A Complete Ride Guide for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

lions at the zoon in animal kingdom

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My personal opinion is that the Animal Kingdom is a very underrated park. The place is beautiful with plenty of interesting things to see, fantastic attractions, and impeccable themes. In terms of acres, the Animal Kingdom is probably the largest theme park of all. However, it has the least attractions. The Tree of Life is a huge man-made tree that is an icon of the park. As the name suggests, you will find mostly live animal attractions in it, but there are other ones as well.

A Complete Ride Guide for Disney's Animal Kingdom

Let’s take a look at the Animal Kingdom’s areas.

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • DinoLand U.S.A.
  • Discovery Island
  • The Oasis
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • Pandora

A Complete Ride Guide for Disney’s Animal Kingdom


The area named Africa is, as the name suggests, African themed and has three rides for everyone to experience the beauty of this continent.


  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
  • Festival of the Lion King


Same as the previous area, this one is made for people to experience the beauty of the Asian culture and everything is Asian themed.


  • Kali River Rapids
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek
  • Up! A Great Bird Adventure
  • Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

DinoLand U.S.A.

This area offers the most ride in the Animal Kingdom. It has eight attractions in total, with six being rides, and two character meets.


  • Fossil Fun Games
  • TriceraTop Spin
  • Finding Nemo – The Musical
  • Primeval Whirl
  • The Boneyard
  • Donald Duck (character meet)
  • Goofy and Pluto (character meet)

Discovery Island

This place has seven attractions in total, with five being character meets, and only two rides. However, your kids are going to love meeting their favorite characters!


  • Timon (character meet)
  • Pocahontas (character meet)
  • Russell and Dug (character meet)
  • Tarzan (character meet)
  • Meet Disney Pals at Adv. Outpost
  • Discovery Island Trails
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug!

The Oasis

This area has only one attraction called DiVine. DiVine is a character that’s covered in vine and she is stunning to look at. Make sure that you check the guide so you know when you can find her. There is no height requirement for this attraction and is suitable for everyone. A small tip for you is to look for DiVine if you arrive at the park before opening. You will usually be able to see her just to the right after you pass the gates.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

This place has three character meets and four rides. A lot of attractions in a single area, so take your time and check them all out!


  • Conservation Station
  • Habitat Habit!
  • Affection Section
  • Wildlife Express Train
  • Rafiki (character meet)
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale (character meet)
  • Doc McStuffins (character meet)


Pandora has two attractions, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Na’Vi River Journey. The first one is nothing like other Disney World attractions, as you will mount your own virtual banshee to fly about the Valley of Mo’ara. The second one is a gentle boat ride through the rainforest, and you will experience an amazing encounter with a shaman from Na’Vi.

Never been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

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