Whimsical Roadside Attractions in Alabama

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While working on that summer vacation plan – you might want to consider Alabama. More than just the Gulf Shores, the state has a lot to offer. Museums, Fairs, Factory Tours, unique places to eat and so much more! Today, I want to share the Whimsical Roadside Attractions in Alabama that we found.

Whimsical Roadside Attractions in Alabama

The Lady In The Lake located in Elberta was constructed in 2012 by Mark Cline. The fiberglass statue first stumped the engineer when he got the call and request from billionaire art patron “Mr. Barber”. Mr. Barber wanted the statue of he woman to appear floating and to be about 50 feet. A few students from Virginia Military Academy gave a little advice and helped Cline create the idea to float the 50 foot statue. The statue was placed in the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum lake on March 27, 2012, the name of the statue is “Country Girl Skinny Dipping” but is referred to as The Lady In The Lake. Mr. Barber had the 50 foot statue moved to his marina on the Alabama Gulf Coast on November 2012.

Natural Bridge is a 148 foot long and 60 foot high natural rock bridge located in Natural Bridge, Alabama. The bridge formed over 200 million years ago, created from natural sandstone and iron ore. Outside William Bankhead National Forest just passed the cave is where the natural bridge can be found. The park was recognized in 1954 but Native Americans have been living in the area underneath the natural bridge spanning over hundreds of years.

Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel is also known as “the church with the rockin it” located in Mentone, you’re sure to notice. The boulder is made of sandstone and incorporated into the chapel. Milford Howard was born in 1862 and was later known as being a dreamer and creative, so if anyone could build a church in a rock, it would be Milford. For six weeks Milford acted as a foreman to direct the carpenters building the chapel.

Giant Tin Man is located Forkland, the 32 foot tall tin man was created by rancher Jim Bird on Bird’s Farm. You’ll see the attraction driving down the Demopolis Highway. Farmer Jim Bird also has creative and entertaining sculptors made of hay bales around the farm as well. The Giant Tin Man was inspired by “Wizard Of Oz”. Bird’s Farm is just off the highway so you won’t have to take a long hike to see the attractions.

Rock Animal Zoo can be found right outside of Scottsboro, Alabama. This attraction is sure to amuse the kids. The zoo animal rocks are limestone painted with colorful paint created by farmer Leonard Dawson in the 1970’s.

The World’s Largest Office Chair is sitting in Anniston. This seat measures 33 ft tall with 15 square foot of seating was built by the “Miller’s Office Furniture” store in Anniston. This chair was constructed from 10 tons of steel in 1981 and can stand up to 85 mph wind gusts. Supposedly the office chair has the world’s largest wad of gum underneath the seats bottom.

The Elberta Dinosaur can be found down a dirt trail that leads passed three of the dino’s are to the right just beyond Bamahenge and towards Barber’s Marina. The fourth dinosaur a brontosaurus is a little tricker to get to, is to the left of the three dinosaurs. The four dinosaurs are located in the woods just a little further from Bamahenge, you’ll see a brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops on your adventure.

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