Henry Doorly Zoo Animals and Aquarium are Mindblowing Fun

Henry Doorley Zoo and Aquarium cover

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Who said fun had to be limited when you go on vacation because it is cold in the Midwest? It seems that society says you should only visit a few places, and most of them are in Florida. Well, Omaha, Nebraska has come to change the face of what travel is like and the experiences you can garner from each trip. Gone are the days when you only visit select landmarks or the beach then go back home, wishing you could have done more. Henry Doorly Zoo Animals come to the rescue!

Henry Doorley Zoo and Aquarium cover

The clock says there are 24 hours in a day, but the inner you who wants to explore can decide to have an unlimited spinning of those hands as the fun never ends. As you plan your next trip, whether from another country or just a day staycation where you live, make a journey over to the Henry Doorly Zoo Animals and Aquarium for a new experience.

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Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is Mind-blowing Fun for Littles

Imagine taking a tour of the desert on a cold winter day, or maybe visiting a tropical jungle? The Zoo has the potential to unlock your sense of excitement! Seated on an estimated 160 acres of land, the Zoo consists of amazing animals, plants, and different culture-based habitats of specimens from all across the globe. Nested in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, the Henry Doorley Zoo and Aquarium has come a far way as it relates to creating an experience for not only the young but those young-at-heart too.

Henry Doorly Zoo Animals
Don’t you wish we could have creative names like this? I would be “Prolific Dannelle Gay” – ha!

Limitless Tours & Exposure
A trip to this beautiful Zoo will leave you wondering how you managed to miss all these amazing features that earth has to offer. From the animal habitats to the plant areas or even the different exhibits scattered across the grounds, you are in for a full house package. There are over twenty various exhibits you can tour and have the kids bond with nature in a fun-filled journey. Some of these exhibits include attributes such as the:

bobcat in Desset dome

Asian Highlands
This journey takes travelers through Asia while still in the Midwest. With features such as the grassland foothills of Northern India to the Himalayan Mountains, you get an immersive scope of the plant-land of the east. With over eight acres of traveling space, you will also encounter different species of animals to include the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Amur Tiger, Sloth Bears, Tufted Deer, and so much more. It also boasts a Foggy Forest, which is an engulfed valley of Canopy Trees, shrubs, and mist covering the ground area, giving it a real-life Asian experience. Huge Fan of the Asian or Indian lifestyle? Then the Yeti Camp may very well be a part of the tour!

inside the desert dome Henry Doorly Zoo Animals

Suzanne & Walter Scott African Grasslands
Spreading over 28 acres of land space, this African habitat has a taste of the wild, calm, and adventurous. Taking the kids here will make you their best friends forever! This African section is the largest of the Zoo’s projects and provides visitors with an extraordinary travel experience. From breathtaking formations of the grasslands to include acacia-like trees and open viewing areas, you are in for the best of an African experience right from Omaha.

Take a glimpse of exotic animals and plants to include elephants and much more as well as relax and enjoy the quiet and peaceful feeling it has to offer. The Cheetah Exhibit, the Safari Tent Camp, the Pelican Lake & Bridge are just among the many teasers to indeed stir the adventure soul within you. The African-themed area has undergone a lot of developments, and what you may have experienced four years ago is nothing compared to what it is now! It is a must-visit!

desert dome sign

Desert Dome
The Desert Dome is one of the best places to hit on a cold day. Ever had a desert experience? Well, no need to worry as this Zoo boasts over three themed fantastic and amazing zoo combining to make it the world’s largest indoor desert. It is known as the Desert Dome and currently sits on over 84,000 square feet of land space. Through the many developments over the years, it has become a significant landmark for Omaha, and millions of travelers grace the grounds every year. The desert features plants and animals from three major deserts across the world: Africa’s Namib Desert, United States’ Sonoran Desert and the Red Center of Australia.

desert ground owl

The themed-desert comprising of exotic and unique plants and animals is separated by Central Mountain, which is surrounded by palms, mesquite trees, grasses, herbs, the endangered Welwitshcia (only found in the Namibian deserts) as well as shrubs and succulents. What makes the Desert Dome all the more interesting is its decision to feature the Namib Desert, which is the oldest and most biologically-diverse desert in the world. Interesting right?

There is so much to see here that you should add this Zoo as part of your Omaha visit bucket list. The artifacts from the Red Center in Australia, as well as the Sonoran in the United States, are worth seeing.

aardvark in nocturnal adventures Henry Doorly Zoo Animals

Along with the many other exciting features of the Zoo, a visit to the Kingdoms of the Night, the largest nocturnal exhibit in the world, must be done. Situated beneath the Desert Dome, visitors get a first-hand experience of animals who rule the night in their true colors. It presents an epic “nighttime experience” with a vast area to cover while learning so much. I’ll just say that naked mole rats are so ugly that they are kind of cute. Add in the most giant bats that I have ever seen? Holy buckets! The area is separated into different exhibits to represent the various environments. Seated on over 3/4 acres of land, there is no limit to the amounts of fun and knowledge to gain.

learning center for kids

Learning stations with hands-on areas for kids?

The Henry Doorly Zoo has that too! Displays that talk about the history of harvesting ivory from elephants, down to the discover biodiversity section. There is so incredibly much to do – even on a cold day!

Ohama Zoo Prices

To top it all off…it doesn’t cost a fortune to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo Animals and Aquarium! There is a package to suit every pocket, and whether you are in for a day trip or leaving the kids over for the summer, the experience will be a great one. Meaningful, educational, and adventurous!

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Fear not pressed penny collectors – they have a machine in the gift shop!

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