Alabama Family Fun

Alabama Family Fun: A Travel Guide for People with Kids

Traveling with kids is SO Important!

Culture: The world is a very big place and you would be surprised at the various areas in the world. Simply experiencing new cultures and environment can be the most interesting thing. Whether that be the types of food that they eat, the weather of that area, or even their cultural traditions.

Experience: Simply the experience of traveling and experiencing new places is an amazing learning lesson and a great experience for your children. I mean how cool would it be to have that experience at such a young age? I believe that traveling the world while you are young is important because when those children grow up and get married with their own kids, they won’t have the time to have these experiences.Traveling Helps You Relate to

People: If you are traveling to a place where there is new languages or foods, this helps children relate to those people. You get to understand and see people from a new perspective. Learning new languages allows you to be able to communicate with so many more people throughout the world, which I find to be so important!

Traveling Shows You How The Other people in the World Lives: Various parts of the world have very different customs and traditions. Taking your children to see these types of things gives your children the opportunity to see how others live and how it is different than how they live. This shows them that some people are less fortunate than they are, and shows them how other children their age spend their day and how they get their education, and other things like this.

I think that traveling the world and seeing new sights and gaining new experiences is a great experience for anyone, but adding this on top of your children’s education just puts the whole thing over the edge. They are getting so much from their education experience and traveling is definitely something I would recommend if you are looking to have well balanced children.

That is why we created this series of travel books, one for each state. We wanted all the great features of each state, that are perfect for sharing with kids, to be highlighted.

  • We cover Fun facts about the state
  • Top Amusement Parks
  • 5 Fun Factory Tours
  • Must See Historic Landmarks
  • Whimsical Roadside Attractions
  • Quaint Small Towns
  • Interesting Museums
  • Scenic Locations
  • Must-Try Restaurants
  • The 10 Best Places to Take Kids
  • Best Places to Camp
  • The Top Festivals or Fairs to Hit.

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