Tips For Your First Trip to New York

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Experiencing New York City is unlike any other! I would highly recommend visiting at least once in your lifetime! I am going to be sharing with all of you some of the best ways to have a good time and enjoy your trip in the Big Apple! New York City can be a really overwhelming city if you’ve never been in the past and you just really have to be prepared for such a really busy and exciting city!

Tips for your first trip to New York

1. See a Broadway Show:
New York City is pretty much known for being the capital of Broadway! If you are going to be visiting New York soon, make sure that you catch a broadway show! I’m a huge fan of the Broadway Musical Wicked but I have never seen one that I haven’t absolutely loved, so find one that fits your needs!
2. Visit Times Square:
Nothing is quite like Times Square! You know what I’m talking about, the bright lighted busy center of the city that you see on TV every year for Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve! This is such an amazing experience, I recommend seeing it at night time when everything is lit up and bright!
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3. Visit the Statue of Liberty:
If you’re visiting New York, you of course have to visit Lady Liberty! This is such a cool experience and you may not have known, you can actually go up into the statue of liberty crown but you MUST reserve your spot, which is an absolutely amazing experience!
4. Wear Comfortable Shoes:
If you are going to be visiting New York City, I would definitely recommend making a wise decision on your shoe choice! You will be doing a whole lot of walking while you are in New York City because it is a busy city and sometimes it’s simply easier to just walk everywhere.
5. Visit the Met:
The Met is short for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is something I would highly recommend visiting! There are so many GORGEOUS art pieces located in this museum and it is a once in a lifetime educational experience.
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6. Ride the Subway:
If you don’t live in a busy city, chances are you have never ridden in a subway or underground transportation. I would really recommend trying it out at least once while you are in New York! It’s just an interesting experience and you never know what you will see while you are riding!
7. Eat NY Style Pizza:
New York Style pizza is absolutely amazing! It is a thin crust pizza that typically comes in a really large slice! You MUST try New York style pizza while you are in New York! Trust me, you will not regret it! A great place to check out is Lombardi’s Pizza or Artichoke Pizza!
New York is an absolutely amazing city and I think that every single person needs to visit at some point in their life! If you are going to be visiting New York soon, be sure to keep this list in mind while you go!
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