20 Essentials for Your Day at the Beach You Need

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20 Essentials for Your Day at the Beach You Need? One of the best parts of summer is heading to a sandy waterline somewhere and enjoying warm sunny days while playing on the water with family and friends. Whether you have plans for a beach trip, a day at the river, or even a day of swimming at the pool, here are a few items that will make your summer water plans even more enjoyable.

20 Essentials for Your Day at the Beach You Need

20 Essentials for your Day at the Beach

Skin Care and Sun Protection

Keeping yours and your family’s skin protected while outdoors is a must! There are a few of these that are obvious necessities and others that you may not have considered.

Sunscreen: Make sure to get a good high quality sunscreen with high SPF protection. Getting sunburned is the quickest way to ruin a good time at the beach.

After Sun Care: Aloe Vera is the go to option for after sun care but you should also check out other products to re-moisturize your skin after a day outdoors.

Anti-Chaffing Balm: This is one that isn’t frequently considered but comes in so handy! Little children (and adults) who spend a day running around in sand and salt water often suffer chaffing from their suits or skin rubbing together. Anti-chaffing balm that is most often used by runners is a great way to prevent this from happening.

Sun Shade for a Beach Day

Sunglasses and wide brimmed hats are a great way to keep the sun off your face and there are other options for even greater shade.

Personal Sun Protection: As I mentioned, don’t forget to grab your sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your face while you enjoy the summer outdoors.

Canopies: A pop up canopy is a great way to create a large space of shade for everyone to gather under to take breaks from the UV rays. There are many options of canopies and can be surprisingly affordable and travel friendly.

Umbrellas: There are so many options of beach umbrellas available now to provide shade. Or just grab a larger rain umbrella to stick in the sand beside a chair to get the job done.

Beach Chairs and Lounge Gear

Speaking of chairs, if you are planning a long stay at the beach you will want to make sure to have a space to rest. There are lots of items for lounge gear to consider.

Beach Chairs: There are so many varieties of beach chairs out there these days! From your standard camping chair to ones that are a beach chair/cooler combo, your options are very broad.

Beach Blankets: A beach blanket is a great way to put a layer between you and your bags and the sand. There are lots of options available or just grab a large non-fitted sheet that works nearly as well.

Lounge Chairs: There are few things more relaxing than reclining back in the warmth of the sun with the sound of the waves crashing nearby. There are lots of lounge chair options available to help you find the perfect amount of comfort while spending a day at the water.

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Pool Bags and Coolers

With all of this beach gear you will want to make sure to have something to carry it all in!

Beach Bags: This is another item that has hundreds of options available. You can get a large designer pool bag or grab a reusable shopping bag which works just as well. If you have lots of gear to carry the large blue Ikea bags are ideal.

Coolers: If you are spending several hours at the beach or pool make sure to grab a cooler with a few bottled waters and sack lunches. The options for coolers are wide as well and vary in sizes and design.

Wagon: If your travel mode allows it, a wagon will be your best friend on a beach vacation! Great for transporting pool bags, umbrellas, chairs and even tired children, a wagon will help to save you trips to the car. There are even some fold up wagons that you can use to save space in your vehicle.

Beach Day Sand and Water Toys

Whether this is an adults-only vacation or a family vacation with children, don’t forget the toys!

Beach Volleyball, Frisbee and Other Sports Sets: Not only can your beach day be relaxing you can also get in a bit of a workout with some beach sports! Whether throwing a frisbee around or setting up a full volleyball set, there are great adult-friendly toys available to enjoy at the beach.

Pool and Sand Toys: Don’t forget the sand castle stuff! A great way to keep little ones occupied is to have supplies on hand for sand castle building or diving sticks to play with in the pool.

Floats: And don’t forget pool floats! Whether for lounging in the water or protecting little newbie swimmers, pool floats are essentials for the water.

Other Beach Day Essentials

Here are a few other items that you should make sure to have on hand or at least in your vehicle for your beach visits.

Baby Wipes: There is nothing worse than feeling icky from a day of being in the salt air and sand. Keep baby wipes on hand for quick and refreshing wipe downs.

Facial Wipes: For the same reason as stated above, facial wipes are great to have on hand. Just make sure to reapply sunscreen after use.

Baby Powder: Baby powder is the best way to get sticky sand off of your body or your kiddos! Just dry off as best as possible, dust with baby powder and it will help eliminate most of the sand from your body. It’s a great way to keep most of the sand on the beach and not in your car or hotel room!

Snacks and Water: Don’t forget to stay nourished and hydrated! Water is really important for long hot days outside and keeping quick snacks on hand will not only keep hunger at bay but will help keep little ones from getting grumpy.

First Aid Kit: Having a basic first aid kit on hand is a must! You never know when you will need to bandage a scrape or need something on hand to treat a headache.

With these items in tow you can enjoy a relaxing summer day at the beach…or pool,or lake, or river, or wherever you get your summer water day fix!

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