How to Use Gringott’s Money at Universal’s Wizarding World

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How to use Gringott’s Money? If you didn’t already know, you can exchange your muggle money (American money) into Gringott’s Money which is what is used by the characters from Harry Potter use when they purchase things. Whether you want to simply exchange a bit of cash for a souvenir or if you want to actually use that money around the park, either way it is a pretty cool experience and I would definitely recommend doing it because you can get the full on Harry Potter experience.
How to Use Gringott's Money at Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hit the Mini Bank

First what you will want to do is head on over to The Gringott’s Mini Bank. The bank is near Diagon Alley and what you can do is go inside of the bank where you will find the Gringott’s Bank Teller and you can actually talk with him and interact. It’s pretty cool to listen to what he has to say and you are able to take pictures and create memories from your trip within the Gringott’s Bank. Then, you can start exchanging your money.

Exchange Your Money

In order to get your Gringott’s Money, you simply hand over your muggle money and they will then give you Gringott’s money in exchange. The minimum amount of money that you can exchange is $10 and they only offer $10’s and $20’s that you can equally exchange.

You Have Cash!

They will give your money back in an envelope and you can then use it anywhere throughout the park, or you can choose to keep it as a souvenir. If you want to have both experiences you can use some of your Gringott’s money, and keep some. Another option that they offer is a souvenir set of money. In the set you get a mix of bills as well as Gringott’s coins and you can get the whole set for $30 in muggle money.

Start Spending Gringott’s Money

It is fun to be able to go out into the park and pay for your Butterbeer or even purchase your favorite wand with your Gringott’s money, for some reason it just adds a bit more to the whole experience while you are shopping.

How to Use Gringott’s Money: It is a Tourist Thing

Although it is not completely necessary to exchange your money at Gringott’s, it really is a cool experience. Plus, if you already plan on spending money throughout the park you may as well do it the right way and get the full on Harry Potter experience. If you want a great memory and a cool experience. I would really recommend checking out the Gringott’s Bank and exchanging your muggle money.
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