The Top Must-Visit Places for Harry Potter Fans

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The Top Must-Visit Places for Harry Potter Fans? It is pretty weird if you should survey to find out who has never watched at least one showing of a Harry Potter film. I can’t begin to imagine how many children had their greatest desire be to have an owl deliver a letter to them from Hogwarts. It was one of the most-watched and loved films during the time of its release, and even to this day, some fans are still crazy about every event that took place. Fast forward to today, and there are still millions of fans who would still love to get an up-close and personal feel of the movie itself. From the Hogwarts Castle to the Hagrid’s Hut or even the Diagon Alley, fans feel like they could possibly see themselves in the story alongside their favorite characters.

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But in getting a feel of these places and just the overall experience will seal the deal on you being a true fan. But how can one experience what the characters of the film felt in every journey they went on? Well, we have compiled a list of some of the famous places that should be visited once you consider yourself one of the true Harry Potter fans.

The Top Must-Visit Places for Harry Potter Fans

Elephant House, Edinburgh

You must be wondering why we have chosen to start our journey with this stop? Well, the whole story and scenes were scripted from this location by author JK Rowling. This location was where she first imagined the idea of the story and decided to make her first jottings into what became a world-renowned book and film. As a single mother at the time who was struggling to make ends meet and provide the basics of living, Rowling used this location as some solace. To date, it has a real emotional connection not just with her but with all the fans she has captivated with her wizard-themed production. You can visit the café throughout the week from 8 am to 10 pm or for an extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays. The Café has a significant meaning to Ms. Rowling and will live in the history books for ages to come.

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Diagon Alley: Victoria Street/Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, and Leadenhall Market, London

Once you are a true fan, you will know with the mention of the Diagon Alley; there also comes to mind the entrance, The Leaky Cauldron. Once your visit lands you in Edinburgh, you must take a trip along the Diagon Alley (Victoria Street and Candlemaker Row). As you stroll, you will experience an amazingly designed Diagon Alley plaque and mural Candlemaker Row, which provides the firm conviction that it is indeed a trail for every Harry Potter fan to experience. These two streets are near the Elephant House and are decorated with a colorful setting and have a historical feeling to it. For sure, it is the perfect place one can experience getting their Hogwarts robe-fitting.
You can also take a stroll along one of the dedicated studios to live an authentic “in-film” experience. Also, while in London, be sure to check out the exterior shots in which The Leaky Cauldron was filmed – Leadenhall Market.

platform 9 3/4

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Platform 9 ¾: King’s Cross Station London

This stop is one of the most popular tourist attraction sites, especially for edicated fans of the series. Though it is not directly the same as it was in the film as a few of the platforms have been renumbered, there is still a 9 ¾ sign positioned above a luggage cart, which is said to disappear into the wall at given times. You will also find a nearby Harry Potter-themed shop that boasts some unique and artistic Harry Potter memorabilia. Bear in mind, though, there are lots of visitors to this area, and if you can’t wait in line for a photoshoot, no worries as you can go back during the late night. Tour other sectors along with a bar close by to get some mesmerizing drinks and cool relaxation.

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Hogwarts Castle: Multiple Locations

Well, we know there is not a real place known as Hogwarts, which you the fans have come to love so much. But hey, as long as the experience of getting the know where it all took place is visited, we are sure you would be satisfied. The production team for the film scoured throughout the entire UK to piece together the perfect castle you have watched and loved. Among the many locations, one is the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, which debut Potter learning how to fly for the first time. This location was featured in Philosopher’s Stone. Also, for Hogwarts, other sites that made up this scene was Durham Cathedral and Oxford University (used for the Great Hall in Christ Church College). Remember the cool scene which saw everyone wearing the “Potter Stinks” badges? Well, for Oxford students, they are living the Hogwarts dream as this scene was filmed in New College at Oxford. Ready for a great tour across multiple locations to finally get connected with Hogwarts? Then saddle up!

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Warner Bros’ Harry Potter Studio Tour, Leavesden

We all know there were thousands of different props used in the filming of the Harry Potter film. However, at the end of the filming period, the thought was brought up as to where these props would be placed, or they should be destroyed. Quick thinking from the production staff noted the world JK Rowling had created was too amazing not to have a few of the items stored for fans to get an up-close and personal connection with it. The tour will connect you with the Forbidden Forest, the Great Hall, as well as learn more about the props and costumes that were used when filming. The entire history of the film, from its initial creation to how it was filmed, can be learned on this tour. Don’t miss out on this glorious chance to meet and indulge in the beauty of the magic world created that you fell deeply in love with.

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