The Candle Mercantile – A Flavorful Haven Of Scent

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If you are looking for the smell of peace, serenity, and success, then taking a trip to 870 W. Main St., Lake Geneva, WI 53147, at the Candle Mercantile, should be your ultimate stop. As one of the newest businesses to open in downtown Lake Geneva, The Candle Mercantile is making waves as it relates to satisfying the adventure quest of passersby and locals alike. The city has never had a business like this before as it creates a personal experience for everyone who steps through their doors. So, what is the story behind the creation of the scented aroma of freshness?

The Candle Mercantile – A Flavorful Haven Of Scent  

The Birth & Essence of The Candle Mercantile

With a friendship of over 30 years, Leigh Ann Myers and Liz Doyle had the perfect plan and thought it was time they brought it to life. So, on June 6th of 2019, they opened their doors to the public, and the response they have received to date is more than imaginable. Both friends had been serving the general American corporate world for a while and needed to put their skills and expertise to use. The idea had been floating around in their minds for a while, but after admiring a similar business in Pittsburgh, they knew it would be a major success. So, downtown Lake Geneva was the perfect spot to stand tall.

Just look at The Candle Mercantile’s huge stash of scents to choose from

The real deal of The Candle Mercantile is to give you the opportunity of creating custom candles from over 90 different fragrances. Interestingly, all scents are non-synthetic so that you can be guaranteed of nothing short of the highest quality. They have your favorite scent, whether it be bacon, sugar cookie, or any pretty much any other scent you can think of. The opportunity also gives you the chance to create your scents in different styles, whether it be in wax tarts, jar candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, or body scents.

Do 90 scents sound a lot to choose from? Well, no need to worry as the team helps you narrow things down to create the desired scent combination you are dreaming of. Whether you are looking for a beachy scent or a fresh touch of apple and honey – it is right there.

Candle mercantile scents narrowed down on a silver charger
I ended up with a candle made of Agave, Eucalyptus, and Lily of the Valley for a soft floral

Adventure Awaits

Stepping through the doors of The Candle Mercantile will grant you the privilege of experiencing a FarmHouse chic design with open space for you to move around with ease. As you visit and choose the scents you desire, you are graced with the opportunity of enjoying a dazzling glass of wine or a beer (for an additional cost).

It does take almost two hours for your candle to “cook” so you have time to take a grand tour of Lake Geneva and see the wondrous beauty the area has to offer. From exploring the shops around town to enjoying some amazing delicacies prepared by the locals of the area, you are in for a real treat. You can also take a refreshing boat tour along Lake Geneva Cruise Line and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. From a “recipe” of aromatic scents to a “recipe” for adventure as the city has so much to offer in terms of attraction sites for both the young and the “young at heart.”  

Amazing Features of The Candle Mercantile

The staff at the shop are helpful and will work overtime to ensure you get the desired results you need. The best part of the experience is that you don’t just purchase a candle, but you get a part of what is “you.”

Non-candle items are ready to take home instantly!

Suppose you have explored the city before coming over, no problem. Enjoy a light snack and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages while you wait. The charcuterie board looked amazing and had some of my favorite Sartori cheese!

candle mercantile reed diffusers display
So many different ideas to choose from – you need more than one visit!

However, there comes a time when you are unable to be in store to make your order, and as such, the team is reaching out to you. You can easily make your order through their website and still have it customized by the team. There are also pre-made sets available for those on-the-go people who need a cool gift. Whether you are seeking a gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special event, The Candle Mercantile has one for you. I usually don’t recommend scents as gifts, but the non-synthetic fragrance is the key to avoiding that horrible headache! I had no problems being in there and can’t even walk past the Bath and Body Works shop at the mall.

candle mercantile entry way display
Very COVID-19 friendly policy – masks and social distancing.

Also, the best friend duo has assured us the environment created at the uniquely-designed center is perfect for hosting your birthday party, bridal/baby shower, bachelorette party, or even a team-building session from the office. Wouldn’t that be a fun gal-pal experience?

Step into a world where scents rule, complete your vacation on a different note and create an aromatic memory. So, what are you waiting for? You need to try it for yourself!

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