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The smell of the water as you are being gently rocked on the waves. Closing your eyes and tilting your face up to the sun, feeling its warmth on your face. Being able to enjoy the perfection of nature’s imperfections as you get a fresh perspective from the water. These are all a few reasons I love to kayak and was delighted to test out the latest tour featured by Door County Kayak Tours sister company: Cave Point Paddle and Peddle.

Door County Kayak Tours isn’t new to us, but this company was. We were beyond impressed with all the preparation we went through before stepping into a boat! Besides signing the normal forms, we were fitted for life jackets and then watched a safety video. That detailed video covered things to expect like getting in and out of a kayak, how to hold the paddle, and the best way to stroke the water for each opportunity. We have NEVER seen a video before getting on the water any other time kayaking.

my feet in a kayak

We were on the Cave Point / Whitefish Dunes 1/2 Day Kayak Tour and thought we might have bit off more than we could chew as Miss Sarah was a newbie to kayaking. It is described as a “1/2 Day Guided Tour with Kayak, Dunes Hike, Charcuterie Picnic, and Narrative“. We kayaked for about an hour along the shores of Lake Michigan to learn about the beautiful features of Cave Point County Park.

We stopped to hike for about 1/2 mile in the park, over terrain that you needed to keep an eye on. This is not a flip-flop type of tour – you need real shoes. The trees being on top of all the rock formations means a lot of shallow roots to step around.

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The simple picnic wasn’t designed to fill everyone up, but to recharge our energy for the hike back to the boats and return kayak trip. It was full of local delights like dried cherries, chocolate-covered cherries, fresh blueberries, cheese, sausage, and crackers. We had packed sandwiches that we pre-made because I have two people in my family that would have dominated the spread that was meant to be shared.

On the way back were more photo opportunities and even a cliff diving chance. We opted to not jump but enjoyed watching the others try it. We just didn’t want to be coming back soaking wet. I shared a kayak with Miss Sarah and the hubster had his own. Next time? The little miss goes with Daddy! Her arms were tired and our kayak was way behind the group as I was paddling for two people.

Field of Flowers North Farm
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We went a little faster when I got her to stop putting her hands and feet in water to cool off. (sigh) Bottom line: the half-day tour of Cave Point Paddle and Peddle is challenging. It makes you feel amazing when you realize you accomplished both that hike and a few hours of paddling, all while taking in the beautiful works of nature around you. Why hit the gym when the weather is beautiful? Get outside, into nature, to get your sweat on. If you find yourself in Door County? Try Cave Point Paddle and Peddle – you will have a great time!

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