Al Capone’s Dinner Show is a Hoot!

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Let’s face it, Florida is an exciting state to visit, especially if you are from the Midwest and it is yet another year of Polar Vortex issues. There is sunshine, warm weather, and great attractions to be seen. The Al Capone’s Dinner Show in Orlando is a hoot and one of a kind, if you find yourself around that way you should definitely make reservations or stop by.

Al Capone's Dinner Show is a Hoot!

The Al Capone’s Dinner Show delivers laughs, smiles, hysterics, audience interaction, toe-tapping musicals, and gangster action, and nightly shoot all within a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor. All you have to do to get in is knock three times, say the secret password, then step in then be transported to the mysterious world of 1931 Chicago.

Guests have the opportunity to play the part as well, swing by the gift shop before the show to pick out accessories like a fedora, flapper headbands, and feathered boas or attire before the show starts.

Al Capone’s Dinner Show Orlando Experience

You get your “mug shot” quickly and then are whisked away to your seating assignment. I made the photographer step in front of the camera – he said no one had ever asked him to do that!

Capone dinner show Orlando Menu

The purchase of your ticket includes dinner with a buffet bar loaded with Italian favorites like baked ziti, chicken cacciatore, and Italian sausage, peppers, and onions, along with some American dishes.

Capone dinner show Orlando Menu meat carving station

They even have a meat carving station offering cheese and herb stuffed pork tenderloin! There is also a soup & salad bar, a pasta bar with selections of spaghetti, tri-colored rotini, and linguini with sauce choices of Vesuvio herb butter sauce (which is to die for!), marinara sauce, and Alfredo sauce just to name a few…

Capone dinner show Orlando Menu a full hot buffet with Andy checking it out

You get unlimited beverages; and because Al is such a generous guy you’ll get drinks like Cape Cods, Bud Light, a variety of wines, rum and colas, and kid cocktails at no extra charge. I suggest you try the Rum Runner…

Add in a simple dessert, and a show filled with stand-up comedy, dancing, singing and you have a fun family experience. Al Capone’s prides itself on serving fresh quality meat so you won’t find it reheated under a heat lamp or frozen.

Check out this fun video of Capone’s:

Your Capone dinner show Orlando tickets also get you qualified to win the gangster shootout for that night. In the shootout, these gangster squad you’re up against aren’t using Tommy guns but they will be breaking out the “big guns”. Al Capone’s dinner show is very interactive with the audience so if you’re a little shy you’ll love the view from a private table, which would be your best bet as you help keep an eye on things.

al capone's dinner show orlando dessert

Al Capone Dinner Show starts in an ice cream parlor crawling with coppers because of the illegal bootleg alcohol sales, but don’t fear because the “family” has been keeping their eye on the coppers. Your hostess is none of than Al’s Gal – Miss Jewel, Miss Bunny June is a head dancing gal, and the goofiest mobster you’ll ever meet is Fingers Salvatorio.

Together these crazy and colorful characters will keep you entertained through the show. The show is authentic and has been for over 25 years, so you won’t find another of its kind. By the end of the show, your gang will be taking the talking and walking the walk while humming the songs from the show.

You can expect non-stop surprises from these gorgeous dames and handsome mobsters alike and talk to the coppers may not be the best idea for your health…especially when you see what they did with your mug shot …

al capone's dinner show orlando hours suovineer newspaper

After the show, the cast will pose for pictures – they were VERY funny and great with Miss Sarah! The next time you see yourself in the Kissimmee area, give Al Capone’s a shot. It’s different. It’s fun. It’s family-friendly. Get your tickets by calling: 407-397-2378

Al Capone’s dinner show Orlando hours

They are open ALMOST 365 days a year – with an early show at 5:00 PM and later show at 8:30 most nights. They have a matinee once a month too – but check their website for details.

Al Capone dinner show Orlando coupon

They actually have coupons on their website that take the tickets to half price, even a group discount! You can easily get this fun show and dinner for under $40 per person.

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