How to Get to Rockaway Beach

How to Get to Rockaway Beach

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The best thing to do in a summer vacation is to visit one of the best beaches in New York – Rockaway Beach. Your summer in New York City would be incomplete without spending a few days on the beach that is famous for its food trucks, bars, and shops. In fact, it is one of the best beaches to go when you are craving some tacos. There is a reason why so many travel guides have listed Rockaway Beach as the #1 day trip from New York. Let’s talk about How to Get to Rockaway Beach.

How to Get to Rockaway Beach

How to Get to Rockaway Beach

Where is Rockaway Beach?

The Rockaway Beach is located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens and is easily one of the finest and most loved beach towns in this part of the world.

How do I get to Rockaway Beach?

There are many ways to get to there, but the most popular method is to take the A train, which will stop at Beach 67th street and Beach 90th street, among others. Traveling by train is very easy and is a lot of fun. One can also opt for the OvR Rockaway Beach Bus, which runs every weekend. The trip includes free pick-up and drops and free refreshments. You can also opt for the ferry system as tickets are very cheap, and you can get there for under $3.

Things to do on the beach

If you are looking for a great spot on the sand, you must get there as early as possible. Surfing is allowed on Beach 87th to Beach 91st, which means that these beaches are perfect for you in you are not much into swimming. Since swimming is not permitted at any of the surfing beaches, we recommend that that you sit near the surfing beaches and take a stroll along the waters whenever you feel like taking a break from the sun. And remember never be too close to the surf as your things may get swept away whenever the tide rises.

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If you are coming here by the A Train, then you can get down at 67th Beach, which is a much quieter beach. The beach-side concessions are very slim, so it makes sense to hit the Stop & Shop located right outside the subway. The store is pretty large and has a decent collection of snacks and Bloody Mary mixes.

Is Rockaway Beach free?

The Rockaway Beach is not only free; it is relatively close and accessible by subway. You can have a lot of fun at the beaches and do pack in lots of food so that you can BBQ in one of the pits. Bottled water is very costly here, so do bring one water bottle which you can refill for free.

Is Rockaway Beach safe?

The neighborhood and surroundings of the beach are very safe. In fact, the vicinity of Beach 124 street is upmarket in nature and has got an unofficial ‘exclusive’ tag. The ride on the A Train in the evening is not at all scary as many people make a claim it to be, but it does take a long time to get out to the Rockaways.

Is Rockaway Beach open?

The beach are open from Memorial Day weekend to the 2nd week of September. During the beach season, the lifeguards are on duty on a daily basis from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. Swimming is strictly prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty and on those beaches where surfing is allowed. The closed sections or beaches are marked with red flags or signs.

How to Get to Rockaway Beach

How far is Cannon Beach from Rockaway?

The actual distance of Cannon Beach from Rockaway is 19.26 miles, but by car, it comes to 26 miles when it follows the US – 101 route. The Rockaway Beach and the Cannon Beach are around 35 minutes apart from each other if one is driving from beach to another, non-stop.

Places To Stay Nearby

Tips: It is always a good idea to look up on websites like Yelp! To find out some insider tips and tricks. They all have good things to say about Rockaway, including many who have termed Rockaway as pretty, well constructed, and easily accessible.

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