Being Inspired with Colin and Jessica Duggan of Kitchen Table

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We have all heard the phrase ” A home away from home.” For Colin and Jessica Duggan, their kitchen represents this statement to both the extreme and in reality. Dining at Kitchen Table, a restaurant owned by the couple spells everything local, as it relates to their food. They have a connection and relationship with the local growers and producers of the area who supplies them all year round with different kinds of naturally grown herbs, plants, and meats. When the duo started their restaurant, they had the ambition that it would indeed grow, but to the level it is now, they still look at it as a surprise every day.

Being Inspired by Colin and Jessica Duggan

They have been quoted as wanting to embrace the trend of incorporating local and organic products into their meals and in a casual-style setting. Serving from their meals to those craved by visitors, the Duggans have pressed on a journey to satisfy the taste buds of hungry food lovers wanting something different or the usual but with a twist. Their menu mainly comprises of style based on what is in season, as well as what local farmers have on hand.

Who Are The Duggans And where Did Their Story Begin?

Colin and Jessica first met quite a few years back when Colin had returned from working in Boston and needed to start anew in his hometown of Omaha. After joining forces, they left for San Francisco, but they couldn’t stay away from Omaha as it called them back to make a difference. They noted they were exploring the use of local food, and the importance was great and also one of the driving forces that got them to come back. On June 04, 2013, the mission began, and the Kitchen Table restaurant was born.

They admitted working together was the idea behind building Kitchen Table as in their previous jobs, they hardly got to see each other. This they could use as a platform in doing what they love while cementing their love and friendship at the same time. Let’s face it; not everyone can do that and have their relationship survive. It takes a very special pair to make that kind of magic happen.

kitchen table wall sign

Farm-To-Table Menu And Taste

Their “Kitchen Table” is what it means in a literal sense as the food preparation is done in the center of the restaurant. Customers can sit by the bar, order their meals, watch it being prepared and eat all without leaving where they are seated. This concept was the central idea the Duggans had as they wanted everyone to have the experience as though they were the ones creating their meals in their own kitchen. With the inception of local farmers coming on board, the Duggans have modernized the farm-to-table style dining and, of course, their customers love every bit of it. But what makes the Duggans’ kitchen so famous and sought-after? It’s in the taste and flavor that comes with every plate.

Being natives of Omaha, the Duggans noted the importance of having local produce as it is what makes the difference. Being close to home (literally!), they can always call friends and family to bring in an item they may have missed from the farmer’s market instead of eliminating it from the menu for the day. It is a story worth sharing as the inspiration behind the journey sees the restaurant being a relationship builder and one which connects a bond between visitors and locals.

kitchen table flowers

They have such a great relationship with their growers that they have an idea what fresh items to expect and when to expect them. Growing conditions are explained to them and how flavors might be enhanced on something as simple as radishes before and after a frost.

Big Muddy Farms supplied the main ingredients for our meal, and here is what the Kitchen Table did with it all. Be prepared to be amazed…

We started with their legendary bacon popcorn. Freshly popped, and just look at the coarsely chopped warm bacon and candied nut mixture that tops it.

I’m still licking my fingers from this awesomeness! Sweet potato and sage soup followed that, and look at the incredible, lightly grilled sourdough bread that came with it. Ah-ma-zing.

sweet potato soup from kitchen table in omaha

One thing I would have never ordered but found incredible? The roasted radish salad. These weren’t the small red radishes we are used to and were sweeter when roasted, and the dukkah spice was added to enhance the flavor. These were the same kind of beets our group harvested just earlier that morning.

roasted radish salad from kitchen table restaurant in ohama

Using the farm fresh eggs from Big Muddy Farm, a bacon carbonara was created with real egg noodles. I can’t even begin to describe the multiple layers of flavor we were treated to with the culinary masterpiece…

bacon carbonara from kitchen table restaurant in ohama

While the pasta was hard to top – apples with brown butter made the cut. The simplicity of this dish made it the perfect ending to the incredible meal we enjoyed. I think brown butter is my favorite new phrase.

apples in brown butter

The Kitchen Table restaurant is very farmhouse sheik, wide open, and inviting. Mason jars are used from everything as a vase to bring your water. You honestly are made to feel comfortable and at home, eating something that mother would have made.

For sure, the next time you visit Omaha, you need to get that home-away-from-home experience provided by Colin and Jessica Duggan. They know what you want and desire to taste: and they are ready to serve you up a storm of fresh and enticing flavors.

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