The Top Must-Visit Places for Shakespeare Fans

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The Top Must-Visit Places for Shakespeare Fans? Literature would never have been the same unless the works and life of the famous William Shakespeare had a say in it. I’m sure you have heard about the body of Shakespeare’s art that had restructured the face of acting and writing. Through the touch and influence of Shakespeare, who sought something different from the ordinary, we are still blessed to this day.

The Top Must-Visit Places for Shakespeare Fans

We can boldly say his works have made a significant impact on the way the generation after him and up to this day do their part in contributing to the growth of literature. Academics, aspiring writers, and readers alike have noted their satisfaction on what he has done and is striving each day to keep this rich legacy alive.

So, with this fantastic figure and the views the world has on him, your next travel itinerary must include a few of the locations this great man has passed through. We have millions of Shakespeare fans across the globe, and this is a concept of travel that isn’t often thought of. But what makes the perfect place for one of his fans to visit? Of course, where he lived, where he visited, and the setting where some of his works have been shown. Yearly activities occur surrounding the life of this icon, and tourists from all over have made it a point of interest to at least make a stop. With this, we have compiled a list of some of the must-visit as faithful Shakespeare fans.

The Top Must-Visit Places for Shakespeare Fans

His Hometown – Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

To date, the house in which Shakespeare grew up is still standing in all its beauty. If you can only manage to visit one of the locations: make sure this one is a priority! This is where his life literally began as he was born and raised in this area. Also, the home was where he spent the first five years of his marriage with his darling, Anne Hathaway. It is said on a visit to his house, you will find actors performing some of his most famous signature pieces. Also, the school the Playwriter attended from 1571 to 1578; King Edward VI School is still in operation to this date. A tour is a must as the very classroom he was in is very much still intact.

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Globe Theatre – London, England

As a Shakespeare fan, don’t just visit London because it was a part of your vacation plans but break barriers to getting more from your visit than you initially planned. One of the must-stop venues is the Globe Theatre, where his plays were performed during his acting lifetime. The real theatre, however, was torn down after its closure in 1642, but a replica was built just about 750 feet from the original spot. The Globe Theatre still hosts the Playwriter’s acts as well as provide an education session for those who want to learn more about the writer.

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Helsingør, Denmark

Though many have the ideology that the writer never visited this location, the setting for one of his most famous production, Hamlet, was done in the Kronborg Castle, situated in the same town. So, how possible is that? Hamlet, Claudius, and the rest of the cast lived in this castle during the play and are still significant to the region and Shakespeare lovers to this day. Denmark was one of the many locations the icon did his productions about, and on any given day, you can visit the castle for a grand tour and bask in

the beauty and rich history it presents. Also, for your next summer trip to Denmark, make it a must to attend the Shakespeare-themed festival, which is held in and around Kronborg Castle.

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Shakespeare Cliff – Dover, England

For all the King Lear fans, your visit to Dover, England, will never be complete until you get to see the beauty of Shakespeare Cliff in live and living colors. The inspiration for many of the plays came to the writer from this location. It is also famous for the scene that involved the fooling of Earl of Gloucester into thinking he had survived a massive jump from that same cliff. It is perfect for taking a nature stroll, and through the description given by Shakespeare in the play, it is almost the exact replica in reality. The peaceful and serene feeling will create a memorable experience for you.

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French Ardennes, France

Love is in the air when you think of this location as it was used as the setting for the writer’s love comedy, As You Like It. Shot in the forest setting within the Forest of Arden, it has a more profound connection as it has a trace of roots from France, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany. As a true Shakespeare fan, this location is perfect for basking in the refreshing breath that nature has to offer. Also, you are in for a double-take down the road of history as this same forest played an integral role during World War II. They say the wood was used as a base for the Battle of the Bulge, which I think is so cool!

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Verona, Italy

Of all the places that a true Shakespeare fan would visit, Verona in Italy may be an indefinite standout…why? The most intriguing of his plays, Romeo and Juliet, saw the romantic tragedy played out here. Think you are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to relive the moment the whole scene unfolded?

Then a tour of the balcony of Juliet should be included. A legendary moment in a legendary location! The terrace boasts a bronze statue of Juliet, which is touted to bring the luck of love to those who touch it. On a yearly basis, thousands of love letters have been left at the feet of the beauty. (By those too weak in heart for this thing called love). Make it a date while on your vacation or if you are living in the area and can’t get enough? The doors are always open.

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