Door County Fish Boils are Mouth-Watering

Door COunty Fish Boils in Wisconsin

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Door County Fish Boils? Ever heard of a fish boil and feel the need to experience and enjoy one? Then, taking a trip down to Door County, Wisconsin, will grant you that dream come through. But, what is a fish boil? This is an interesting culinary tradition that takes place in parts of Wisconsin, more so in the Upper Great Lakes population.

Door County is known for its popular hosting of fish boils with its major ingredient – whitefish – sourced from Lake Superior or Lake Michigan. However, a lot of people do use trout or locally caught salmon for their pots mixed with other ingredients.

Mouth-Watering Door County Fish Boils in Wisconsin

Fish boils are said to be of Scandinavian origin and are used to serve large gatherings such as fishermen and lumberjacks, but other people do gather for the fun experience. Over the years, tourists became fond of the idea, and as such, many restaurants and local dining spots have brought the tradition on board. Furthermore, it seems an economical way of feeding large crowds with a mouth-watering local delicacy.

How Fish Boils Work

Fishes are caught from the local lakes and diced into small pieces or chunks and cooked in a large pot with red potatoes. A lot of cooks preparing the dish also add onions to flavor or raise the gravity of the water. The only seasoning added to the pot is usually salt, which is about one pound per two gallons of water. For many, the preparation takes on an elaborate setting where the restaurants usually invite the guests to witness the whole process.

It is prepared in a cast-iron kettle, and after the water is brought to a boil, the potatoes are added (usually kept in a mesh holder or basket.) The fish is then added (in another wire basket) after a few minutes), and once the oil is raised to the top of the pot and spills over, the fish is ready. During the boiling process, the chef would gradually add kerosene to the fire to raise the flame to increase the boil0over of the liquid inside.

After the fish is done, it would be served with melted butter sprinkled over it, and some restaurants usually add tartar sauce and lemon slices to it.

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Must-Visit Fish Boil Spots

There are numerous spots around Door County to enjoy the best fish boils, and having done a little research, we have identified some of the must-visit locations…

Old Post Office Restaurant

Old Post Office Restaurant is an interesting waterfront dining spot that features some amazing delicacies and mouth-watering dishes. You are in for a treat of some great home-cooked breakfasts and traditional fish boils. The meals are prepared in an old renovated post office, which usually serves the Ephraim area in the early 1900s. Their fish boils include fresh whitefishes, which are sourced by fishermen daily. As you enjoy your delicious fish delicacy, you can bask in the beauty of the Eagle Harbor lying ahead. Their fish boils are served daily.

Door County Fish Boils man prepping the pot

Viking Grill & Lounge

Are you looking for a casual and affordable dining spot to enjoy some local Wisconsin dishes? Then, Viking Grill & Lounge is the place to be. All their meals are made from scratch each morning and include healthy and local products. Visiting will serve you up some of the most interesting dishes, such as their popular fish boil that includes the whitefish chowder. You can experience the whole fish boil preparation as they open as early as 6 am each day. There is so much to experience, and you will be left desiring more.

Pelletier’s Restaurant

Pelletier’s Restaurant is found in the heart of Fish Creek and caters to patio dining, amazing wine, and beer. Their serving of breaking and lunch goes between 7:30 am to 2 pm each day. You can enjoy their outdoor fish boil starting at 5 pm each day, no matter the weather. They operate on a reservation basis and usually ask guests to arrive a few minutes early to witness the fascinating fish boil experience. In addition to this amazing fish boil delicacy, you can enjoy homemade waffles, desserts, pies, crepes, and much more. You will be left licking your finger for more.

White Gull Inn Restaurant

Established in 1896, the White Gull Inn Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy fish boils in Door County, Wisconsin. They provide a warm, charming, and traditional feel each time you visit, and you will have no regrets whether going alone, with friends, or with family. You can even take your dogs along but will only be allowed for outdoor activities. They are open all year round.

Door County Fish Boils white gull inn

Log Den

Log Den is located in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, and is one of the must-visit places the next time you are in the area. They cater to a delectable fish boil that will trigger your excitement and create a moment of a lifetime. Log Den is a family-owned restaurant, hand-crafted to create a unique experience for each guest that steps through their doors. The carvings will leave you desiring so much, and the menu is more than enough to satisfy your tastebuds. Their fish boil moment each day is one of the most exciting sessions, and you certainly don’t want to miss it. Let your need for exotic dining be satisfied here at Log Den Restaurant.

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Rowleys Bay Restaurant and Fish Boil

Are you feeling for an all-you-can-eat fish boil buffet? Then Rowleys Bay Restaurant and Fish Boil is the place to be as they are open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays nightly. They also feature among the tastiest breakfast servings, the area’s largest soup, salad, and bakery treats. You can also chill with the family in their cozy pub with a casual environment and retro outdoor setting. They offer their usual award-winning Sunday brunch you will certainly enjoy. In addition to their cooked meals, you will also enjoy their delicious pastries.

Waterfront Mary’s Bar & Grill

Waterfront Mary’s Bar & Grill is another hot spot that you must visit to enjoy the best of fish boils in Door County, WI. As you dive in the delicious fish boil prepared outdoors, bask in the amazing live music played on their decks three times weekly. You can also enjoy the beautiful Sturgeon Bay lying beyond this amazing Restaurant. The seating lines the waterfront and enjoying the Bay’s cool breeze will leave you feeling inner peace.  

Door County Fish Boils food on a plate

Scaturo’s Baking Co. & Cafe

Scaturo’s Baking Co. & Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that you will feel welcomed to enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine and music. Whether you are here for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, this amazing Restaurant will provide all that. If you are looking to enjoy a local fish boil like no other, then this is the perfect spot to be. In addition to the local cuisine, you can also enjoy some tasty treats like pies, cookies, and pecan rolls.

Square Rigger Harbor Motel

Square Rigger Harbor Motel is located in Baileys Harbor and serves up some of the most delicious delicacies in the Door County region. You will enjoy their tasty meals, not to mention their tasty fish boils, which you will enjoy watching. The area provides a serene and breathtaking beauty that leaves you feeling inner peace and desiring a more—perfect place for the entire family.  

Whistling Swan Inn & Restaurant

Door County has some of the best fish boil restaurants, and The Whistling Swan has made it a must-visit. They feature a hearty serving of local dishes each day with a cool and serene atmosphere. It is ideal for the entire family, and you will have no regrets about your visit. They are located at 4192 Main St, Fish Creek, WI.

The next time you are in and around Door County and need to enjoy something local, take a try at one of the most delicious fish boil servings from any of these amazing restaurants.  

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