Best Dog Friendly Places In Door County

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The best dog friendly places in Door County? These days, not many places allow you to take your pets along with you, and it is rather hard to leave them at home, especially when you have some free time off work. They are more than pets but have become part of your family, so they are your babies, just with four legs. Vacationing for many families, even for a day, has become a weekly, monthly, or yearly routine. When it comes around, everyone in the home needs to be a part of the memorable and fun experience.

Living in the Door County region, you will realize there are lots of adventurous locations to have a blast with the family. However, not many of them are pet-friendly, so you may have to leave them in the car or not take them at all. As such, we have done a little research to identify some of the places you can take your babies with you…

Best Dog Friendly Places To Visit With Your Pups In Door County

Wagon Trail Campground

Wagon Trail Campground has been classified by many as one of Door County’s most private campgrounds. It is a serene and secluded area that is well kept and maintained with spacious wooded campsites and beautiful flowery gardens. The site features a lot of adventure trails, which leads to the best of what nature has to offer. You can take the family to areas such as the Sand Bay Beach, Grandma’s Swedish Bakery, Mink River Nature Conservancy, and Rowleys Bay Restaurant & Pub.

You can also visit a public boat launch, which is roughly 0.25 miles away. You will have access to amazing amenities to include a laundry room, fireplace, WiFi, playground, camp store, and a game room. Take your pups to the beaches around, the parks and let them roam and enjoy the beauty of nature as much as you. Wagon Trail Campground is located at 1190 Co Rd Zz, Ellison Bay, WI.

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Aqualand Campground  

Imagine the amounts of fun your fur babies will have on 67 acres of a lush green campground with nature’s attributes lying around. Aqualand Campground is located at 2445 County Q, Sister Bay, WI, and has features and amenities that include a heated pool, fish ponds for casual fishing, wooded nature trails, and much more.

This amazing campsite is within close range to Peninsula State Park, where you can have additional fun should you feel the need to leave the area. The area boasts multiple shopping areas, restaurants, beaches, and other sight-seeing locations. Aqualand is a family-owned campsite that will cater to your every fun needs.

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Baileys Woods Campground

Baileys Woods Campground will give you the “camp in the woods” experience you have never imagined would be a reality. The site located at 2701 County EE, Baileys Harbor, WI, features up to 85 wooded and spacious sites. You will have a safe experience as the site is maintained and secured 24/7.

You will have a grand time, especially with your fur babies on the Baileys Harbor, which is roughly a mile from the site. There are numerous activities you can enjoy to include sandy beaches, fishing zones, and shopping malls. Door County is known for its busy hustle and bustle, and Baileys Woods Campground is designed to give you a taste of the more serene side to the regions.

Beach Harbor Resort

Beach Harbor Resort is located at 3662 N Duluth Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI, and offers reasonable rates and convenient lodging. The pups will enjoy the best of the sandy beaches, boat ramps, nature, and adventure trails. Sturgeon Bay features a lot of fun stops like amazing restaurants serving up some tasty delicacies and souvenir shops.

At Beach Harbor Resort, you can enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and outside grilling with the family. They are dog-friendly as they consider everyone in your home a part of the family. Breakfast each morning, beautiful trails, and attraction sites close by such as Potawatomi State Park. They are open all year-round.

Beantown Campground

Beantown Campground is one of Door County’s newest campgrounds and is located about one mile from Baileys Harbor. There are a total of 78 campsites in the area, 41 pull-throughs, and adequate RV parking spaces. Whether you are alone or you travel in groups, tents are available for everyone, including your dogs. The area is seated on lush green grass (level area) with amenities such as electricity, proper sewer, water, fire rings, and picnic tables.

Need some wood for your cooking or other camping activities? No worries, you can easily get these to purchase. However, should you have your dogs with you, they are required to be on a leash at all times for easy control. There are also nearby fun stops like shopping malls, restaurants, sandy beaches, hiking trails, golf pits, and fishing areas. You will have the experience of a lifetime here. The rates are quite affordable, and they are generally closed during the winter season.

Door County KOA

This amazing site sits on over 58 acres of lush green space, with up to 250 campsites available. Door County KOA offers you the experience of a lifetime in terms of attractive nature’s beauty as you enjoy the best in fishing, swimming, and hiking. You will have access to some of the region’s best dishes from the local restaurants and dining spots located in and around the campground.

There are countless amounts of activities you can engage in to include water slides, fishing, golfing, volleyball, and themed weekends to entertain the entire family. The cabins located on the ground are fully furnished, or you can choose to camp out in a tent. It is also safe to take your pets along just that they will have to be kept on a leash at all times.

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Egg Harbor Campground & RV Resort

Take your dogs to experience the time of their lives at Egg Harbor Campground & RV Resort that includes 162 wooded campsites and over 40 full-hookup sites. There are countless activities to engage in, such as video game rooms and playgrounds.

You can also make the best of the facilities that include hot pools, hot showers, laundry facilities, and much more. Taking your dog along should ensure they are kept on a leash for their safety and others. The average rate for access to the camping facilities range between $42-$95 daily and are generally closed for the winter season.

Fish Creek Campground & RV  

Fish Creek Campground & RV is an amazing spot to enjoy your vacation with the family and your pets. It is an interesting location just roughly one mile away from Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI. As of 2020, the site had undergone some major renovation so that you will have access to increased amenities and features. You can enjoy the campsite with fun activities that include a game of basketball, games room, shuffleboard, playgrounds, fishing areas, and much more.

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There are also added amenities to include picnic tables and fire rings. Your dogs are also very much welcomed to enjoy the features and fun of the site but should have a leash for easy control whenever you are outdoors.

There is so much you can enjoy when in Door County, and these campsites will help you create a moment of a lifetime with your furry friends. In addition to your family having a great time, these sites also provide the opportunity for your dogs to explore and be free with nature.   

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