The 10 Best Travel Apps for Family Travel Adventures

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The 10 Best Travel Apps for Family Travel? Traveling can be very hectic, time-consuming, and even boring at times. But notwithstanding, when you have the right tool to help you plan and organize your travels, and all other things that traveling entails, it can end up being a lot of fun even more than you imagine.

10 Great Apps for Family Travel

Critically looking at it, travel apps can be grouped into two categories; those that help with planning and organization and others that can occupy the children.

The 10 Best Apps for Family Travel

1. Findery

The best local guides are mostly remarkable storytellers. They provide interesting details, accompanied by a dose of gossip and a generous dollop of historical trivia, and in the process, they make your trip richer and more delightful. Putting a social spin on excellent storytelling. Findery collects virtual notes left by locals and visitors about the places they’ve been. Available free for Apple and Android smartphones, Findery is a modern-day cross between geocaching and a Moleskine journal; it allows you find and leave little treasures along your journey and also keep a fun record of your travels.

2. Packing Pro

There are many packing apps available, but this is one of the originals and still one of the best. It contains a host of pre-departure planning tools and also packing lists, sharing options, and reminder tools. It’s especially great for families because you can organize your files by family members, and you can still store a packing list for a specific type of trip, such as camping. Available for $4.49 on iTunes.

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3. Waze

Waze takes your road trip to a new level of social connectivity. The self-proclaimed “world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app” links you to other Wazers who share real-time traffic info and even gas prices. Along your path, you’ll get alerts on vehicles stopped on the side of the road, excessive traffic, dangerous weather conditions, or police lying in wait for speeders. You can also leave an alert of your own. Interacting with Waze can even be fun to the point of distraction, so it’s not advised for solo drives. On family trips, let your ‘tween or teen co-pilot take the phone. Make sure you have the setting for your Waze mood to ninja, Zombie, or sunglass-sporting cool cat! That way, your family can safely give as well as receive useful information as you travel to your destination.

4. RoadNinja

Most families have their favorite restaurants, and maybe you are loyal to a particular gas station brand. Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball on a road trip to tell you precisely which restaurants, gas stations, and other amenities lie ahead on your route? You must check out RoadNinja, a free app that hits the fast-forward button and shows you what’s coming up at future exits. The app can tell you what’s available at upcoming departures by category. You can also use the app to view and compare real-time gas prices, and redeem location-specific special offers and coupons by the way.

5. HealthyOut

Do you have a son with gluten intolerance? Is your daughter a vegan? Or are you trying to adhere to a low-carb plan? Whatever your dietary requirements, HealthyOut lets you quickly find healthy restaurant choices in over 500 cities across the country. It also allows you to search for calories and points, nutrition tags, and more.

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6. LiveTrekker

If you’re going to travel with your children and spend all that money on it, you want them to get something educational from experience and to remember it in all its detail. A travel journal on steroids, LiveTrekker maps your route via GPS, and you can pin photos, videos, audio, or text to different locations. You can share the content in real-time if you’ve got data access, but it also works offline. It is free on Android and iOS

7. Road Trip Travel Games

All of the classic road trip games you are familiar with and love are included in this app. They might have different names than you’re familiar with, but you will find Punch Buggy, iSpy, and many more. The app explains the rules and helps keep tabs of the score. No need to get a notepad and pencil, and deal with the bumpy highway. There are a total of eleven games, built-in timers, and even an added gas trip calculator to help figure out how much it will cost to move from one place to another. Available on Android.

8. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is the tried and true trivia app that everyone loves to play. Better yet, it’s fantastic for a road trip. Play against family members or team up on a single device to pit your collective wits against the world. It’s a fun way to pass the time and learn something along the way. Also available on play store.

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9.  Roadtrip Bingo

It is a classic game that provides hours of entertainment, and this app is just the thing to keep the whole family entertained. Keep an eye out for strollers, streetlights, shopping carts, and many more common items during your journey. The best part of Roadtrip Bingo is that it keeps kids’ eyes on the world around them instead of focused on their phones. Available on the Apple store.

10. Tales Untold

These short audio stories are in perfect bite-sized bits to get you from one rest stop to the next. With fiction and nonfiction, there’s something for all age groups, including a magical adventure story, a mystery-based series, and a fact-based nonfiction series, among others. The first episode in each set is free, but you’ll have to pay for the rest. 

With these 10 Great Apps for Family Travel, your adventures are certain to be life lasting memoriest that you will fondly look back on years from now.

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