The Secret To Finding Good Flight Deals

the secret to finding deals on flights

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If you are planning a vacation or trip of some sort soon and you plan to be flying, I’ll bet you will want to find the best deal that you possibly can! I know I certainly do when I travel. Let’s face the reality that flying places can get to be really expensive, especially if you have multiple people that will be going on your trip. I have flown a decent amount and I would like to say that I am pretty good at finding great deals! Today I am going to be sharing with you a few tips and tricks that I personally use to save on my flights! Here is the secret to finding good flight deals.
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The Secret To Finding Good Flight Deals

Book Ahead of Time:
The earlier that you book your flight, the cheaper it is going to be! This is because of course of supply and demand. If there is a whole lot of supply then chances are it is going to cost less because there are more spaces to spare, but if you wait until the last minute there may only be a few spots left on that flight resulting in your ticket costing more because there are more people wanting that spot!

Use Skyscanner:

Skyscanner is an app that you can find on both the iTunes App store and Google Play for free. This app compares flights and prices so that you can find the best deal around. I know I personally like to use Skyscanner every time I book a flight because there may be a very similar flight that could cost a significant amount less, which is exactly what we are looking for!
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Book with a Layover:

If you are willing, try to book your flight with a layover in between. If you include a layover, your flight will be much cheaper because it is less convenient and demanding on the airline. If you need to do a direct flight, it is more pressing on the airline because they have to worry about rushing to get that one flight done versus being able to take a break and have a layover in between. So if you have the time and patience for a layover, it is worth it to save the money for flight deals.

use skyscanner to save on flights

Look for Flight Discounts:

A lot of times you are able to find discounts online or a lot of times you can even get discounts from other groups that you already associated with. Some Credit Card programs offer frequent flyer miles and allow you to save on future flights!

I think everyone likes to save money whether that be saving just a few dollars or saving hundreds of dollars, every penny is worth it! So just take a little extra time to really investigate and find the flight that best fits your needs as well as your budget!

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