A Fun College Hangout With Great Food: The Mill Restaurant

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If you are in the downtown area of Iowa City then you simply cannot miss having a meal at the almost iconic – The Mill Restaurant. Many people term this eatery as just a fun college hangout place but it is much more than that. Opened in 1962, it is a casual eatery that has a mix of Italian and American dishes on menu, a bar seating arrangements in the patio and a live entertainment venue. It is interesting to note that this place opened its doors in the 1960s only as a mere coffee house and a folk music venue. Over the years it transformed itself into a center of Americana music community in Iowa City and bagged both national and international fame.

A Fun College Hangout With Great Food: The Mill Restaurant

A fun college hangout with great food: The Mill Restaurant

But what makes this place special? In short, this is a classic Iowa City bar. Although you can walk in anytime, you should watch out for the jazz nights. However, you can check-in on any of the Friday nights just to have a good time. They have a number of board games on offer and even a cozy looking stage area in the back where you can enjoy stand-up comedy shows and local bands. There is also a great happy hour where you get hugely discounted burgers and beer straight from the tap. Although the size of the bar is not huge, they do have a large menu. The atmosphere is very relaxed and chilled out and people keep coming in right from the evening. That is why we never miss it when we have to take Miss Sarah for an event a the University of Iowa campus.

The Mill Restaurant

The Iowa City Mill Restaurant is actually a gem of a place. There are many people in the city have been frequenting this joint right from the college days to grab a drink and/or pizza. They have a lovely looking patio where people can sit and gossip for several hours. They have a great cocktail menu and every single concoction sounds really amazing. It is really hard to choose but we suggest that you go for The Fitzgerald as it won the Iowa City Top Chef competition many years back. The Fitzgerald is a great drink for the summers which is made from gin, sour lemon soda and Rosemary syrup. The drinks are pretty low priced here and some of the other hot sellers are Pimm’s Cup & American Mule. The local beers are available for only two bucks.

Coming to the food, you should opt for the Pulled Pork or Chicken Curry Sandwich. Miss Sarah likes the former with the freshly breaded and fried mozzarella planks while I enjoy the half sandwich with fresh greens salad. The sandwich comes with apples, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and honey! For dessert, finish with the Carmel Pretzel Brownie with ice cream. Have it during late night or during the day as the dessert is simply amazing to taste and looks pretty delicious too! It has the perfect sweetness and crunch in it. The other items on the menu are equally good but special mention must be made of the classic burger and the bean burger that can be spiced up with a variety of toppings and Gouda cheese. This is a wonderful place but definitely not a fancy looking one. Isn’t that where the best food is found?

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  1. Aw, I really enjoyed your post about The Mill. It was a favorite college haunt of theatre kids in the 90’s. I spent a lot of time there. I don’t go there anymore, because I’m vegan & their options aren’t great, sadly. But I still have lots of fond memories!

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