Hamburg Inn Iowa City: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods   

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Being Iowa City’s oldest family-owned restaurant, Hamburg Inn Iowa City has a cool 71 years up their sleeves. They know the secret in offering top quality and fine foods in modern days from a traditional early 50s style. Since its establishment, there has been major upgrades and improvements with the latest detailing their plans to expand to other reaches across the globe.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

Hamburg Inn 2 is on a mission to show the world that the food of old still has an indelible mark on the way your taste buds are satisfied. They are desirable of leaving a positive print not only on the locals of Iowa but on all American families and everyone else who comes through their doors.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

Back in the mid-1930s, Hamburg Inn 1 was launched by Joe Panther but was later purchased by his brother, Adrian. He transformed it into an emblem of stunning beauty and elegance until later on a third brother, Fritz decided to join in. Fritz purchased a restaurant that was in the same state from another couple. And through a partnership with his brother Adrian, he named that part 2 of the original Hamburg Inn. As time went by, a third location was soon opened in Cedar Rapids.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

Fritz and his wife Fran, after doing their part, passed the baton on to their son Dave in 1979 to continue the great tradition. It has since been a stalwart of support and history for the city and is considered a milestone for the state.

Hamburg Inn Iowa City is not only a restaurant but a home away from home especially with the services and features they offer. On any given day, the schedule is nothing short of busy, working to satisfy some yearning customers. They have a taste of both local and international cuisine in an environment that spells peace and serenity.

Though many may consider it a local style restaurant (obviously for those who has never checked the history), it is more than a central lunch stop. We really enjoyed our meal there! We started with the “Apple Pie Shake” that seems to be one thing they are known for. It was as yummy as it sounded! Then I moved on to the BBQ Onion burger with American Fries and steamed veggies for the sides. I just loved pan fried potatoes and even the veggies were perfectly tender crisp.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

Miss Sarah had the Mac ‘N Cheese with the fresh fruit, grilled Texas Toast and more pan fries! The Mac wasn’t true mac, they used Penne Pasta, as you can see. Regardless, she said it was perfectly cheesy and practically inhaled it.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

The only one mildly disappointed was the hubster. He had the Cuban with baked beans and potato salad. While he thinks himself a Cuban expert, this one was just “off” to him. The pulled pork had Jamaican Jerk flavored seasoning and threw the flavor of the sandwich off.  The sides were great, but he only ate half of his sandwich.

Hamburg Inn 2: A Tradition Of Fine Tasting Foods

The Hamburg Inn Iowa City has been graced with the likes of top political associates and even former presidents to include Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama. It has also hosted the Coffee Bean Caucus every primary season for the longest while. This event has continually drawn a lot of national and international attention and guests to its location as well as highlight Iowa’s political status.

As the years went on and the business grew older, Dave decided to sell out the business and so he did in 2016 to Michael Lee. They offer delicacies like shakes, your favorite salads, sandwiches, meats and so much more. The tantalizing aroma the food brings your taste buds through is more than the ordinary. From a food lover’s perspective, the time capsule design on the inside makes the mouth-watering dishes as demanding. The traditional style of preparing the meals is always what puts Hamburg Inn 2 above every other restaurant in the area.

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