Survival Tips for Your Family’s First Flight

inside of a plane

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Your first flight can be exciting or very scary. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be. That is why we have Survival tips for your family’s first flight like have all the documentation you’ll need as soon as you step into the airport, you won’t have to fumble while in line.

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All airports require boarding passes, including babies and infants. It is a good idea to keep a child’s birth certificate with you in case it’s needed for proof of age.

Flying with small children can be a challenge; children two and under can sit in your lap during a flight, but older than that, they’ll need their own seat. For safety reasons, airlines prefer that children remain in car seat carriers during the trip, in their own seat. By using their car seats, it will help protect them during turbulence and a bumpy ride.

Be mindful of the mess your family can make during a flight. To be courteous to the flight attendants, make sure to pick up your trash. By policing your area, it will ensure the aisles are unobstructed for other passengers and flight attendants to move freely.

Tips for surviving the very first flight:

Bring empty water bottles
Airlines allow formula, milk, and juices in the regulated amount of a maximum of 3.4 ounces. You can fill empty water bottles after the security check.

Go with a morning flight
Although you have to wake up very early, it is a great idea. Early morning flights are usually not delayed, making it worth waking up early.

Arrive at the airport early
You are expected at the airport 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Make sure to map your route to the airport and adding time just in case of traffic or road work. Anything that can make your commute more comfortable is the way to stress-free travel.

Pack the snacks
If you’re traveling with little ones, then you know they can get hungry. Even we can get a bit hungry too. At some point, if you have travel issues like waiting in line or waiting for take-off. Packing snacks will keep everyone happy, especially if the flight attendants run out of meals before getting to you and your family.

Check-in online
You have the option of checking in online. This simple step will save you and your family a lot of time and will also help keep you out of at least one line at the airport. By doing simple tasks like that at least 24 hours before being at the airport will help you a lot.

Bathroom before boarding
When boarding, things can be a little hectic. People are in the aisles trying to find their seats, packing their bags into the overhead luggage, and maybe just some casual chatting. It is a great idea to have the family use the bathroom before boarding the plane.


8 Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Flight Easier

Airline travel used to be practically a luxurious experience, and now it seems like you are added to a cattle car when you hop on a plane. These 8 Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Flight Easier should help you survive your next trip!

Board and Blankets
Always try to board early and snag any extra blankets that you can. Or once everyone is seated, check out the empty seats and see if there are any extra blankets and pillows. Doing this will make for a much more comfortable flight and even a nice nap.

Load up on bottled water once you pass through the security checkpoint area. Not only will you be able to stay hydrated, but you can use the water to freshen up, brush your teeth before you land.

Invest in noise-canceling headphones, especially if you have a long flight in front of you or you are a frequent traveler. These are a lifesaver so you can escape listening to your favorite music and also block out any unpleasant airplane nuisances.

Comfy and Cozy
Always wear your most comfortable and loose-fitting shoes if you can. As you stay hydrated on your flight, your feet can swell, so leave your shoes on. Don’t walk around in your socks as I see some people doing because you can step in unwanted things, but a small pair of slippers make for a cozy option.

Don’t be shy to ask for an upgrade to first-class or an earlier flight if it works for your schedule. Being a flexible flier has its perks. Sign up for the VIP Club Lounge at the airport, or if you choose, ask to use it should it appear not busy while you are traveling.

Keep it clean
Your new best friends on any flight are always going to be wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Pack these fantastic items in your carry on and use them often – for everything.

Charge up
Bring a portable battery charger for all of your electronic devices. This way, you won’t have to fight for a spot at a charging station or be left without your phone or any other item. Airports now have so many charging stations, but don’t leave your tech behind or let it get stolen. Keep your eyes on your phones and tablets.

Plan ahead
And last, but not least, in the event you don’t have an excellent Wifi connection at your final destination, take the time to download Google maps to your smartphone or tablet of your new surrounding area. This way, you will have easy access to how to get to your hotel, the best restaurants, and anything else that you want to explore before you can get “hooked” up again.

use skyscanner to save on flights

Whether you are a frequent flier or you are getting away for a much-needed vacation, there are a few things you can do to make sure your flight is a good one. Check out the tips below, and hopefully, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Stay still and seated
Do not stay in your seat for the entire flight. That would cause a lack of circulation in your legs, and the potential stiffness being sedentary could create in your lower back. So when that seat belt sign goes off, get up and move about the cabin as much as you can.

Get too intoxicated
As much fun as it could be to pass the time, don’t booze it up too much because you will dehydrate yourself and make it even more challenging to get some rest on the flight. If you are going to have a cocktail, make sure you are also drinking some water as well.

Junk food junkie
Try your best not to eat too much junk food while in-flight. If you must, pack one of your favorite snacks, but also bring along healthy options like nuts, pretzels, and if you can, go ahead and pack your meal from home. Try to avoid all the junk food in the airports too!

Stay hydrated
One of the most fundamental mistakes to avoid while traveling is not to drink enough liquids. So, either bring along several bottles of water or take full advantage of the in-flight beverage service. A great tip is to bring your water bottle and flavor packets and ask for ice and water throughout your long flight.

Avoid icky germs
Okay, this is nearly impossible on an airplane; however, if you end up assigned a seat next to someone who is sneezing and coughing, ask if you can relocate to another seat. Also, make sure you carry some anti-bacterial wipes in your carry-on so you can wipe down the tray table and armrests too. Another great tip is to take some extra Vitamin C before your trip also.

The night before
Whatever you do, don’t stay up all night the day before your flight. Get a good night’s sleep before flying, so you are well-rested and alert while traveling. This is so important, especially if you are flying to a different timezone.

Pack a small bag
Just in case you have to give up your carry on bag because it is too big to fit in the overhead compartment, pack a small bag that contains your passport, I.D., money, and any other items that you may need on your flight. Your cell phone, charger, and a few small toiletries are essential to pack as well.

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