Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo Hours for Adventure

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Planning a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana for your vacation and taking the family along? Then, for sure, you are in for the best treat you could ever imagine. There is so much the city has to offer that will create a once in a lifetime experience. We all know how vacations can be that involve kids…they want to bring back all the juicy details to their friends and family about their experience. If take the kids for Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo Hours for Adventure they will have plenty of fodder for their tales.

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo Hours for Adventure

Spend the Day at the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo

There are lots of venues you can take the littles that offer a wide range of exciting experiences when you are in Fort Wayne. One such area is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Being in existence since 1965, this zoo has been home to over 1000 different animals and also lies on over 40 acres of land space in the Fort Wayne’s Franke Park.

It has continuously been ranked as one of the top 5 and most ecstatic zoos in the U.S. As for one of the world’s best reviewers of travel and vacation, TripAdvisor has listed it as the seventh (7th) best zoo in the country.

Taking the kids to this nature site will give them one of the best moments of their lives to experience the amazing snippets of nature and connect with it on a one-on-one. They get to experience a diverse set of the entire world in a single tour and the breathtaking beauty of the zoo is more than mesmerizing to the soul.

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo Hours

Adventures To Explore

The Fort Wayne Zoo consists of four self-contained biomes to include an African journey, Australian Adventure, Central Zoo sand an Indonesian Rainforest. The four habitats along with the other attributes of the zoo make it a complete package of everything one can expect. The theme of the zoo as well as the wide variety of offerings the team has to offer. When you tour the site, you get a taste of the…

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo Hours for Adventure

African Journey
Opened in 2009, this feature of the zoo offers a lion exhibit, African Village, interactive cultural center, a Safari Trail, an educational and picnic group area, a new animal exhibit which includes mongoose, honey badgers, bat-eared foxes, pelicans, buzzards and so much more. The kids will also get to be up close and personal with a giraffe feeding area where they get to interact with these exotic and native animals of the African culture.

Spend the Day at the Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo

Australian Adventure
This habitat consists of and houses the majority of the Zoo’s Australian animals. This area also has a section deemed Australia After Dark exhibit which features nocturnal animals that are native to Australia such as bats, owls, and echidnas. In addition to this feature, there is a 20,000-gallon aquarium which contains a wide array of Sharks, Rays, and Jellyfishes. It also has a base that model coral reef that provides life to the tropical fishes.

In the Kangaroo Walkabout, there is a roped path that leads through a kangaroo open space which helps to create a direct connection with the animals in that habitat. Love birds and want to see a wide variety from a different part of the world? Your kids will love everything about the Australian Adventure Bird Habitat.

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo Hours for Adventure

Central Zoo
The Central Zoo involves a host of assorted animals from the Americas and other places around the world. It is a mix of all culture to include European animals, African animals and other animals from various rainforests around the world.

The attraction sites like the Sea Lion Beach and the Monkey Island hosts exotic animals that are rare to this side of the world. A wide species of birds included along this tour journey will for sure enthused and excite the little ones.

Indonesian Rain Forest
This Rain Forest features so much to include orangutans, clouded leopards, assorted birds, tigers, reticulated pythons, primates, and Komodo dragons. There is also a domed area for select birds, fishes, reptiles and other insects. To add to the fun of this trail, the baby orangutan, Asmara born in 2014 as made this habitat one of the most visited for all tourists and other visitors to the location.

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo Hours for Adventure

It is easy to see how this zoo is so highly rated – it is incredibly well laid out, easy for the littles to travel, and has a lot of hands-on activities to enjoy. Make some time for Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo Hours for Adventure with your family. That all makes sure that this animal habitat has a wide variety to offer that will have you smiling and talking about for years to come. It will be a must-visit on your list for all vacation trips to this particular city in Indiana.

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