5 Fun Things to Do in Chocolate World

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5 Fun Things to Do in Chocolate World? I think that pretty much everyone loves some chocolate, and a place called Chocolate World is a place that I want to be! Chocolate World is a place that you can visit located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and trust me; you are going to want to make a trip to this sweet place! Today I am going to be talking all about Chocolate World, why you should make the trip there, and also some of the not to miss attractions at Chocolate World. Let’s get into it!
fun thigns to do in chocolate world

5 Fun Things to Do in Chocolate World


1. The Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour: 

The Hershey’s Chocolate Tour is a ride that you will find at Chocolate World in which you get into a cart that kind of looks like a big chocolate chunk, and it takes you throughout the history of the Hershey’s Chocolate company. The ride is so informative, engaging, and such a cool experience. You get a 30-minute ride, and it is so cool! The ride is currently under construction, but it is still open throughout the renovations. It will be completely renovated and open fully this Summer, 2016.

2. Create Your Own Chocolate Bar: 

You cannot go to Chocolate World and not do the make your own chocolate bar experience. The Chocolate Bar is such a cool attraction and one of the highest I would recommend doing in the park. You get to actually go into the factory and go through the process of making your very own customized chocolate bar, including all of the ingredients that go into the bar, as well as creating a custom label for your candy bar.

3. 4-D Movie: 

The 4-D Movie is also a cool thing to do, especially for the little ones. It is a show in which you become a part of the Movie totally, and you get to help the chocolate characters figure out a mystery. The whole show is interactive, and it’s so cool for kids to get to participate, it’s pretty fun for adults as well if I do say so myself.

4. Hershey’s Photo Studio: 

Having a ball with your friends and family and making memories is what visiting Chocolate World is all about! You want to remember those memories with special photos, and you can do that by visiting the specialized photographers throughout the park that can take your photos all around the park as well as with the Chocolate characters. This experience is unforgettable, so be sure to capture the memories with the Hershey’s Photo Studio.

5. Shopping: 

You, of course, can’t leave the park without getting some fantastic souvenirs to take with you. Be sure to check out the shop in which you can find Hershey’s themed shirts, jackets, pillows, and so much more! Not to mention, you can also get all sorts of sweet treats, including a customized bag of your favorite Hershey’s candy from the Amazing Candy Machine! This is a not to miss experience.

 Chocolate World is a fantastic experience. If you’re looking for somewhere new, exciting, and different to visit with your family this year, then I would highly recommend checking out Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Trust me, it will be such a great time, and everyone in the family will have a blast.

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