5 Magical Treats to Eat at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is such an interesting and fascinating series and the things within the stories such as foods, places, and activities are so unique and always sound so cool and strange! Well, they sell some of those interesting foods and treats at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I’m excited to share with you some of my personal favorites and things that are absolute must try’s!
5 magical treats to eat at the wizarding world of Harry Potter
1. Butterbeer: Butterbeer is an absolute must while you are visiting! If you’ve never had it, you will fall in love. Don’t worry, this drink is completely non-alcoholic and totally delicious. It has a mix of cream soda and butterscotch combined, so yummy! This is probably the most famous Harry Potter treat and it is well worth it.
2. Pumpkin Juice: If you are a pumpkin lover, this one is for you. It definitely has an interesting and acquired taste, but it’s really cool to try it out and have the experience. It’s a great drink if you visit during the Fall season!
3. Ice Cream at Florean Frotescue’s: If you’re looking for a sweet treat, head on over to Florean Frotescues! The ice cream is absolutely amazing and you can even order Harry’s favorite ice cream sundae! There is nothing quite like a nice and cold ice cream to cool you down on a hot day! Not to mention the place itself is so cool to be inside of.
4. Fish and Chips at The Leaky Cauldron: Looking for something more savory? You have to try out the fish and chips from The Leaky Cauldron! They are so flavorful and delicious, trust me you’ll love it! This is the perfect meal to eat while you are walking around the park.
5. Gilly Water and Eternelle’s Elixirs: Make up your customized potion to sip on. Sure it’s really just mixing up a flavored water but it’s so much fun to mix it up and create your own customization and it tastes fresh and great. Kids absolutely love this process and it’s cool because everyone can make their very own concoction that caters to their personal taste.
If you’re going to be visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, be sure to try out some of these delicious foods and you will absolutely love them! It’s great to get the full experience of the Harry Potter world and these things truly epitomize what the Harry Potter story represents. Next time you visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter be sure to try these foods and treats for a truly magical experience.

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