How To Find Pet-Friendly Hotels For Your Vacation

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If taking your dog along with you on vacation is a must, then you definitely need our tips for pet-friendly hotels on vacation.  While there are many hotels that offer pet-friendly rooms, they can be tough to find.  Our tips will help you to not only narrow down where to find a hotel that is ideal for your needs, but also what questions to ask when booking.

How To Find Pet-Friendly Hotels For Your Vacation

Ask for recommendations.  Nobody knows the best pet-friendly places to stay like another pet owner.  Before you start looking, ask around for recommendations.  This can include asking your friends with pets or putting out a request for tips on social media groups.  Most areas have a local swap group, and you can easily join the group for your vacation destination and see if anyone there can give you some tips.

Another option is to contact the local chamber of commerce for the area you are going to stay.  They often have amazing welcome packages for guests, and could potentially give you a local personal recommendation.

Filter on major booking websites.  When searching for a great hotel deal, you can easily mark on your search that you are looking specifically for pet-friendly accommodations.  This will help results to show up only if they are truly going to be okay with you bringing a pet along.  It takes a lot of frustration out of your searches.

Then, you can simply double check all of the major booking sites, as well as the individual chain or location for the best deal possible.  Once you have a list of potential pet-friendly hotels, you can all them with the questions we list below to make your final destination choice.  Remember, we are big fans of TripAdvisor.

Contact support at chain hotels.  If there is a specific chain hotel name that you tend to lean towards when traveling, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact them.  Asking them for a list of locations that are pet-friendly is a great way to always have choices on hand for easy reference when you have a last minute trip to plan.

While it may take a bit of time, if you take the time to contact all of your favorite chain hotels and compile a spreadsheet of their pet-friendly options, it can make traveling a lot easier.  All you would have to do is open your list and search for your destination location to find several options at your fingertips.

Skip a hotel and stay in non-traditional accommodations.  Hotels are typically the easiest to book while traveling, but we have found that there are a ton of other options that are surprisingly pet-friendly.  Just because the title of this post mentions hotels, doesn’t mean you can’t consider other options for lodging while traveling.  Below is a list accommodations that don’t fall into the hotel or motel category that may also be worth your time to check for pet-friendly rooms or lodgings.

  • Resort locations or all-inclusive resorts
  • Condo or vacation home rentals
  • Cabins or other rustic venues
  • RV or Motorhome rentals
  • Hostels
  • Staying with friends and family
  • Airbnb

Questions to ask when booking:  This is perhaps the most important part of how to find and book a pet-friendly hotel when traveling.  You need to cover all of your bases and know exactly what potential needs you will have.  This list is pretty lengthy to include all potential occurrences when traveling with a pet.

  • What, if any, are the security deposit fees?
  • Are fees charged up front and refunded after the stay, or charged only if incidents occur?
  • Are there limitations on types of pets allowable? Dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, lizards, or even exotic pets like lemurs, sloths, or chimpanzee. (Yes, many people travel with more than just dogs or cats!)
  • Are there kennels or crates available for rent on site?
  • Are there rooms away from the main lodging for noisier pets?
  • Are there easy areas to take your pet out for a walk without disturbing other travelers?
  • Can you get a ground level room with a door opening outside?
  • What restrictions does the hotel have on where your pet can be?
  • Is there an extra cost on the basic room charge for housing a pet in room?
  • Are there any non-smoking pet-friendly rooms?  Many chains simply put pets in smoking rooms.  This doesn’t work well for those who have allergies to smoke but not pets.

These questions are a great list that will cover most if not all, of the potential issues that could arise from traveling with a pet.

Whether you are taking a longer vacation with many hotels along the way, or you will be traveling for just a few nights, this list gives you a great base to follow when looking for a pet-friendly hotel.  You will find many more hotels accommodating your needs as well as your pets.

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