casual, trendy, epic desserts. Cheesecakes that change often, and deep-fried candy with a tempura batter. Oh. My. Stars. Just thinking about the Epic Deli menu has me drooling…

Pub 47

Easy to find, being just under the water tower, Pub 47 offers an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming while you enjoy excellent service, fully stocked bar, and a large variety of traditional fares. All dishes are made from the freshest ingredients and made to order. Make sure  you try the Beer Nuggets. They are flash frozen then fried pizza dough that puffs up into almost hollow pillows. It is quickly seasoned with garlic, Parmesan and other secrets to be served along a bowl of their homemade sauce for dipping it in to…one plate easily serves 4-6 people!

10 Fall Fun Activities in McHenry County Illinois

Lou Malnati’s

Pizza is a great way to end the day! Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago area chain Deep Dish Pizza place, but this location looks like a converted barn and is family owned. They have plenty of NON deep dish options and incredible salads. Gluten free option too – with a sausage crust and it seems like a heart attack on a plate to me, LOL!

Morkes Fine Chocolates

If chocolate is the fifth food group and you need three servings or more a day? Morkes (said like this More-Kes) history of making high quality chocolate with diverse tastes and affordable prices since the 1920’s, giving anyone that comes in for a visit that “kid in the candy store” feel. Morkes takes the time to make their confections from scratch using all natural chocolate, fresh roasted nuts, pure butter, and a lot of fun goes into each batch. They do offer candy classes, but have a ton of great gems to simply choose from on the shelves.

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg in McHenry County! There are thrift shops, other great restaurants, a weekend long Fall Festival and so much more! You really should make a point to check it out for yourself this fall.

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