Look Again at the Coco Key Omaha Water Park Hotel

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Get a little water on your back for the next vacation you plan with an overnight stay. Don’t know where to get the most exciting experience while creating an avenue for the entire family to have fun? Then, let us take you on a trip to the Coco Key Omaha Water Park and Hotel.

Coco Key Omaha Water Park Hotel

Throughout the years, this vacation spot has been creating memorable experiences for those who have graced its grounds. It has many features that interest and pull out the youthful soul of adventure within you. Located in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, the Coco Key Omaha indoor waterpark and hotel has been designed to suit the needs of every traveler…whether young or old. It is great for the whole family! 

Looking for a Good Omaha Water Park Hotel?

New Owners: New Vision
It is safe to say that there have been a few challenges with the hotel over the years. Under the leadership of new owners, the hotel and water park are on a mission to change what the past had to bring.

With a vision to create a space that Omaha can be proud of and be open to the world, the new owners have made a transformation. The fight to create a new face for the water park and hotel is the mission, and to date, those who have visited have noted their satisfaction with the great improvements.

The new owners pledge to bring transparency, trust, safety, and confidence to everyone who steps through the doors of the hotel. Taking over a place that had to take shipping pallets apart for the nails literally, the new management has focussed on renovations and upgrades.

Granted, as a Ramada property, this hotel is seen as more of a budget-friendly accommodation, but people still want value for their money. It is a work in progress for the new owners, and giving it their all to gain the trust of the world is the fight they are not willing to give up on!

sitting area at the Coco Key Omaha Water Park Hotel

The Coco Key Omaha Ramada hotel is currently being remodeled to add the features that everyone needs from an oasis. From a more comfortable lodging area to better quality in terms of food and structure, what you desire is what you will get. Priding in the needs of visitors will have the park become your next “home away from home.” I found a spacious guestroom with free wifi that was perfect even for young children.

downtown omaha hotel with waterslide sitting area

Upon entering the property, I was impressed with the very current and up-to-date decor. The hotel room I experienced was fresh, roomy, and well-stocked. My walk around the facility impressed me even more with charging stations, a full-sized floor chess model, comfy lounging areas, and more.

downtown omaha hotel with waterslide hotel room

Coco Key Omaha Amenities

Breakfast is included with the rooms and was above my expectations. Instead of a machine that poops out pancakes or the waffle iron that everyone lines up to use, there was a hot buffet of treats.

My biscuits were still flaky instead of that tough and dried-out version we are all used to being offered. Scrambled eggs with cheese done light and fluffy and sausages cooked to perfection. Honestly, I am not a breakfast snob, but it was nice to have REAL food instead of just a European-style offering.

breakfast at the Coco Key Omaha Water Park Hotel omaha hotel with indoor water park

Upon walking into the actual water park, I was delighted to not experience that standard eye-burning sensation from an over-chlorinated pool. It was a very comfortable environment that you could easily spend a lot of time in.

Non-stop Fun and Adventure at the Coco key Water Park

The water park offers a wide range of features to create the beautiful memories you are searching for with your kids. From water slides to adventure areas, the kiddie pool in the kids’ village, and adult-themed areas, your visit will never leave you asking why you came. Every member of the family has a water resort experience awaiting them. There are numerous fun locations which include:

An Aquatic Jungle

The Jungle is an interactive area for kids of all ages and adults alike who are “young at heart.” It boasts slides, water cannons, a zero-depth entry canal, and over 300 gallons of splashing fun drops.

The Parrot’s Perch is a kid-friendly play area that has a 150-foot water slide and a formation of three other fun slides. The slides vary as it has installed features that match user’s heights and age to maximize safety while not limiting the fun. Curve in fun with the bend and spin slides that the water park offers!

Coconut Grove Lazy River

Looking for a relaxing experience with the wind of nature dashing across your face while you sail along? Then the 300-foot lazy river is the ideal location. It is perfect for the “getaway couple” or those parents who desire some “alone time” from the kids.

Whether you want to go alone or with a friend, the adventure is limitless! Fond of surprises? Well good! Not so much? Then you may want to look out for our fun yet “scary” splashes along the cruise.

omaha hotel with indoor water park picture of kids area

Coral Reef Cavern

Wanna have some extra fun with your friends in a friendly water competition? Then this is the perfect spot! Boasting a three feet deep pool is ideal for splash dunks as well as a game of water volleyball.

Palm Grotto Spa

Let that hot water sink in your skin as you meditate on the best things that life has to offer. Relax in our indoor spa, which consists of a swim-through passage and is designed for adults 16 years of age and older. Do you want to enjoy this feature on the outside? No problem!

Coco Keys Omaha Water Park Passes prices

You pay by height here – the magic number is 48 inches. If you are under 48 inches the tickets are $10 (under 2 years of age is free) and if you are over 48 inches, you are twice the price at $20 for the day and you can come and go as you wish.

Cabanas are extra, and annual memberships are available that offer unlimited visits. $400 gets a family of 4 visits for a year – so it would pay off if you visited at least five times a year.

Once the weather permits…it’s all up to you to do what makes you more comfortable.

omaha hotel with indoor water park spa area for parents

Going to the Coco Key Omaha in person would be ideal in creating that one-on-one experience with nature…and water! Don’t want to leave on the same day? Not a problem either. The hotel with state-of-the-art furniture and luxury decor often has package deals to tickle your fancy and budget.

Being located so close to some of the best activities that Omaha has to offer, the location is a great place for visitors! Take the entire family as there is a budget suited for everyone. It’s the prime location for family fun, and reliving the thoughts of your visit will have you coming back for more fun and endless adventures.

The Coco Key Omaha hotel professional staff really makes you feel welcome – both at the rooms and in the indoor water park.

lobby at Ramada water park hotel

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