Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations

Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations

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Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations? Summer screams vacation, time to get out of your ordinary life, go somewhere completely new and leave behind the boring day to day routine. It is everyone’s favorite thing about summer and one of the best feelings. You could pick one of these most popular summer travel destinations and have an experience of a lifetime. The world is huge and when you only get to travel once a year or for some of you that get to travel more often, it is best to go to the most exciting places. Check out the most popular summer travel destinations this year!

Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations

Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations


Believe it or not, Iceland is a very popular summer travel destination. If you are looking for somewhere to go to have a nice cool summer it is just the place for you. The temperatures usually don’t get any higher than 60 Degrees Fahrenheit, the island is full of natural springs with geothermal heat that are great for relaxing and rejuvenation. You can explore the highlands which look otherworldly, hike and see the gorgeous scenery, see exotic birds, walk on black beaches (they are black because the sand is from volcanic rock) and so much more. Taking a trip to Iceland is like stepping into a whole other world. Full of excitement and adventure.


If you are one for warmer climates on your vacations but still love to adventure and see breathtaking sites. Thailand is the place for you, one of the greatest sites to see is the White Temple which is a Buddhist Temple and is completely white inside and out, it has amazing history to it and it is not even finished  being fully built yet but is completely open and free to tour. Along with the temple, there are so many other sites to see and exotic foods to try.


Italy is a place to go and relax, it is warm and just a nice place to have a “laid back” vacation. If you go here though you need to visit the Grotta Palazzese, it is a restaurant located in Southern Italy and is absolutely astonishing. Built right into the side of a cliff right next to the ocean it will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget and of course while in Italy you’ll have to go and visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

These are just a couple of amazing and pupular summer travel destinations that you should definitely try to hit up on your next vacation or whenever you can. They will give you an experience of a lifetime. Some of the most popular summer travel destinations aren’t always what people would usually think, but there is a reason they are the most popular. Would you travel to any of these destinations? Is there anywhere you’d like to go that isn’t on this list? Tell me in the comments!


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