How to Save Money on Travel with Costco

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We all like to escape now and then, and when you know How to Save Money on Travel? It makes that vacation even more exciting! If you have a Costco membership, then you have likely seen advertisements throughout the store for different travel opportunities through Costco travel. Whether you need to find discounts on a trip to Disney or even Hawaii, there are tons of Costco travel options that could save you a huge chunk of change! Here is how to save money with Costco travel.

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco

Now before I get too far into talking about all the great discounts and offers that Costco travel has, let’s talk about membership! It pays to be a Costco Executive Member: Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward on qualifying purchases at Costco,, and Costco Travel. Plus, additional benefits are available on our suite of Costco Services. That 2% adds up quickly if you add your travel purchases in with your normal in-store shopping. A $5,000 annual expense gets you $100 with that refund, not to mention all the other services you are entitles to then.

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco costco hotel

Costco Hotel Discounts

Costco has partnerships with several different hotels that offer them deals and packages that you won’t find anywhere else! Before you book directly through Costco, make sure to check the website directly first. Sometimes Costco won’t always have the lowest price. However, more than once, we have found huge savings by booking through Costco travel instead of the website.

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco rental car program

Costco Rental Car Benefits

Rental cars are typically going to be cheaper elsewhere UNLESS you need to have another authorized driver in the car! Costco will sometimes have cheaper rates, so do some comparison shopping before you book, but where they excel is the additional offers they give to those renting a car. Sometimes you can score deals such as no cost for an additional driver and more.

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco theme parks

Theme Parks

Looking for a Costco Disney Vacation? Out of all the offers that Costco travel has on their site, this is going to be the best savings out of all the other deals. About 90% of the time, Costco travel has cheaper rates than competitor sites and even savings and discount sites. They have packages and bundles that you can use for places like Universal Studios and even Disney World. These are great options if you are looking for discount packages on your next trip.

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco cruise deals

Costco Cruise Deals

Costco travel cruises can sometimes be a hit or miss. Since cruise lines usually have promotions for kids sale free or upgraded dining with a special room, you won’t always get these if you book a cruise through Costco. If you are looking to travel during a period of time where you won’t find these deals, then you may be better off booking through Costco instead. Again, check with the cruise line websites and discount sites before booking.

Costco Vacation Package Deals

Out of all the other offers, including the theme parks, this is going to be one of the best for those NOT looking for a theme park offer. Looking for Costco Hawaii vacatioin packages? While Costco does offer great rates on theme park packages, they also have all-inclusive trips all around the world. Costco Vacations All Inclusive are great deals! If you are looking for a vacation where you pay once and you’re done, this might be a good option for you. They take care of most of the planning, and all you have to do is swipe your card! We’ve seen trips to Hawaii that included food and lodging, weekend getaways, and so many other offers! These go fast so if you find one you like, book it as soon as you can!

How to Save Money on Travel with Costco vacation package deals

Make sure you check out the Costco Cancellation Policy

This is something a lot of us didn’t think about until the Coronavirus has been throwing a wrench in travel plans. Should you need to change or cancel your reservation, or any information provided as part of the reservation, please call Costco Travel as soon as possible. Revisions, cancellations, and refund policies vary by airline, cruise line, hotel, and other suppliers. In all instances, no-shows are nonrefundable.


Cancellation of your cruise could result in a loss of deposit, full payment and/or administrative fees. Please see the cruise line’s specific terms and conditions for exact penalties. Cancellation of the Costco Travel flight(s) portion of your cruise is nonrefundable. The value on the canceled airline tickets may be used to rebook future air travel at a later date. Airline change fees will apply on a rebooked ticket. The rebooked ticket must be on the same airline and travel must be completed within one year of the date that the original ticket was issued. Other restrictions may apply. Please see the cruise line’s specific terms and conditions for flight(s) purchased via the cruise line.


Cancellation of your package will result in supplier fees, if applicable. Cancellation of the flight(s) portion of your package may be nonrefundable and nontransferable. In some cases, the value on the cancelled airline tickets may be used to re-book future air travel at a later date. Airline fees will apply on a re-booked ticket. The re-booked ticket must be on the same airline and travel must be completed within one year of the date that the original ticket was issued. Other restrictions may apply. Changes to the flight schedule may be allowed, subject to change fees and additional fare collection, as dictated by the airline. Some ticket rules do not allow changes. You may be required to cancel your existing airline reservation and re-book a new reservation at applicable fares.


Refund restrictions and policies for unused travel or vacation components vary by airline, by supplier, by season and according to promotional rules and are subject to applicable rules of each supplier. Trip protection premiums, airfare and some supplier fees are not refundable. Please inquire about refunds at the time of booking, and prior to any revisions or cancellation.

How to Save Money on Travel – Planning Ahead

Besides cancellation policies, you might want to think twice before turning down that trip insurance. People have had their trips cancelled on them, even though they were will willing to go.

If you are just renting a car or hotel for a few nights, Costco travel can still do wonders for your wallet! Keep these tips handy when booking your next trip as Costco travel might be the best option for you.

Phone Number for Costco Travel

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