Why We Love Pizza From Artichoke

artichoke pizza in the pizza oven

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We love to play in New York City with Miss Sarah — it is so full of culture, history and amazing food! One thing we have learned from our travels is the simple fact that if you want something great to eat you just ask the locals. We were just wrapping up a tour of the Hudson and had a craving for some pizza. Three different people suggested we hit the local mini chain of Artichoke pizza and they were right!

artichoke pizza just delivered to our table

Our thoughts on Arichoke Pizza

The place itself, was kind of small and was jam packed with people waiting to take food out or grab one of the few seats and dine in. There were several slices ready to go but we opted for a sausage and mushroom pie. (Miss Sarah isn’t all that adventurous yet).

Just look at the size of the pie that came to our table!

We were blown away with the size of it and had half of it to take back to our hotel room. On a scale of 1 to 5, we would give it a 4. It was a little too soft in the crust so it was easiest to fold in half and eat like a New Yorker. The sauce was flavorful and it had the right amount of toppings and cheese for our tastes.

We learned that this pizza place opened in 2008 and the owners hail from three generations of Italian food preparation history.  We didn’t try the Artichoke pizza that has made it famous, but will make an effort to try it next time we visit.

If you are heading to NYC, add a stop to one of the three different Artichoke locations and treat yourself.

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