Why We Toast the Toast Cafe of Anderson

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Centrally located, very close to the Anderson Public Library, The Toast Cafe is now a landmark in the town of Anderson, Indiana. It is an excellent place to start your day before setting out to work or a little bit of sightseeing. The food here is very highly rated and the major reason is that the menu consists of uncomplicated American dishes that are of very high quality. It actually reminded me of my own restaurant owning days.

we toast the toast cafe

I too, used Farmer Brothers as my coffee supplier, and ended up with a cup of Joe that my customers loved.  The Toast Cafe grinds the coffee beans just like we did, so that the customers know that the coffee is fresh. It really makes a difference!

We toast the toast cafe

That cuppa? Came in a mug that was branded. Small restaurants have it tough. They have a perishable product, labor intensive business, and small profit margin. Let’s face it, if the neighborhood cafe had the same mark up as a jewelry store, you would be looking at $19.30 for a plate of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. I was impressed with the subtle advertising that The Toast Cafe utilizes to help keep menu costs down. They have ads on their placemats, in their menus, and on their coffee cups.

we toast the toast cafe

The Toast Cafe seems to be the place that serves the best breakfast in the quaint little town of Anderson. If you are coming here for the first time or simply passing through, you must come here at least once to enjoy the wonderful dishes that they offer. I could tell at first bite that they use the Farmer Brothers biscuit and gravy mix just like I did. Hands down, it is the best I have ever tasted from any food supplier and is always consistent. Then there are the hash browns. The outside is crisp golden brown in color and the inside is steamy hot.

Miss Sarah wrapped her lips around the strawberry Belgian waffle and the hubster had the pancakes with eggs and bacon. He is a pancake snob (I say it with love) and enjoyed these. His only suggestion? Real butter instead of the Country Crock spread. Bottom line? Once you come here and taste their food, you will fall in love with the place and would love to come here again and again.

But what exactly makes them different from the other breakfast places that you will find in other places in the state? We guess their habit of serving food with a smile makes the customers come back again. Service speed is very good but it can get painfully slow during busy times. If you are in a rush, grab a seat in the main dining room instead of the “front room”.

We were in the front room and noticed regulars who didn’t seem like they were in any time crunch: a doctor reviewing notes, a man playing video games across 3 different cell phones, etc. The staff didn’t make it to that room often and honestly? I got my own coffee refill from the beverage station. But, as they say, when you taste the food you tend to forget about the delay. No wonder the tourists always regard the Toast Cafe as a great place to chill out and relax because you always know that a delicious hearty meal is just a few minutes away!

we toast the toast cafe

The Toast Cafe can be appropriately described as a classic American diner. It is not exactly a fancy place but the atmosphere is pretty great and the staff is very friendly in nature. The prices of the dishes are very reasonable, especially if you order off of the “Early Bird Specials” like we mainly did. The three of us, with beverages, brought a bill to just over $20 after tax.

we toast the toast cafe

Miss Sarah was also enamored with their free Wi-Fi. We had been in a drought of Internet with all of our camping sites in Indiana and she was able to connect with a few of her pals back home while waiting for our food to arrive. The Toast Cafe is part of the Indiana Foodways Alliance  and is on their Rise N’ Shine, Soup, Salad, & Sandwich, and Tenderloin Lovers trails. You can’t go wrong picking a restaurant from them!

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