Ride Along The Rivers With Fort Wayne Outfitters

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We believe that what makes a vacation the best is when you experience of the sweetest that nature has to offer. You can never call your Fort Wayne vacation complete if you do not go for a tour on the St. Mary’s River with assistance from the Fort Wayne Outfitters. Their mission is to provide a complete difference in terms of supporting people in engaging in active lifestyles as well as environmentally conscious business practices. Ever thought of going for a river ride or doing some fun riverfront activities?

Ride Along The Rivers With Fort Wayne Outfitters

I was able to play on the St. Mary’s River on my last visit to Fort Wayne, and took a kayak out. My favorite thing? The special dock launch that they have – it literally makes getting in and out of the water a breeze, not to mention being perfectly handicap accesible. I have always looked like those after pictures in the kayak training videos, stumbling my way out, and these made me look like a pro.

fort wayne outfitters boat launch

The river is fairly calm, so it is a perfect venture for newer kayakers, or younger ones. I enjoyed a leisurly jaunt past the park, over by the nesting birds, and passing the old fort. It was so relaxing, and a comfortable pace.

birds nesting on the river

The hardest part of the trip was deciding which of the colorful kayaks I wanted to use. I love how they saved space and creatively stored them while they weren’t in use. They are all hung up by the one end, under the walking bridge.

vertically stored kayaks from fort wayne outfitters

A Bike Mechanic?

Fort Wayne Outfitters is not just an outdoor shop where you can get bike-related services but also where you can get everything environmentally-friendly, fashion wear and high-quality services. The brands they offer to those seeking their services are also the best and most genuine. When you visit, you are sure to find something that you cannot find anywhere else.

No need to worry, you are sure to find the everyday item you need right in the one location. Need to find a kayak, rental or service, or any other bike or water-related services, then Fort Wayne Outfitters have exactly what you need and is definitely worth the visit. When you take a trip to Outfitters, there are so many benefits you can gain to include but not limited to…

Fort Wayne Outfitters Sales

The outfitters center provides a wide array of outdoor and fitness apparel, canoes, kayaks, bikes, stand-up paddleboards and more. If you are a yoga specialist or fan, you can also get a variety of different yoga accessories from top brands in the industry like Prana, Ibex, Olukai, Patagonia, Surftech, Hobie and Thule. The sale does consider every budget type and allows you to get a taste of affordable items to increase your overall experience.


Fort Wayne Outfitters Rentals

You can rent from a wide variety of machines and tools you can use to enhance your overall vacation experience. Whether it be a water bike or canoe, they have everything for rental in case you couldn’t get to travel with your own. Also, if it just a thought up idea while on the spot, no need to worry! They also highly recommend you make reservations as most times there is a high rental rate and they wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything fun and exciting!

Fort Wayne Outfitters Events

They have a lot of events you can choose from to enhance your overall trip. They have events that cater to the whole family or those you wish to classify as secret or romantic. No matter what your plans are, they have an event to suit and you can always visit their website to be up to date with all their event hosting.

kayaking on St Marys RIver with fort wayne outfitters

Fort Wayne Outfitters Tours

They offer different types of tours and packages for each. When it comes to an amazing experience, you need to book your trip on Captain Black’s pontoon tours. These tours are somewhat considered the most private with up to 12 persons per ride. These tours launch from the Outfitters Bike Depot and travel along the St. Mary’s River as well as the St. Joseph’s River.

This particular tour may go up to a whopping two hours which allows you to bask in the scenic beauty of nature and all that it has to offer. Experience a breathtaking view as you stroll down the river while refreshing your mind and losing it all in the moment.

  • The packages for rides include a Deluxe option which goes for an affordable cost. This package includes food and beverage which you get to choose from their wide-base menu. However, you need to ensure your orders are confirmed up to 48 hours before your tour for the team to source the items needed for preparation.
  • Another package is the Standard option which does not include catering but you are free to bring your snacks and juice as well as a cooler if you need to. The scenic view of the skyline and everything that spells fabulous beauty awaits you as you stroll down the river with the good air dashing across your face.

No need to worry if the weather decides to shift before your tour, the team will ensure a reschedule is in place for a more suitable timing or other arrangements in the case you won’t be able to stick around.

Fort Wayne Outfitters also offers services that expand beyond tours and rides but also includes fixing and mechanical services. Are you experiencing problems with your bike or other issues? they are readily available to assist you and bring your exciting vacation back on track. Their team of professionals is friendly and up to date with their knowledge of what is best for your ride. There are limitless fun and amenities the team offers and, of course, all are at an affordable price.

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