How to Visit Hawaii Like A Local

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How to Visit Hawaii Like A Local? The sunshine, the rainbows, and the glorious beaches inspire millions of tourists to visit the State of Hawaii each year. But before you start packing your bags, you must be ready to experience the Aloha State just like a local and prove yourself to be a pure Hawaiian.

visit Hawaii like a local

How to Visit Hawaii Like A Local

Speak like them

It is not necessary to learn the local language when you are visiting a place, but the knowledge does come in handy when you are planning a long-term stay. It is interesting to note that even in Hawaii, the Hawaiian language is rarely spoken among the local population.

The Hawaiian alphabet is a simplified version of the English alphabet. It has five vowels, seven consonants, and one glottal stop. Language experts say that fewer number of consonants makes it easier to learn. However, some of the Hawaiian words tend to be a bit longer and hence difficult for any foreigner to say. It will take some time getting used to, and you need to show a little bit of patience. Learning the language is great because the locals will more readily accept you, and they will appreciate the fact that you are making a serious effort to learn the language.

Eat like the locals

Hawaii is said to be the most culturally diverse state of the US and thus boasts of food culture to match. Like most of the tourist places in the world, the food trucks, the off-beat restaurants, and the cafes are some of the best places to eat like a local in Hawaii. If you want to sample genuine local cuisine, then you must head to the local hangouts. When you eat like a local, you also get to experience the most authentic Hawaiian experience.

The local food is very cheap and filling, and a classic example of plate lunch would consist of chunky layers of tender pork, macaroni salad and two scoops of white rice. If you want to have a hearty breakfast just like the Hawaiian locals, then you should settle for fried eggs with Portuguese sausage/Spam and two scoops of rice.

Like A Locals

The local fish in Hawaii

If you are looking for the different kinds of fish that you can have in Hawaii, then you must feel a bit overwhelmed. There various types of tropical fishes on offer here, but many of these will be unfamiliar to the mainlanders. Hawaii is the place to be when you are looking for an unforgettable seafood dish or an entree.

Mahi Mahi is one of the most popular fish here, and you must enjoy one of the many seafood restaurants that are found here. It is very common everywhere and you will not have any difficulty in finding it. Ono is another variety of fish that you must try, which is very difficult to catch. It tastes like mackerel, but its flavor is much more subtle.

Local business in Hawaii

Unlike the other states, Hawaii does not require a general business license for all businesses. However, some businesses might require permits from the state agencies, and some permissions are issued locally. If you are planning to do business in Hawaii, then you should fully understand the local culture with all its intricate details.

Doing business in Hawaii is not a whole lot different from doing business elsewhere. However, if you want to achieve success, then you must have a basic understanding of the culture, customs, and history of the place. People in Hawaii are amicable, and they are always willing to help each other out. But to be successful in business in this state, you must follow the four cardinal rules –

  • Always be genuine and tell people who you are. But you should never fake your genuineness to get something.
  • In this place, you will need the suit and tie only for the first meeting; after that, you can make your mark in an aloha shirt.
  • Always establish connections and make every effort to maintain cordial relationships with everyone.
  • Never assume that you know everything. Even if you have lived in Hawaii for five years, there is a lot to learn in this fantastic state.

Local Government in Hawaii

The local government structure in Hawaii is the most unique among all US states as it is limited to just two levels of government – the state and the four counties. and each has a Mayor and a council. There are no municipal governments in Hawaii.

Local issues in Hawaii

There are a number of issues in Hawaii that have troubled people over the years. Things are changing for better, but it will take a lot of time for the issues to get fully resolved. We will discuss some of the local problems of Hawaii here:

Local attitude

There is a saying that if your position is below par, then you will end up meeting many rude people. On the other hand, if you are decent, friendly, and outgoing, then you will meet some of the coolest people in Hawaii. The locals have an unwritten policy – give first, and then you will get more as a return. If you are not adept at dealing with unique cultural diversity, then you will have a hard time in Hawaii.


There is no rampant display of racism in Hawaii, but there is always a tension between the locals and visitors if the latter does not treat other people with minimum respect. Visitors may rightly infer that locals in Hawaii love to be left in their own world.

Violent crime

Assault and murders are not serious issues in Hawaii compared to the mainland. Serious crime does take place, but the frequency is very minimal. The most common incidences of crime in Hawaii are purse snatching, stolen cars, and home break-ins.

How to dress in Hawaii

In Hawaii, casual dressing is the accepted norm. They do not prefer rumpled clothes; just a smart and relaxed outfit will do. One thing to be remembered is that whatever be the elevation that you have reached, the sun will always be a significant factor. So always make sure to use one friendly environment sunscreen for protecting yourself against the UV rays.

For activities on islands, casual dress is entirely acceptable, and the Islanders themselves wear Hawaiian shirts and loose-fitting trousers. A more formal attire may be required at dinner parties and business meetings. But even in these parties, not much is needed except tucked-in shirts and tailored trousers. If you are in doubt, you can always call ahead and ask about suitable clothing. Just to be on the safe side, you may wear a dinner jacket if you feel that the dinner party will be too formal. Ties are generally not worn, and ladies can opt for business attire, such as a simple suit or a fitted dress.

Just follow these tips, and you will blend in and live like a local in Hawaii in no time!

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