Tips for keeping your kids safe on the beach this summer

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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Beach This Summer
Summer is approaching us quickly and I could not be more excited! Going to the beach is probably one of my favorite things to do with my kiddo in the Summer. The beach is just so beautiful and there is nothing quite like swimming in the ocean and then walking up to squish your wet toes into the warm sand. Not to mention it is always awesome to build an epic sandcastle. However, the beach can also be unsafe for your kiddos if they are not careful, so I am going to be sharing with you a few tips that will keep your kids safe on the beach this Summer.
-Stay Close: I always tell Miss Sarah to make sure she stays close to wherever I am stationed on the beach. I personally like to lay out and soak up the sun, so I like my kiddo to swim close to me. The last thing you need is a lost child at the beach! It’s a big place, and who knows how far they could get.
-Don’t Swim Out Too Far: Swimming out too far into the ocean can be really dangerous, especially for little ones. I would definitely recommend reminding your kiddos to stay close and in the shallower end closest to the shore. The waves get more and more intense the further you go out and you definitely don’t want them getting caught in those big waves.
-Always Wear Sunscreen: Sunscreen is so important, regardless of how warm or cool it may be. Any type of sun exposure can be dangerous if you are not protected. Make sure that not only should you apply sunscreen before you go out to have fun, but also periodically throughout the day because believe it or not sunscreen wears off quickly, so it really needs to be re-applied in order to keep your little ones safe.
-Don’t Talk to Strangers: There are A LOT of people at the beach and who knows who could be dangerous or not. This is why I cannot stress enough that you should really encourage your kiddos not to talk to any strangers. If any strangers try to talk to them, make sure they don’t respond and that they immediately come and find you.
The Beach can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family, but you have to keep things safe. Keep these things in mind when it comes to keeping your kids safe on the beach this Summer.