Universal Studios: 8 Tips for Having an Awesome Time

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Universal Studios is another very famous park in Orlando Florida! This one is a much more fun and appropriate park for older kids and adults, although there is still plenty to enjoy with the little ones as well. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few tips and tricks to ensure that you have a really great time at Universal Studios!

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8 Tips for Having an Awesome Time at Universal Studios

1. Get the Universal Orlando App: The Universal App is great! It provides you with a map of the park so that you know where you are going as well as estimated wait times for various rides and attractions.
2. Stay Hydrated: Being that Universal is in Orlando Florida, chances are it is going to be really hot outside and the last thing you will want is to get dehydrated. Make sure to always have some water on hand and keep hydrated throughout the day.
3. Stay Protected: Once again, Florida is very hot and you may not think you are getting sunburned but you probably are. Be sure to apply sunscreen and reapply throughout the day to stay safe.
4. Wear A Bathing Suit Under Your Clothes: If you plan to be riding any water rides, I recommend wearing a suit under your clothes! The bathing suit material dries much quicker than typical clothes and you won’t be sopping wet all day long this way.
5. Waterproof Your Devices: Once again going on water rides you can get completely drenched! Be sure to buy a waterproof case for any of your electronics or throw them in a ziploc baggy to prevent any water damage.
6. Pick up a Free Birthday Pin: If you happen to be celebrating your birthday at Universal Studios be sure to pick up a complimentary souvenir birthday pin. It’s a great way to remember your trip and birthday all in one.
7. Check Out Large Lad Donuts: Large Lad Donuts, located in the Simpson’s Area, is an amazing way to get a nice treat. The donuts are ginormous and absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend checking them out, it will make your day.
8. Check Out Live Tapings of EXTRA: The show EXTRA featuring Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez is filmed in front of the park and if you are there at the right time, you can catch a live taping!
*BONUS: Be sure to take the tour: Taking the tour is absolutely amazing. You get the full experience of Universal Studios and you get to see sets and props from movies like Fast & Furious and The Grinch! So worth the wait!!
Keep these tips in mind for your trip to Universal and you will have a ball, no questions asked!

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