What is so Great About Farm-to-Table Restaurants?

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What is so Great About Farm-to-Table Restaurants? Recently, we have seen a push in the food industry for the availability of more locally-grown produce. The incorporation of these products in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and homes is a way of growing a local economy, besides improving the lives of the farmers involved. Consumers usually benefit the most as the prices are generally on the lower end. The simple fact is the importation cost isn’t factored into the equation; thus, causing the purchasing process to be much easier and more cost-effective. Also, not posting a negative light on imported produce, but it is easier to find out the locally used chemicals which are most times added to farm products if they are used at all by the places you choose to frequent. This will enable you to do more effective research on what you are consuming.

Noli Pizza Farm-to-fork restaurant

What is so Great About Farm-to-Table Restaurants

What Does Farm-To-Table Mean?

As the phrase suggests, farm-to-table restaurants are basically “self-explanatory” in the general sense. Grown on the farm and presented to the table means it does not go through the rigorous phase of machine-processing or being chemically induced. Take, for example, picking an orange from the tree on your farm. The only thing that happens is that it is peeled and presented, ready for consumption. That makes for a clear way of knowing where your meal comes from and that it’s naturally grown. For a farm-to-table setting, as the crop is reaped, it is brought directly to the restaurant without passing through any third party, like a supermarket. Some people like to also refer to this as farm-to-fork.

noli pizza farm-to-fork food

Why choose Farm-to-table Option?

Research has been conducted numerous times to determine why it is essential for everyone to choose this option. When asked what the importance is, studies have noted a few findings to include:
Freshness – Not many people understand that some foods, when consumed directly after reaping, provide more nutritional benefits than when stored in different kinds of temperatures. For instance, several fruits and vegetables lose their natural antioxidant elements when not consumed immediately after picking. The longer it stays refrigerated, the less healthy it becomes and eventually has to be thrown out.

Natural – As crops are grown and reaped, they use only natural fertilizers to help boost their overall growth and maintenance. Thus, when used in a farm-to-table setting, it leaves less room for more chemicals to be added, such as preservatives, stabilizers, and others of that nature. The phase of going through machine processing is eliminated and is considered much safer for the consumer.

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Local Growth – As you indulge in a farm-to-table lifestyle, you are not only helping yourself health-wise but also those around you. Bear in mind, as the restaurants and other food outlets deal directly with the farmers, you can be guaranteed that your money goes back into helping your locals as well as grow and boost the overall economy. It is a form of sustainable growth mechanism that most countries have been adopting, and we seem to be just catching on.

Farm-to-table restaurants partner with local farmers to sell their produce to them with the assurance of not only earning but also gaining recognition for their labor. It is never easy to run a farm, and indeed, the benefits of having these options are more than welcomed by most farmers. What many people are not aware of is the fact that these restaurants have to make multiple changes to their menus throughout the year as the seasons for different produce arise. This alone may be one of the downsides to the business as meals mainly contain what farmers currently have during purchase periods.

noli pizza farm-to-table food

Aside from that, though, it is a great way to indulge in a myriad of different natural flavor foods while contributing to the environment. As you consume these locally-produced foods, you help to shape and develop the way farming is done in the local community. It builds a responsible lifestyle for farmers as it helps them to identify with the fact that others are depending on them for what is right and healthy.

The farm-to-table restaurant concept has been in operation for many years, but as time goes by, one can certainly attest to the fact that the business is growing. This as the world has become more health-conscious and mindful of what they consume to benefit themselves in the long-term. Though it has its ups and downs, the food industry is on a drive to keep building the legacy of what local farmers have provided them. This is really the farm-to-table movement starting to take a strong hold in our country!

noli pizza farm-to-fork food

One great example of this farm-to-fork concept is Noli’s Pizzeria of Omaha. From their homemade Kambucha to their tomato pies that use a specialized reverse osmosis water distilling process to make an amazingly light and airy crust, everything in their eatery is a treat for the senses. Their Hybrid Service concept makes you feel at home.

Every where you look, it is easy to understand their “zero waste” concept. The walls are partially exposed layers of wallpaper through out the years, down to the original brick. The tables are re-purposed bowling alley lanes. Even their “plastic” forks are made from corn and are bio-degradable.

noli pizza farm-to-table food

Factor all of that in and add the fact that they work with local farmers to source their food? You can’t help but be impressed when that slice of tomato pie passes over your lips to delight your taste buds. If you get a salad to share with a friend? You have to try the Momo’s Poppyseed dressing – it totally rocks out the layers of flavor in the mixed greens salad that has killer croutons.

Noli pizza

I know, you are drooling! That is a simple Margherita pie but I also tried the Fungo…which had local oyster mushrooms, buerre blanc sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella, and caramelized onions.  The next time I go? I have to try the DiManzo which sports filet mignon, a gorgonzola sauce, portabello, mozz, caramelized onions, garlic oils, balsamic glaze, and fresh basil. I can’t even imagine that combination of flavors in my head!

noli pizza farm-to-fork pizza

Fear not, there are plenty of pasta dishes: a perfect date night would be sharing a salad and then a plate of Bolognese over fresh penne pasta with some garlic knots.

Try it for yourself

Don’t take my word for it – get your fanny to Omaha and try Noli’s farm-to-corn-fork restaurant for yourself! Noli’s is a perfect example of an eco-friendly travel stop and also the farm-to-table movement. How could you go wrong?

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