Skyway Drive-In Theater – Entertainment Through Social Distancing

Skyway Drive-In Theater - Entertainment Through Social Distancing

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When the year 2020 started, we all believed we were practically on top of the world as things, in general, seemed incredible: the economy was great and we were all making fun travel plans. It wouldn’t be long before Covid-19 would shake the world, change up things as we knew it, and days start to stretch on and on as we all seemed to be on lock-down. It wasn’t long before we were experiencing cabin fever – and looking for ways to safely indulge in ANY activity that could get us out of the house. That, my friends, is where places like Skyway Drive-In came to rescue us.

Skyway Drive-In Theater - Entertainment Through Social Distancing

While Covid-19 has seemingly come to stay with us for a while, we can still get safely out and about with carefully chosen activities that still allow you to get a relaxation moment and a brief period of time to unwind.

Entertainment Through Social Distancing

So many things had shut down from restaurants and hair salons to movie theaters. Hollywood was as frozen as the rest of the world, post-phoning all new releases and schedules to shoot more of pretty much anything.

It was time for us to focus on good ol’ fashioned entertainment and THAT is where drive-in theaters come in to play. These babies have been around for a while, and I even remember visiting them as a kid over 45 years ago.

They had been starting to disappear

Many closed down because they faced competition from streaming videos, and indoor multiplex cinemas, while their own picture and sound equipment was becoming old and outdated by comparison. In the face of rising land values and fewer customers, many drive-in owners opted to sell the land for profit rather than pay for new equipment. That happened in Madison, Wisconsin to both of them.

Skyway Drive-In Fish Creek

That is why it is such a treat when I find one on our travels!

Skyway Drive-In Theater Door County

Two brothers brought Skyway Drive-in theater to life, and from the reception it has gotten, it seems it will be the new norm for the next couple of years. While Covid-19 has made it challenging for the indoor theater as people are leery about being in close range of each other, and their capacity regulations, Drive-in theaters have their moment to shine.

With the drive-in option, people have all the opportunity of practicing social distancing to the extreme as they will be either safely in the confines of their cars, or just outside them in the fresh air.

All About Skyway Drive-In Fish Creek

Skyway Drive-in Theater was formerly owned by two brothers who saw the need to give excellent entertainment to those who needed it. The brothers Orville and Elton Voeks were also the owner of Lake Cinema indoor theater in Baileys Harbor. The unique drive-in theater was first opened to the public in 1950 and had been operating every summer since then.

To date, it is regarded as the longest-running drive-in theater in Wisconsin. After serving for a few years, the theater was purchased by Darrell and Eileen Jacobson, who made a lot of developments and upgrades to the business. The equipment was changed to more modern-style ones, and the entire operation of the site was improved to serve better those looking for great entertainment.

Over the 50 years, Skyway has been in operation, we can safely say it is an epitome of traditional entertainment with a touch of modern class and elegance. Inheriting the business from their parents, Jeffery and Dale Jacobson have done the much-needed upgrades to other areas of the entertainment zone.

Skyway Drive In hours

The play structures for the kids are a great way for them to burn off energy as they wait for darkness to fall and the movie to start. However, they have ensured they kept some of the original features, such as still having a single screen. These concession stands have some of your favorite snacks.

Skyway Drive-In Theater Food

Skyway Drive-In Theater Food

You will feel like you stepped back in time when you hit the concession stand and get treats for the movie. I was stunned at things such as large popcorn for only $6 – that is more than a deal you won’t get at any indoor movie theater unless you are there on their budget day!

They also continue to broadcast the cartoon advertisements they used to do back in the 50s, which we would say give it a traditional and unique edge over the movie experience we have all become accustomed to. The Jacobson brothers are hoping to provide each visitor the opportunity to enjoy their childhood passion of a drive-in theater or give first-time visitors an experience as they’ve never had before.

I just get a kick out of places that still use the vintage ads – these are from the 1960s

Why Visit Skyway Drive-in

Let’s face it – we originally thought lock-down from Covid-19 was going to be short-term. And then it went on… and on… and one. People have gotten stir crazy and had that urge to just GET OUT. Skyway presents a unique touch to entertainment that people are craving for in a time like this, and it has a simplistic charm.

Yes, it may be older movies right now as the new releases from Hollywood are lagging, but you get a double-feature and have fun in a safe zone.

Skyway Drive-In audio

You get to experience your movie sound on your car radio (an FM station that they have you tune in to or with the old-fashioned speakers that are stationed between rows of cars, for convenience. If you choose to use your radio – don’t run down your battery! Bring a hand-held small radio with you to listen in.

Ground Rules for Parking at Skyview

The trick in a drive-in theater is to make sure that everyone has a decent view of the screen. The parking rows have a slight elevation to tip your car just so. They have a few simple rules to keep visibility at its best for all and safety ensured.

Ground Rules for Parking at Skyview
  • There is no sitting atop your car.
  • You need to drive slowly when you enter to make sure pedestrians, especially the kids running around, are safe from traffic.
  • Pets are OK, but you must ensure they are on a leash.
  • When you are finally parked, ensure all your car lights are turned off.
  • Usually, one may be allowed to sit outside on their blankets and pads, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this feature may be altered for your safety and others.

What do you wear to a drive-in movie theater?

Anything you want! If you plan to stay in your vehicle the entire time, feel free to don your jammies! If you plan to hit the concession stand or the play area before the show starts, you might want at least shoes. If you are going to be sitting in camp chairs outside the car, make sure to wear a jacket (or check if your date is bringing a blanket!)

What do you wear to a drive-in movie theater

No one said you had to stay in all day and night and not have fun even though Covid-19 is here and people are still adamant about either getting or not getting their vaccines. Skyway Drive-in Theater is an avenue for you to have a blast with the family without being exposed to a normal group setting.

Check out what double features are playing at Skyway

The team at Skyway Drive-In is ready to satisfy your craving for good entertainment as they open for the season in May. You can find it located along 3475 Wisconsin 42, Fish Creek, WI, 54212. You can get more details on their movies and general information by contacting them at (920)-854-9938 or on their website.

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