Why Bronze Pioneer Courage Park of Omaha?

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When it comes to art and nature, no limit on the incredible beauty and talent exists in the world. We have seen a lot of locations that boast historical artifacts that entice us each time we visit. We know for sure, whenever you visit a site like this, it leaves you feeling relaxed with a sense of inner peace and serenity. But, what was the last place you visited with such a description? Well, whichever you went to, we can tell you there is none like the Bronze Pioneer Courage Park. This park is also known as the Pioneer Courage Sculpture Park because it has several different sculptures that depict the life America has been through to be where it is today. The statutes at the park tell different stories that you can clearly understand by just looking. But where is this amazing park located?

Check Out Bronze Pioneer Courage Park of Omaha

Check Out Bronze Pioneer Courage Park of Omaha

Home of True Art

The Bronze Pioneer Courage Park sits at the forefront of Omaha’s business district and is an epitome of peace. Nebraska is known for its many features, but this is a standout that attracts thousands of visitors yearly. The builders and shapers of the city have been given the honor they deserve for showcasing their strength and bravery in building the land we see today. You can interact with the sculpture, and of course, it allows you to feel at home. This Nebraskan park is the largest in the United States to house bronze and stainless artwork of steel and one of the three largest in the world.

Traversing the downtown regions of Omaha will leave you showing lots of respect not only to the art but also the story behind it. Just imagine the tale of determined families having to push their laden wagons uphill all in the hope of a brighter future. As you walk by and touch the bronze figures, you will feel and understand the pains they must have undergone. Having to venture into the unknown was hard enough, as they never knew what lies ahead of them. You will also get a chance to admire the detailed layers of plants and trees that line the rocky route the statues are on. It is a breath of fresh air to see lush green features amidst the towering skyscrapers of the city. Don’t think you will get the real depiction of what the story is telling? Then at nightfall, walk by as the light shine valiantly across the bronze sculptures and creating a mesmerizing beauty like no other you have seen.

Who Made The Statues

The statutes were made by professionals who had a passion for sculpting because the finished products are so defined. But who are these sculptures? They are Blair Buswell of Highland, Utah, and Ed Fraughton of South Jordan, Utah. The vision was to have the history of Omaha live on through the visualization of what life was like and how they got by. Their works depict four families. The rough times had pioneer families traveling in search of a better experience while still keeping a strong focus on the wellbeing of their families. The images showcase wagons, carriage animals, and family members with their belongings stashed atop their carts as they traveled to the unknown. The wagons are designed at an average height of 12 feet and 40 feet long with their oxen, mules, or horses in place.

The figures (people) range between three to seven and a half feet (kids and adults). The Wagon Master display was done by Buswell and stood approximately 11 feet tall and averages about 2,000 pounds. Fraughton’s sculptures depict a hunter group that had the determination to feed their family and supply nourishment through the provision of meat. The statues were erected between 2003 to 2009 and had since been attracting locals and foreigners to its site.

Reasons To Visit The Park

With such a rich history coming to life, you may wonder what the other benefits of visiting than to read the story in 3D are. But when you visit, you get a chance to:

* Appreciate Art

These sculptures were never made in a day but took years to be what they are now. You get to understand that art is a passion and a thing that influences positively.

* Relax

The park is in close range to the business district of Omaha and what better way to relax and unwind than in a location that creates a serene and relaxed feeling. Sit back or take a walk and clear your mind as the fresh breeze dash across your face.

* It’s a free “staycation”

You don’t have to pay to enjoy the attributes of the park only to preserve it in every way possible. It is the perfect place to chill with friends and family when you are off work.

* It makes for great photo ops

It is fun to pretend to interaction with a bronze Pioneer. I made it look like I was helping to push the wagon wheel out of a deep and muddy rut.

The park is not short of historical facts and is a real vision of strength and stability. It will undoubtedly be worth the visit the next time you are in and around the Omaha region. 

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