Our List of Amazing and Fun Things to Do in Wisconsin

fun things to do in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is a scenic Midwest state with many exciting travel destinations to choose from. Book a vacation along the Great Lakes or fly in on your own for a weekend visit to Madison. Whether you are venturing alone or with family or friends, you will find that Wisconsin is full of rich outdoor attractions, sports, and culture. There are so many fun things to do in Wisconsin that this list really is just a jumping off point to get you started.

Amazing and Fun Things to Do in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, also known as the dairy state, has many things to offer as far as attractions go. There are things to do that range from family activities to things for adults to do without the kids. There are state parks, national parks, and amusement parks for all to enjoy. Here are just a few of the fun things there are to do in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Dells

One of the most popular Wisconsin destinations is known as Wisconsin Dells. It is a small town in central Wisconsin, about half an hour north of Madison, Wisconsin’s capital. It has become a major tourist attraction as there are so many activities to do there.

Named the Water Park Capital of the World, there are several parks for the whole family to enjoy, both outdoors and indoors. We love the Kalahari.

Kalahari Wisconsin Dells Resort water park entrance

Wisconsin Dells is also home to Big Chief Go-Karts. Big Chief has 17 go-cart tracks, 4 roller coasters, and more. There are also places for horseback riding, boat tours, and extreme sports such as bungee jumping. Also, a little town called Baraboo, just a little way south of the Dells is home to the world-famous Circus World Museum. This museum is home to the circus wagons of the Barnum and Bailey Circus and also has animals and a daily circus show. Wisconsin Dells is a little something that everyone can enjoy.

Old World Wisconsin

Another popular Wisconsin destination is Old World Wisconsin. Old World Wisconsin is located about 45 minutes west of Milwaukee. This is a place set up to commemorate the old pioneer way of life. The buildings on the property are authentic rejuvenated buildings from the pioneer days.

They have demonstrations on milking cows and other such things that went on in the pioneer days. They also hold special events such as mother’s day celebrations. Workers, there are even costumed in the clothes of those who settled in Wisconsin many years ago.

It is just one of the 14 historic sites you can access with or without an annual membership from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Field of Flowers North Farm
Click on the picture to check it out

Cave of the Mounds

One of the National Landmarks of Wisconsin is Cave of the Mounds. This cave was discovered by accident long ago and has been left in its natural state with the exception of added walkways. Guided tours of the cave are offered daily and exhibit the awesome sites within the cave as they have stood for many years.

The site also has its own gift shop with items made from rocks and also other cave paraphernalia. One thing you can purchase is a bag of sand that contains either fossils or raw gems which you can then take outside to pan for the hidden treasures much like the miners of old did.

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Door County

Door County, which is up the coast of Lake Michigan, is also a beautiful place to visit. There is not much for children other than getting out into nature. We LOVE hiking in Peninsula State Park or hitting the drive-in movie theater.

It is a great place for adults to visit. There are wine orchards there with places for wine tasting. Beautiful beaches line the lake. There is also a golf course, horseback riding, and scenic tours to be taken. Door County has also become a popular location for weddings and receptions alike.

Julie’s Park Cafe
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Great Lakes Vacations

Plan a family vacation to the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior sit along the east and northeast boundaries of the state. Families can enjoy a plethora of hotel accommodations, restaurants, and boardwalk gift shops. While you are there, explore the 17 historical shipwrecks along Wisconsin’s coast.

According to Wisconsin Shipwrecks, the Wisconsin Historical Society is open to visitors to delve into exciting and educational tours through archaeological findings, underwater film footage, and photographic records. Divers can enjoy up-close adventures by swimming down to the wreckage alone or in groups.

That might not be on everyone’s list of fun things to do in Wisconsin but we found it fascinating!


In the northeastern part of the state, Marinette County offers many beautiful waterfalls to visit and has been named the Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin. Most of the falls are within the state park system, with a few exceptions, one being Piers Gorge located across the state’s northern border in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Piers is included though as its beautiful bluffs at the top of Pier’s fall system are a major scenic visiting spot for those passing through the small village of Niagara on the Wisconsin side of the border.

Other waterfalls in Marinette County include Veteran’s Falls on the Thunder River, Strong Falls, Twelve Foot Falls, Eighteen Foot Falls, Eight Foot Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Dave Falls, and Bull Falls, all located on the Peshtigo River.

Several more falls also exist in Marinette County, thus making their moniker of Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin well earned. Admittance to most requires a state park sticker or a daily pass, which normally runs just a few dollars. To receive a map of the complete waterfall system, contact Marinette County Tourism. You might want to check out: Breathtaking Waterfalls to Explore in All 50 States.


Weekend in Milwaukee

Enjoy a weekend trip to Milwaukee. Birthplace of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Milwaukee is filled with affordable accommodations, including hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, and exciting events. In the morning, for only $5, visit the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design, where you can tape your own audio advertisements.

During the day, meander through hip shops and dine at exotic restaurants in the city’s well-known Historic Third Ward. Finish the day with a relaxing evening stroll along the gorgeous and scenic River Walk. Stay at the Milwaukee Days Inn, which boasts comfortable guest rooms and an indoor swimming pool, and is steps from the Milwaukee Public Zoo, for an average of $80 a night.

Lambeau Field Tour

Talk about fun things to do in Wisconsin! Wisconsin is home to the legendary Green Bay Packers and iconic Lambeau Field. This National Football League destination offers guided tours for fans to explore the history of the city of Green Bay and its stadium. Learn about legendary coaches and players, and how the Packers took home the first-ever Super Bowl trophy.

lake view of Madison Wisconsin

Wisconsin is also home to many quaint little towns and other smaller attractions. Just driving down the countryside you are bound to run into little shops or cute little bed and breakfasts. Out in the countryside, there are Amish areas where you can purchase their fine quilts and other furniture that they have handmade. There are also many lakes that have recreation such as swimming, boating, and fishing between 49 State Parks.

There really is a ton in Wisconsin to do, there is a little bit of something for everyone. The activities in Wisconsin will also change with the seasons. Make sure you keep an eye out for my upcoming book 100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die.

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