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As the name suggests, you will know the wildness involved in their food preparation to satisfy your eager tastebuds yearning for great taste. Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza & Grille is a local restaurant in Door County that is committed to serving the entire world a bite at a time. Wild Tomato Sister Bay and Wild Tomato Fish Creek are both there to treat you.

Satisfy Your Tastebuds With The Best From Wild Tomato

The Mission of Wild Tomato

Wild Tomato was born from a concept where the need to provide delicious meals prepared from local, quality grown foods was the request. They are on a mission to serve not only locals but those from ‘outside’ who need to enjoy something different from what they are used to. Making a difference in the world in terms of positive influence is the goal, and through food, they are taking it a step at a time. From the purchase down to the preparation and serving of their food, the team is committed to using only the highest quality while incorporating nothing short of natural ingredients down to the last bite. Providing an affordable dining experience with a combination of high-quality service is what Wild Tomato Wood Fired Pizza & Grille is founded on.

In addition to being one of the best wood-fired pizza producers in the area, they don’t desire to share their success indoors only but extended to the wider Door County regions. They are among the best in the preparation of salads, burgers, and sandwiches on the entire Peninsula. This amazing restaurant has captured the essence of taking from the community to building it in the long run. Meaning? All their products and ingredients are sourced from local growers and producers, and as such, giving back ensures everyone can enjoy the delicacies they love the most. Practically their entire menu is made from scratch, and thought and passion are put into every preparation.

Wild Tomato Fish Creekd and Wild Tomato Sister Bay has garnered a lot of interest over the years, which has led it to accumulate a lot of awards and accolades for their pride in serving the community, nothing short of mouth-watering goodness. Supporting the local community sees the restaurant sourcing its meats and other produce from Steep Creek Farm, Peninsula Pork, Wildwood Farms, Waseda Farms, and Spring Creek Garden. They only occasionally source “non-local produce” like mushrooms from foragers. For locals, they will tell you the establishment is not all about profit as most of it is usually given back to the local community in the form of charity and sponsorships.

Initial Start

Wild Tomato Sister Bay Wood Fired Pizza & Grille is a family-owned business that started back in 2008. However, there is more history to the establishment than it is a great food spot. Britton Unkefer purchased this property in 2008, but before giving it its current name, it once held the position of a landmark spot in Fish Creek under the name Digger’s. Unkefer was familiar with the popular restaurant from his younger years and wanted to carry on the rich tradition the people were used to – great food. Though he was living in Washington Island at the time, he always had the dream of returning to Door County and raising his family there…thus making the ultimate move. However, he didn’t just opt and came back home but ensured he mastered the skills of food preparation on his travels around the world.

Unkefer by profession is an executive chef but also a father, coach, and community man. Leading up to his years of owning Wild Tomato, he traveled around the world. He served in many popular restaurants and hotels around the country to include Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River River, Oregon, Christies in Appleton (Chef de Cuisine). He also opened a restaurant where he served as Executive Chef (Horse Bay Golf Club). After serving as chef across different restaurants and more, he traveled across the world to further his skills and talent.

After attaining his various certificates and accolades, he traveled back home, where he decided to start this mission and journey for quality, hope, and life.

Why Stop at Wild Tomato

Door County is popular when it comes to providing great hospitality, and Wild Tomato knows the value of this. Dining at Wild Tomato will allow you to come in contact with amazing and friendly staff who are destined to create a warm atmosphere with mouth-watering goodness. They serve you in a great outdoor setting with the cool Door County breeze dazzling across your face as you bond with friends and family.

You will enjoy your favorite from sandwiches to signature pizzas and so much more as they create every delicacy from scratch. There is a lot more than just buying and eating pizza but recognizing the traditional style in creating them – on wood! You will be drooling for more down to the last bite as you are supporting your local families in growing and developing your community.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, there may be changes to the dine-in policy, so speaking with a representative will give you the necessary information you need.

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