Nirvana is Just Through These Doors at the West Baden Hotel’s Spa

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I have had massages in Europe. I have had massages on cruise ships. I have been to spas all over the United States and and had massages. All of that being said, I have never had the amazing experience that I have had at the West Baden (pronounced Bay-den) Springs Hotel’s Spa, part of the French Lick Resort complex.

The spa has a great history, going back to 1855 when it was known as the Mile Lick Inn and people flocked there for the mineral springs in the area. Soon Lee Sinclair would come and turn it all into a grander resort where even professional baseball teams would come and prepare for spring training by drinking the waters and then bathing in them…

A fun history for the West Baden hotel’s spa…

While you can still bathe in the waters today, you can no longer drink them. In 1971 it was frowned upon to take Lithium (a controlled substance often used as a mood stabilizer for treating bipolar disorder) … and the then dubbed “Pluto water” was no longer to be bottled and sold for drinking. The mineral salts in it though, still helped relax muscles and increase circulation – a favorite treatment since the 1920’s. It just cracked me up to learn this – as drinking the waters would act as a mild mood elevator and natural cleanse. I love goofy historical facts like this!


The West Baden hotel’s spa is a reassuring space…

The locker rooms are a safe haven for women – and contain everything you could possibly need. I found it interesting to learn that it is a man free zone during operation hours when chatting with an employee. Even a burnt out light bulb has to wait until after hours for the maintenance staff to attend to it.


Prepare to be spoiled…

After changing into the provided robe and slippers, you relax in the Women’s Tranquility Room until you are called for your service. Beautifully decorated, offering healthy snacks and refreshing beverages (not Pluto water), it is the perfect place to wrap your head around being spoiled in your immediate future. Soon, your name is called and your are off to indulge in what ever treatment you selected. (See their spa services brochure here)


A sneak peak into the rooms for massages – but the real treat comes from the staff member who takes care of you. I have never been reminded about every detail of my comfort before: Am I hot enough? Cold enough? Comfortable? Is the towel too hot? Is the pressure too hard? Too soft? It was made very clear that it was all about my experience and they wanted it to be the best that it possibly could.


Unexpected surprises..

Just check out this massage table! I have NEVER seen anything like it. There is a bonus bench under the headrest. It is designed to place your arms if you don’t wish to try and keep them by your sides. My mind was totally blown away with this – and the attention to all the little details just like it…the West Baden hotel’s spa is as amazing as the rest of the French Lick Resort.


You are surrounded by beauty and luxury everywhere you turn and can’t help but let the stress melt from your body. There is no need to look at a watch, wonder what you should be doing, or where you should be going.


Before you finally leave, make sure to look around the lobby of the spa. They have done a great job with displays of their many offerings for sale that you take home, and fondly look back at your experience. I picked some whimsical gourmet bath bombs that ended up in Miss Sarah’s Valentine’s Day gift; donuts and conversation hearts!

All in all? The West Baden Hotel’s Spa is just short of Nirvana – and located in the heart of Southern Indiana. The complete list of services ranges from those mineral baths to facials and massages, all being a five star resort experience with a Midwest price tag. There is so much more that the French Lick Resort has to offer when you visit, but make sure you book your spa service first! Just call (812) 936-5801.

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