33 Brick Lives Up to Legendary Food, Spirits, and Service

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Picture a few friends sitting around a table about 11 years ago, talking about a new pub there were going to open. They wanted 33 Brick to be a little different than what they saw out there. These friends have known each other since they were kids, playing basketball in the local school yard. We might be talking about a school yard in French Lick Indiana and a certain 6’9″ tall, very down to earth guy, who most know as Larry Bird.

Now you know the origin of 33 Brick – and how a ton of Larry’s momentos adorn the walls. Trophy’s, team wear, even the Olympic jacket surround you as you walk around the place. A few other athlete’s items are visible too, giving it more of a sports bar feel than a Larry Bird shrine. It’s also nice to know that his collection of accolades isn’t just sittin’ in his Mamma’s garage.

The spacious place offers a selection of high tables, low tables and even booths to choose from, but you might want a seat on the all seasons patio. While in the summer the sides roll up and music groups perform, it is still just as comfortable in the off season. The see through temporary walls let you look out at the fire pit and long for warmer days, but you are still comfy and cozy.

You can see how the outer walls of 33 Brick roll up and are help into place by straps – opening it up for live summer entertainment and enjoyment of the fire pit

Is the food really legendary at 33 Brick?

Now, let’s get down to business – the food! When you peruse the menu, keep an eye out for anything that has their 33 logo marking certain items as favorites of the customers. I picked one of those gems to start with – the 33 Rum Runner. A mixture of Bacardi, Malibu, Captain Morgan rums, combined with blackberry and banana juices on the rocks made for the perfect cocktail.

Start with the soup of the day. Made from scratch is such a refreshing treat from the often plated up boil-in-the-bag product that many places use. Just look at the generous chunks of yumminess in my vegetable soup! No ordinary saltines either – but a package of what a young Miss Sarah would call “moisture crackers”.

Being featured on the Indiana Tenderloin Trail from the Indiana Foodways Alliance, I had to go with the tenderloin sandwich. Here is what you need to know – they are talking PORK tenderloin in Indiana. Those of us Cheeseheads are used to BEEF. The difference in the price between the two translates to a difference in size. You are greeted with a HUGE breaded tenderloin sandwich when your plate arrives if you go with the 33 marked Homemade Tenderloin. Hiding under that cutlet are all the “fixin’s”: lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo. Trust me, get it like the natives, fully loaded on that toasted bun and cut it in half to make munching more manageable.

You can select from a large variety of sides and I went wit the “Brick Chips”. Other options are: fries, a rice blend, cole slaw, cottage cheese or premium sides for a slight up-charge: onion rings, broccoli, German fries, asparagus, a side salad, mac ‘n cheese, soup and baked potato. The Brick Chips are made in house and seasoned perfectly, but not to be confused with “pub chips” that come out hot. These are fresh, but pre-made and room temperature. They are actually used in the appetizer “Philly Chips” when topped with Queso, Philly steak, sauteed peppers and onions – doesn’t that sound like a meal in itself? It’s on my list for the next visit, along with the Boston Fish ‘n Chips!

Yup, the Olympic Jacket.

The staff is incredible and anticipates your needs. I was brought a glass of water with lemon before I thought to ask for it and had a “to-go” box offered while I was writing my notes. I was so immersed in my soup that Brandon offered to freshen up my sandwich. By the way, Brandon is the Assistant Manger and a really neat young man – he’s worked there for years and climbed the ranks though his hard work. I could write an entire article about just him, but make sure you say “hi” to him when you visit!

Bottom line? 33 Brick lives up to their claims of Legendary Food, Spirits, and Service. They are open 7 days a week, and worth adding to your itinerary when you are in French Lick Indiana.

33 Brick
480 S Maple St
French Lick, IN 47432
Phone Number: 812-936-3370

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