10 Must-Know Tips For Your Next Beach Day

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A day at the beach is great but if you’re not prepared it can lead to a hindering day. It may sound like a lot of stuff to bring along but these can save your beach day. 

10 must-know tips for your next beach day

10 must-know tips for your next beach day: 

Arrive early – this will ensure you a prime spot of your choice. By beating the crowds you may also find time to relax by listening to the waves and seagulls.  

Bring the sunscreen – it feels great being in the sun but don’t forget about those harmful UV rays. While applying sunscreen make sure to do it the right way, making sure you are implement covered to avoid sunburn, damage to your skin and help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Pop up umbrella – an umbrella will keep you out of the sun when you decide to hide from it. This is a great place for the kids to take naps if they get too tired. The umbrella also helps shield a little bit of the heat by leaving you with the breeze.  

Snacks – don’t forget the snacks! You can also plan a little picnic too, you won’t lose your spot if you had to leave to grab lunch. Pack the cooler with drinks but also plenty of bottled water, to make sure you’re staying hydrated.  

Baby powder – a great trick to get sand off you and your feet before getting into a vehicle, is to use a little baby powder. The sand slides right off.   

Lounge chairs – lounging on the beach in a comfortable chair is one of the keys to a great beach day. You’ll be able to watch over the family and people watch in comfort, you’ll be even more set if your chair has a drink holder. By using the chairs drink holder you won’t get sand all over your drink or cup.

Change of clothes – although there are usually outdoor showers located at some beaches, the salty beach water can aggravate some people’s skin so it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes. A change of clothes will also save time if you’ve planned to go sightseeing, this will keep you from going to your room to change.

First aid kit – accidents can happen even on the beach so it’s good to be prepared. Bring reusable shopping bags, you’ll be able to throw your trash away when you leave just by dumping the contents of the bag. This helps keep our beautiful beaches clean. 

Extra towels – sand has a way of finding its way into everything. Bringing extra towels will make sure you’ll have fresh towels in case you need them.

Toys – if you’re bringing the kids to the beach make sure to bring them something to play with. Pick a toy they’d choose then let their imagination lead the way. The little ones can play in a man-made puddle while the older kids build sandcastles and look for seashells.  

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