Let Your Inner Child Play at the Omaha Children’s Museum

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Let Your Inner Child Play at the Omaha Children’s Museum? Most times, when the term museum is brought into play, we consider age-old artifacts and history of who or what is in the past. It is a great place to expand your knowledge of facts that may be of interest to you or that which will help you in the long run. Either way, museums are fun places to be, and what you make of the experience is all up to you. There are millions of museums all across the globe, but the unique thing about them is that not all offer the same details and materials. As you travel around the world, planning a trip to visit a museum is worthwhile as you get to create some fun and meaningful memories. That being said, we looked for fun museums in Omaha when we knew a visit was on the books!

children's museum cover

With your next visit to Omaha, you should leave feeling fresh that you have achieved something great while feeling young at heart once again. Your trip must include a visit to the Omaha Children’s museum, where the experience is bound to be an amazing one. However, do not let the name trick you in that it is only for kids, but what they offer suits the life of every individual on this earth. We all know within that this little child is waiting to burst open and make use of the things that once made us happy. Well, this fantastic museum will grant you this heart-desiring wish.

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Let Your Inner Child Play at the Omaha Children’s Museum

Life of the Museum
With a rich history spanning over 40 years, the Omaha Children’s Museum has been creating the perfect image as it relates to learning while having fun in an exciting environment. Feel the blood rush (in a good way!) as you take a look around you and see the features that will trigger you to create memories not only with the kids but with the rest of the family and with friends. Seated on over 45,000 square feet of exhibit land space, you can gain access to features including but not limited to:

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The Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center
In a world where technology is on the rise daily, what better place to be than where it all unfolds and prepares you for every stage of its development. Just as much as you will be fascinated with the features of this center, so will the kids also who get to watch and be apart of a system that involves a massive ball machine with hydraulic and mechanical power. Kids love machinery, and with a safe environment like this, it will allow them to explore and be themselves fully.

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The center also provides the opportunity for kids to wander deep into science and all its phenomena while getting to experience hands-on activities to keep them occupied. For sure, there is nothing here that will bore them! The designs are child-friendly, and while they explore, they are learning the basics of what science and technology are. Hey, we know even as an adult you want to jump on with the game…no problem. Let the child or the youth in you be free!

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The Art Smart Center
As the name suggests, it has everything to do with art. This center allows creative minds to be displayed at its best through the Sketch Town, Center Stage, Face Painting Station, and much more.

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Getting Real
Hands down, this is my favorite part of the Omaha Children’s Museum. Aside from the “ready-made” scenes, there is also a center that allows the mind to become a reality. The Tinker Lab, which boasts real tools, allows the kids to bring to life whatever they are thinking, and as an adult, you too get to be a part of this dream. Down to what is probably the safest scroll saw on the planet, The Tinker Lab tools are safe and effective. There is no pattern or set project idea here – but lots of great tools and supplies to work with. LIttle hands can explore while they are participating in building technology. Inspire yourself as well as your kids with this station which is also a part of the Art Smart Center. Seriously, this is an all ages area and no two visits will be the same.

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Children’s Science Museum Summer Camp

Are you thinking of having the kids go through a fun and interactive mind-building summer? Then the summer camps are the ideal choice to choose. They have different packages to suit the needs of all kids and budget, as well. You can rest assured that the center is safe and what your kids will be a part of is educational and meaningful. The fun never stops, and the enthusiasm on their faces is the pride that Omaha Children’s Museum caters to. They have more than enough areas to choose from to also include the Zooland, which is a mini theatre that hosts large-sized fiberglass animals with mini kids seating and children-friendly video showings.

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There is no doubt the overall experience garnered from a day’s trip to this fantastic museum will sit on the hearts for years to come. The memories stay vibrant in the mind, and the whole idea of having fun while you learn is what life should really be about.

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