The Top Destinations for Crazy Cat People to Visit

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The Top Destinations for Crazy Cat People to Visit? I know it sounds like a strange concept, but bear with me. Believe it or not, there is an average of 600+ million cats all across the globe and is one of the most popular indoor pets. There is estimated to be at least one cat in every 2-3 households and are of many different cultures and breeds. This group of animals comprises thousands of different breeds, being a purebred or mix. Being online means you have gotten the chance to see just how much people are in love with cats from the millions of gifs to the memes and so much more. When you speak of cuddling, we don’t believe there is another animal who beats cats to this. Will they invade your private space and take complete control, and do they have any remorse? Think again!

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Crazy cat people across the world have taken their love for cats to a different level, and as you trod below, you will see just how much and to what extent the love goes. Do you want to visit that perfect place that spells everything cat? Is the whole existence being surrounded by the birth of cats? Then follow us on our little journey.

The Top Destinations for Crazy Cat People to Visit

Cat Cafes, South Korea

This location never gives you the peace of mind to eat or drink in peace as it is so full of cats’ hair. That seat you are eyeing across the room you cannot have because a cat has just left it to use the restroom so he/she will be back. This place is almost like a cat-owned café as there are always several different cats just hanging around. However, this South Korean café boasts mostly pedigree cats, which may be perfect for people who want to be in the company of some ‘important’ cats.

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Cat Island, Japan

Just imagine being in a place where cats outnumber humans by even six to one? A mix of all breeds of varying sizes and colors, Aoshima Island in Japan, is known as ‘Cat Island’ because of the vast number of cats living there. The small fishing community, the hometown of author Haruki Murakami, is a haven for cat lovers needing to relax and bask in the beauty and unconditional love of cats.

They live in homes, abandoned buildings as well as in packs along the street, which is a heart-wrenching feeling for cat lovers. Yeah, it may be frightening for some that this could turn out to be a cat plot to take over the world, but they may just be preoccupied with something else, so no need to worry. It is a definite visit for those who want to have the perfect cat moment.

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Cat Cabinet, Amsterdam

We all know a crazy cat lover who would go above and beyond to indulge their feline love. Their curtains, sheets, blankets, (and everything else) have a picture of a cat, and for some, it may be considered weird, but in reality, it is just love and devotion. If you believe that one friend is incredibly obsessed, then you have never heard of the KattenKabinet in Amsterdam. The moment you step in will have you basking in the smell of cats, the scent staining your clothes for weeks to come, and cute memorabilia all around.

The beauty of the work of art in the drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more will have you basking in the love you have for the feline family. All this and more are crammed in a beautiful area that creates a serene feeling for the cat lover. But not to worry, live cats do move around to give you that refreshing feeling that they are the only creatures that can enable a perfect work of art.

The Top Destinations for Crazy Cat People to Visit

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Istanbul, Turkey

Just imagine getting an up-close and personal feel of being surrounded by cats wearing tuxedos and prancing around as though they are the boss. We know the level of significance placed on the feline family, especially in Islamic countries. Then for sure, this comes as no surprise when we get to understand the life of street cats in Istanbul, Turkey. They are treated as domestic cats because the natives take it upon themselves to ensure they are fed and well taken care of. That makes this one of the fun Destinations for Crazy Cat People.

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Gotokuji Temple, Tokyo

This temple is known in Japan as Maneki Neko (‘beckoning cat’) statues, where you will be summoned to visit a store or restaurant by one of those mesmerizing figures. You may be strong enough to pass up on a few of the shops but not so with the Gotokuji Temple. As a cat lover, you will have no other choice but to go in. This cat monument was placed at this location as a remembrance for a cat who did an unthinkable act of kindness towards a passing lord during a violent storm.

Upon the death of the cat, the lord installed the figure on the temple and deemed is a god called Shoboyo Kannon. At several times of the year, people would offer the Maneki Neko statues in return for favors from the cat god. Surely, it is the place for crazy cat  people to bask in the heroic acts of the fabulous feline.

The Top Destinations for Crazy Cat People to Visit

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The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

Egypt is the home of cats and the significance it has on their history. For sure, Egypt is the home of caring and showing the highest level of unconditional love for cats. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a half lion-half man, and when focused on, the real vision of a cat lies within.

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Moscow Cats Theatre, Russia

People have the perception that cats can’t be trained to do anything useful as all they do is lie around and laze. But how true is this? The Moscow Cats Theatre in Russia has been built to prove all anti-cat lovers wrong. Visiting will give you the breathtaking awesomeness of how powerful cats are. The theatre boasts over 200 felines who perform tricks and wonders to your amazement. To say what these fur beauties can’t do, this theatre is not the place to learn this. They perform efficiently well with other circus performers for a stunning show all year round.

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